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How To Make a Mini Christmas Wreath Ornament

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Easy to make Christmas Ornaments

How to Make a Christmas Wreath Ornament

making a mini wreath Christmas ornament

supplies needed:

  • A section of a faux evergreen garland
  • Gold spray paint
  • Gold glitter
  • Small gold beads

1. Snip three sections of greenery from a fake evergreen garland and twist the ends together to make a circle.

spray painting a green wreath ornament gold

2. Spray the greenery heavily until it is totally covered with gold spray paint. I used Rust-Oleum’s Metallic line. It produces a very bright gold finish on any surface.

3. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle gold glitter over the entire thing and let dry.

4. Once dry, hot-glued gold beads to resemble ornaments and then tie a ribbon onto it to hang. 

I am going to use it for a Christmas tree ornament, but you can also use it to hang from a cabinet or doorknob, or an embellishment for a present depending on the size you make.

How to make a Mini Gold Wreath Handmade Christmas Ornament


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  1. Thanks for the explanation about decorating so early. The trees look beautiful. I love the gold wreath you made. I’ll have to check out the bow making tutorial because I cannot make bows! I don’t mind seeing the holiday stuff now, because I don’t really “see” it, if that makes sense. I just ignore it until the first of November. I don’t know how you keep the holiday spirit fresh for so long.

  2. Looks great Diane! I always love going into Elder Beerman and getting festive! Great little wreaths and this is something I could do, so thank you!

  3. Well, THAT explains why Christmas decorating shows up earlier and earlier in Bonton stores! After doing all the store displays, I can’t imagine how you find the energy to do your home decorating. I whine about having to drag up 6 Rubbermaid tubs of stuff from the basement!

    1. Hi Suzan-
      It does take some effort for me to enjoy decorating my own tree, but I love the holidays so I truly try to make the best effort I can. I have simplified the process and only put up the things I love or are nostalgic. Everything else stays in the storage boxes.

    1. Hi Stephanie-

      I only plan when I am at work because I have deadlines. I decorate my own house after Thanksgiving.