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12 Creative Ways to Decorate for Christmas Using Garland Ties

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Have you ever used garland ties to hang a garland when decorating your house for Christmas? Did you know that these decorative garland ties can be used for more than just hanging a garland?

They are one of those functional products that can be used in so many creative ways beyond what they were originally intended to do.

Christmas ornaments hung on staircase spindles with garland ties.

When it comes to getting your Christmas decorations up fast and easy I always have a handful of these ties at the ready to use.

If you already use them to hang a garland and have a few extra or want to get some, here are 12 creative ways you can use them to help you decorate your home for Christmas this year. 

What is a Garland Tie?

4 unopened packages of garland ties.

Christmas garland ties were created to discreetly attach an evergreen Christmas garland to a staircase banister, porch railings, lamp posts, fences or any place you want to hang and secure draping swags of garland. They are a decorative alternative to plastic clips and wired or plastic green garland ties.

They are clever 10 – 12 inch long ties that will be hidden as they blend in with the greenery garland you are hanging. Think of them as ingenious decorative twist ties.

But, they can become decorative garland ties when used beyond their intended function when you are decorating your home for Christmas.

Where Can You Buy Garland Ties?

Two types of Christmas garland ties that look like pine branches.
Two different types of garland ties.

There are a few styles of garland ties that range from plastic zip-tie to flexible rope style. I like the ties that look like a section of pine as shown in the image above.

You can find garland ties like these in the ornament aisle at most craft stores. The smaller/thinner ties are sold where the miniature Christmas Village items are sold. Their packaging only says “Canadian Pine”.

You can also buy them at Target, Walmart, and on Amazon:

  • Christmas Garland Ties – Usually come in packaged quantities of 10 or more. One brand, Haute Decor even sells them with little pinecones and others have jingle bells on the ends.

12 Creative Ways to Decorate With Christmas Garland Ties

I like using them when decorating my house for the holidays as I prefer to embellish what is already in each room, instead of removing an item to place “Christmas-only type” decorations in the space for the season.

The ties allow me to simply embellish items for the holidays instantly… and for the cost of only a few dollars.

No. 1 – Hang Ornaments Along a Staircase

Creative ways to decorate a staircase for Christmas.

Here is my favorite way to creatively use garland ties on a staircase. I use them to hang ornaments along the staircase and on the spindles. This is much easier than having to hang long 9-ft sections of garland along my staircase.

No. 2 – Make a Doorknob Jingle

Christmas garland tie around a doorknob with a jingle bell attached.

Thread 3 large jingle bells onto a garland tie and bring to the center. Then wrap it around a door knob to create the sound of the season when you open and close the door.

No. 3 – Create an Ornamental Accent

Wooden joy ornament hanging on doorknob.

Thread one end of a garland tie through the handle of one or more jingle bells and a Christmas ornament. Twist end as you would use a twist tie to secure the bell and ornament. Wrap the garland tie around the doorknob and twist ends together or simply cut the excess.

No. 4 – Invisible Tree Ornament Hooks

Cut pieces of a garland tie made into Christmas ornament hooks.
  • Cut the ties into 3-1/2″ sections to make invisible ornament hooks.
  • Simply bend each into the standard ornament hook shape.
Turquoise glittered ball ornament with a pine branch ornament hook.

Twist one end on the ornament…

Christmas ornament-hanging on tree using a small section of a garland tie.

…and the other end over a tree branch.  No unsightly wire showing :-)

No. 5 – Gift Bag Handles

3 Christmas gift bags with new handles made using pine garland ties.

Replace boring gift bag handles with 2 garland ties. It is really simple to do.

Where to attach a pine garland tie to a gift bag to make a handle for the bag.

Option 1 – Carefully remove existing handles from inside the bag. Most bags have the end of the handle covered in a thick piece of paper. You can gently rip this away to remove the existing handle. Cut 2 ties to size and use hot glue to attach inside the bag. Glue the paper back into place to secure.

how to attach a pine garland tie to a gift bag to make a handle for the bag.

Option 2 – Remove the existing handles, then use a paper hole punch to make two holes in each side of the bag where the handles were. Thread the end of a garland tie into hole about an inch. Bend the end upwards inside the bag and squeeze to secure. Repeat for the other 3 holes.

No. 6 – Gift Box Wrap

Christmas gift wrap Idea using 3 garland ties on a wrapped gift box.

I used 6 ties for this gift package.

  • Twist two garland ties together to make it long enough to wrap around a gift box.
  • Twist the excess to secure.
  • Cut ends with wire cutters or fan out to look like leaves.
  • Wire on a trio of jingle bells and a name tag for a simple but festive holiday wrap.

No. 7 – Holiday Candle Accent

Decorative garland tie with small ornaments attached wrapped around a glass candle holder.

This is my favorite way I have found to use the ties so far as Christmas decorations.

  • Wrap a garland tie around a glass candleholder and twist the ends to secure.
  • Snip the excess off with wire cutters.
  • Use florist wire to attach the silver ornaments.

No. 8 – Garland Tie & Mason Jar Gift Bag

Mason jar made into a cute  and pretty gift handbag to give to women and girls.

Use two garland ties around a glittered Mason jar to create a cute way to give your girlfriends a gift this year.

No. 9 – Table Setting Embellishment

Christmas table setting idea using a garland tie and faux berries.

I snipped off berries from an old wreath and hot glued them to the center of the twisted tie. You could also use a jingle bell instead of the faux berries.

  • Tie and twist the ends of one around a place setting of silverware.

No. 10 – Decorative Garland Ties to Hang Christmas Cards

Christmas cards tied on staircase garland using ribbon and garland ties.

Use a paper hole punch in the upper left corner of Christmas cards. Next – cut 3-inch lengths from one tie and use to hang Christmas cards on a garland.

No. 11 – Hang and Secure a String of Lights

Outdoor Christmas decorating ideas using garland ties to hang garland and wreaths on a homes exterior.

If the weather outside is frightful and the wind keeps blowing the Christmas lights off hung garland and shrubs – use garland ties to secure them.

 No. 12 – Hang Up Your Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings hanging tips.

This is the original purpose of what garland ties were made to do. They work perfectly to tie a garland onto a stairway banister without scratching or damaging the banister.

When placed above a spindle and then wrapped around the banister with the ends twisted together – the garland will stay in place and not slip down the banister.

After the garland is secure, use a garland tie to attach Christmas stockings to the garland.

garland ties on a table

These inexpensive decorative ties can be repurposed to instantly embellish just about anything.  Can you think of more ways to use them around your home for the holiday season?

Garland Tie Resource

Want to see more Christmas decorating ideas? Check out this Paper Holly Garland and Christmas Decorating for Lamps

creative decor ideas using garland ties

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