Christmas Decorating Idea for Lamps

How to decorate a lamp for Christmas using this easy, yet festive idea.

I am in full holiday decorating mode. I worked in retail display for many years. I am very used to decorating early for the season and hearing comments of shoppers as they passed me while I was hanging from the ceiling trying to get a Christmas garland hung just right…”It isn’t even Halloween yet?” 

Most shoppers didn’t mind seeing the store go through a transformation early so that it was ready for the throngs of holiday shoppers that would arrive on Black Friday.

The display staff had a small budget and only basic decorations like wreaths, garlands, lights, ribbon, and ball style ornaments to work with.  It was up to us to come up with creative ways to use these to make the store look festive floor to ceiling all the way down to the smallest detail.  I learned to be resourceful.

One of these Christmas decor styling ideas is what I am sharing with you today – one that I used mostly on light fixtures, but that can be done on just about anything.


A few weeks ago I shared the news that my home was photographed last Christmas to be featured in this years BHG annual Christmas Ideas magazine.

On page 85 in the magazine is a photo of my sideboard in my foyer.


As I was getting the house ready for the photo shoot, I took a few photos of my own so I could show you how I used a simple, no-cost display trick using what I had on hand, along with some greenery from my backyard to give the lamps a holiday vibe.

No need to buy anything new. When the holidays are over, you simply take it apart, save the ornament for next year and throw away the greenery.

Christmas Decorating Idea for Lamps Around Your House


supplies needed:

  • greenery sprigs from your yard 
  • ball ornament
  • one cut sprig from a fake wreath or garland
  • florist wire
  • wire cutters

Cut a piece of florist wire long enough to go around the lamp and a little extra so that you can twist the ends to secure.  Thread cut wire through hook on ornament so that wire is even on each side of the hook. 

  1. Figure out where on the lamp you want to add the decoration. Cut wire long enough to go around that section so that you are able to twist the ends to secure it on the lamp.
  2. Wrap sprig of fake greenery around the lamp.  Twist ends to secure.
  3. Tie ornament on, twist ends of wire together to secure. Cut excess wire or simply fold it into the greenery to hide it.
  4. Add one sprig of fresh greenery by simply tucking the end under the wire that is holding the ornament on the lamp.
  5. Add another sprig slightly higher than the first, tucking the end under the wire.
  6. Keep adding more sprigs until you like the fullness of the greenery.

All done and holiday ready without too much fuss.


To make the runner for the sideboard, I cut a long strip from leftover wallpaper.


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  1. Scatter20 says:

    Some very lovely ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this quick and easy decor idea Diane! I love the color and texture of the boxwood! Congrats on your magazine feature! Heather

  3. best realtor in mcallen says:

    DIY crafts for Christmas is always the best, it brings in the Christmas spirit at home

  4. Sharon Hoham says:

    Great as always. Thanks

  5. I love Christmas decorating and I am so glad you are doing these posts with Christmas ideas. I will be looking forward to them all since you have such great ideas. Have a great weekend.

  6. I love your beautiful simplistic style!

  7. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage says:

    I can picture you grinning thru gritted teeth as the 10,000 customer commented on the store’s early decorating! What a bright idea!

  8. Michelle James says:

    What a terrific idea and I am going to go purchase that magazine. I love it anyway and it is fun to see people I follow in it. I love the green ornaments for the lamps. I need to add more color in my house!

  9. Beth of designPOST interiors says:

    I love simple decorations, especially when they utilize natural elements. Can’t wait to add this little fluff to some of my lamps!