Christmas Staircase Decorating On a Dime

Besides a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, nothing says Christmas more than a festive Christmas staircase garland that doesn’t require many yards of pine or cedar garland. In fact, I am going to show you how to decorate a staircase for the holidays that doesn’t require long lengths of Christmas garland at all.

When it came time to decorating the staircase in my house for Christmas I went back and forth with ideas. In my previous house I had a big staircase that wrapped around a two story foyer.

I have similar stairs in my current home in a two store open foyer entryway. I used to drape garlands, both real and fake around and down the previous one. Using lush garlands is a classic way to decorate a staircase for Christmas, but it is also time consuming.

This year for my Christmas stairway I was looking for something simpler.

Hidden door and closet under staircase
Staircase in Two Story Open Foyer

When it comes to home decor for the holidays, I like fresh garlands. They look beautiful, but they also dry out way too fast, make a mess, plus fresh greenery garlands are not cheap and when you need 30 feet or more it can become expensive.

When I used fake garlands, it was buy once and then use for years. They take time to fluff, make bows, add lights and then find big boxes to store them all when not in use. When we moved I made the decision to throw them out since they were getting old and dusty.

So this year instead of getting stressed out about decorating my staircase and thinking I should buy new garland and spend hours draping it just so along the banister, I did something completely different.

How to Decorate a Staircase for Christmas Using Garland Ties

Instead I got a design idea that I decided to go with. It took me 27 minutes to do my very lengthy staircase and cost me less than $10 since I also used Christmas ornaments I already had.

Instead of using garland to decorate the foyer staircase, I used garland ties.

Christmas Staircase Decorating Idea using Garland Ties

What are Garland Ties?

If you are not familiar with garland ties, they are long wire ties that look like pine branches. Their purpose is to tie garlands to staircase railings. You can buy them at Walmart, the craft store and on Amazon.

I have bought a few different types over the years. Some of the garland ties are thinner and are slightly different shades of green. I bought mine for only $1.97 for a pack of 10.  I needed 3 packs and bought an extra one to use for other creative purposes like I shared in this post Christmas Decorations Using Garland Ties

Garland ties

Each garland tie is 12″ long.

Christmas staircase decorating idea on a budget

The perfect length to wrap the ends between two staircase balusters and then hook an ornament on using a simple wire ornament hook.

How to Attach a Garland Tie to a Staircase

Creative ways to use garland ties at Christmas. Christmas staircase decorating idea.

It is very easy to attach the garland ties to the balusters. I simply wrapped one end of one garland tie on a baluster, made a little dip in it by bending the middle of the tie with my hand and then wrapped the other end of the tie around the next baluster to secure.

Christmas Staircase Decorating Idea using Garland Ties and shatterproof ornaments.

Going up the staircase, I stair-stepped the placement of each garland tie…

Creative ways to use Christmas garland ties. Garland ties on a staircase.

….and used my stash of red Christmas tree ornaments. I didn’t have enough ornaments, so I spaced a few silver ones in the line up every so often.

I may switch them out with some red ornaments that I have in my living room, but I kind of like the mix of colors and shapes.

Other Elements and Accents to Hang on Garland Ties

Use ornament hangers to attach these items to make a festive statement in your home.

  • Pinecones for a natural look.
  • Jingle Bells that will make a sound when you walk up and downs the steps.
  • Mini-wreaths will create a monochromatic color scheme.
  • Small wrapped gifts with numbers to use as a countdown to Christmas calendar.
Red and green Christmas color scheme decorating idea.

When I got to the railing on the second floor, I lined the ties up in a line 6″ below the railing.

Christmas staircase decorating idea on a budget.

Decorating the staircase for Christmas this way was fast and easy, plus no dragging out big boxes of garland from the attic or having to deal with the mess and expense of fresh garlands.

The garland ties and ornaments add just enough Christmas staircase decoration to make the space look festive and holiday ready.

Christmas foyer decorating idea.

On the desk/sideboard in front of the staircase, I placed smaller red and two large mercury glass ornaments on a plate to tie into the red, green and silver color scheme I was going for.

Christmas staircase decorated using garland ties and a collection of red ornaments.

No mess, simple and easy to do.

Creative Christmas Staircase Decorating Ideas

When it comes time to take the pine garland ties and ornaments down, it will take no time and all. Best of all no more big boxes to have to haul back to the attic or mess to dried greenery to clean up. :-)

More Christmas Stair Decor Ideas

Here are a few more ways to create festive stair decorations for the staircase handrail in your home.


Tie small boughs of faux greenery onto a stair banister using a garland tie. Use another garland tie to attach a Christmas stocking. Repeat up the staircase using the amount of stockings you need for everyone in your family.

Christmas gifts festively tied to a staircase banister.

You can also use ribbon to tie little wrapped presents along the banister.

Christmas cards tied on staircase garland using ribbon and garland ties

Or tie-on the Christmas cards you receive. Use a paper hole punch to make a hole in the top corner of each card to thread a ribbon or garland tie through.

If you have an electrical outlet near the banister, you can add twinkle lights that will make one pretty stairway.

Decorating Resources:

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Budget Ideas to Decorate a home for Christmas Using Garland ties

Christmas Decorations Using Garland Ties

Christmas decorating ideas that are affordable, fast, and easy to do using garland ties. #Christmas #ChristmasDecorating #BudgetChristmas #ChristmasStaircase #HolidayFoyerDecor

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  2. Love this idea! First visit to your blog, I’m sticking around!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Patti – Thanks for taking the time to comment. Happy to know I have a new reader. Let me know if you ever have any questions about anything. :-)

  3. David Shaw says:

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  4. Hi Diane I’ll be doing this to my staircase what a good idea.Thanks for that

  5. Love this! Simple yet very elegant!

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  7. As usual, beautiful and so tastefully simple. Too bad I can’t use the idea with a 2 1/2 year old grandson, twins who are a year old, and will have a visiting 2 year old. The ornaments would be just the right height for them to “play” with! Maybe some day…

  8. Love it!! Looks great!

  9. Sharon Favre says:

    LOVE THIS IDEA….I don’t have a staircase because we live in a ranch but I can think of SO many ways to use these ties to decorate!!

  10. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my what a great idea!!! It is beautiful and thank you for sharing

  11. What a brilliant idea, Diane! I’m a faux girl but the last couple of years, I just haven’t felt the staircase garlands going instead for just twinklies. These would be a great in between solution. Thanks for the great tip! Sue

  12. Betty Potter says:

    Hi,I just love it. I love Christmas and all the decoration related to it. I loved how you put so much effort in it. I am definitely going to do this on Christmas.
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  13. I just love this!!! It’s really beautiful.

  14. Mary ann howat says:

    Simple is often better. I like your idea better than heavy garland. Looks more beachy too. You always have the best ideas.

    Your new home looks amazing. Love the kitchen redo.

  15. Love this! Simple and inexpensive – yet a great impact. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Great idea! It looks simple, beautiful, and festive! Sometimes, less really is more. Now, if only I had a staircase to decorate:)

  17. Diane!! I love this idea!! I too have cut back on the more time consuming things, and this is just as beautiful as all the garland! Thanks for always having the best ideas!! I’m off to buy some garland ties!!

  18. Great idea!! I like using garland ties for lots of things and now I have another use. Looks beautiful!

  19. Diane, you have done it again, a solution so simple and beautiful this is exactly the reason I read what your doing when ever you post.

  20. Barbara Dudas says:

    I just love this idea! Clean, simple, pretty and best of all, no more fussing with the garland on the bannister. Decorating my stairway is my most dreaded job every season. I will definitely be saving this idea.

  21. Cathy Clark says:

    Love the décor & the simplicity is perfect!

  22. Hi,
    What a great and fresh idea! I will show that to my daughter who’s in charge of decorating the staircase! Thank you!

  23. HI Diane. Well, you’ve done it again – impressed the heck out of me with simplicity and ease in a very artful, creative way. Thank heaven for you!

  24. mary heicher says:

    It really looks sweet. Probably took way less time then winding a garland all that way :)

  25. I LOVE this! Going to buy those ties today. You continue to impress me with your constant creativity and problem solving. Merry Christmas!

  26. Deb Brennan says:

    This is a beautifully simple solution to the ” dreaded” banister dilemma….great idea!!! Looks stunning! I now know what I am going to do with my miles of artificial garland, collecting dust! I am going to repurpose them and cut them into uniform lengths to implement your idea…Thanks Diane!!!

  27. Laura Adams says:

    I am with you on the “simpler is better” thing. Since we downsized into a newly-built but smaller home, we eschewed the fake garland from our railing this year & just strung white lights (with white cords) & hung ornaments from the wires. My table tops are simpler & uncluttered. It feels more relaxing – like the house can breathe! Now all I need to do is start purging all that stuff I’ve been keeping around for years! Thanks for all the great ideas, and Merry Christmas!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Laura – I am on board with you. Simpler is better. I like the way you stated it…like the house can breathe. :-) Merry Christmas

  28. Mary Boger says:

    I really like the results! A change is good. Less fuss and time.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Mary – I am all about having more time to enjoy the season and still make the house feel festive. :-)

  29. Lovely! Where did you get your lamps that are on the sideboards? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Debbie – I forgot to add those to the list. I bought them at TJMaxx.