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Update: Foyer Staircase Makeover

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I have a foyer staircase makeover update for you today.  I know it has been taking me a long time to get it done. Life and the fact that I need to paint a bazillion balusters has kept it on the back burner in my projects to complete list. I know many of you think I love to paint… I don’t, but I do a lot of it because it is the only way I will get the look I want in my house with the budget I have to work with. :-)

Last week I was determined to getting the staircase completely made over.

A recap…. here is what the staircase looked like when we moved into the house.

DIY foyer staircase makeover on a budget

Dark stained everything and a carpet runner.

wood staircase makeover in foyer

It is a big staircase with wasted space underneath that we are going to use to make a closet with a hidden door.

Cronk Duch Architecture foyer staircase

We plan to do something like this, but on a much smaller scale.

Stained wood foyer staircase makeover

I removed the carpet runner and had to figure out out to deal with finished and unfinished wood.

How to stain staircase steps

I wrote how I did that, in this post: Staining Staircase Steps

Here is what I have completed since I stained and polyed the steps.

How to Paint Staircase Risers

Foyer Staircase Makeover Update

I painted the risers and side trim in semi-gloss white.

Removing carpet to complete a staircase makeover

I used Glidden Complete again since it worked so well over all the other brown stained trim in the house. I needed 3 coats and then touched up a few areas. When painting over stain and wood, you have to make sure you use a product or primer that will block the stain before painting.

If you don’t, the color of the stain and or wood tannins will bleed through the paint and change the color. You also need to sand over the surfaces first to rough them up a bit so the primer and paint have something to grab onto. A quick going over with 100 grit sandpaper on a hand sanding block is how I do it. No need to sand to the bare wood.

White painted riser staircase DIY

It is still a work in progress. I have removed the painter’s tape and have not cleaned the steps since I am now going to start on the balusters… all 62 of them, plus 3 posts.  I wish I could clone myself so I could get the job done faster. :-)

Staircase makeover on a budget

I am still undecided if I am going to paint the newel post white or leave it stained. I am leaning toward white, but am still looking at many photos of staircases before I decide.

Staircase makeover after

In my previous house. I didn’t paint it.

white painted newel post

But am liking the look of it painted. I found this photo on Ann’s blog, On Sutton Place. Since I am such a visual person, I love when I can find something exactly like what I have.

Staircase painting

I will wait until I have all the balusters painted and then decide.

You can see in this photo how the stairs look underneath and why we want to close it off.  This was a second home for the previous owners. I think it was not a priority for them to finish it off since the house was their place to come and relax.

How to paint staircase risers

I will update you soon when I have the balusters painted.  A good project to do in the air conditioned house since it is too hot and muggy to enjoy doing anything outdoors.

Are you working on a project around your house that you keep procrastinating about completing?

 How to paint a staircase risers.

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  1. Looking good! Time well spent since it is ridiculously hot and humid outside. I’m making fabric tassels for my daughter since we can’t go outside to play!

    1. Hi Melissa – Fabric tassels? I am intrigued? Do you use strips of fabric? It is super hot in SC too. It has been over 90 degrees everyday for weeks. Thank goodness for AC. :-)

  2. Looks great so far ? your stairs are going to look so beautiful when you get done with them!!!

    Have a great day

  3. Lookin’ good! You are making great progress!
    BTW, I vote for stain on the newel post.
    Just another little contrast with the stained treads and
    painted balusters and side trim. IMHO.

  4. We just redid our steps also and have stained them a dark color. The problem we are having is seeing the end of the step when you are descending especially when the light is off.
    Do you have any suggestions of what to put on the steps to make it easier to see the edge?
    Most of the suggestions we’ve been given work for going up the steps.

    1. Hi Susan – Are you not seeing the bottom step before you land on the floor, or every step? I am not sure other than using a strip of tape along the steps or to add a piece of carpet to each step or a runner.