Easy Christmas Table Wreath Ideas DIY

If you love the look of a classic evergreen wreath to use on your Christmas table, here are a few easy Christmas table wreath ideas to help you style a wreath into a candle centerpiece for a dining table, coffee table or sideboard.

Christmas table wreath ideas. Use a large red pillar style battery operated candle on table.

I have my house decorated for Christmas, except for creating a Christmas centerpiece with candles for my dining table.

To come up with one, I went to my decor stash to see what I could use without having to buy a Christmas centerpiece with candles.

Here are the ideas I came up with.

3 Easy Christmas Table Wreath Ideas

When decorating a dining table for Christmas, using a wreath as the centerpiece filled with candles works especially well on a round table.

If you have a rectangular table, consider placing 3 wreaths down the center of the table and fill each one with one of the Christmas centerpiece ideas shown below.

1. Use One Large Pillar Style Candle Inside a Wreath

Large red Christmas candle in a cedar wreath.

This is a simple and classic Christmas table decoration that you can DIY.

Use an oversized Luminara 6″ x 6″ flicker flame battery-operated wax candle.

It looks very real, both the flame and the candle itself. The flame actually flickers. You may get spoiled with being able to turn it on and off with the touch of a button.

Christmas table decorations DIY using an evergreen wreath. Large candle in seeded glass hurricane on kitchen table with smaller candles around it to provide cozy light.

You can also use a collection votive or tea light holders around the outside of the wreath. I used Kosta Boda glass Snowballs around it and used a large white pillar candle.

Together they create quite a magical glow when dining or holiday entertaining.

Or consider using old Christmas cards to make votive candle accents at each place setting around the wreath centerpiece.

How to Style a Christmas Table Wreath 3 Ways

Time needed: 15 minutes

If you have a collection of taper or colonial style candlesticks and an evergreen wreath, you can easily group them to create a DIY Christmas centerpiece for your holiday table in a few different ways.

Creating a wreath centerpiece with candles is one, two, three… easy!

  1. Gather a Collection of Candles and Candle Holders

    Place as many candle holders as you can in the center of the wreath. I used 5 candle holders that were all the same height.

    Grouping taper candles together will always add more impact to a table than only using one or two.

    Wreath with red taper candles inside to make a centerpiece

  2. Add Pinecones

    As an option, add rustic charm by placing a few glittered pine cones inside the Christmas table wreath to cover up the candle holders.

    Decorating with Christmas Candles and pine cones

  3. Or Add Christmas Ornaments

    For a more traditional look, place a collection of ball style ornaments in the center of the wreath to cover the candle holders.

    Decorating with Christmas Candles.

DIY a Rustic Candle Holder for A Christmas Table Wreath

Stack of plates and utensils with a wood plank candle holder

I got the inspiration to make this next centerpiece idea after seeing this long plank style candle holder…

Rustic barn wood votive candle holder

The Painted Fox

…and this one.

These rustic centerpieces look great on a long table, but since my dining table is round, I decided to find a wood slice from a tree trunk to use to make a round wood candle holder for one more Christmas table wreath idea.

You can buy wood slices at craft stores and online.

Tree trunk slice with holes drilled in for taper candles.

Use a pencil to mark where you want candles to go.

A drill bit (candle-width size) was used to make holes around the surface of the wood slice. Each hole approx. 3/4″ deep.

Rustic Candle decorations for Christmas

Drilling the holes took a little time, but I liked the outcome.

How to place a candle in a drilled hole to create a tree trunk candle holder.

A few of the candles where too small for the holes, so I wrapped clear tape around the bottom of the candles to create a snug fit.

Tree trunk slice taper candle holder for Christmas with cedar branches around it.

Placed inside a cedar wreath, creates a rustic Christmas table centerpiece.

Easy Christmas Candle Display ideas.

No matter how I style my candles for Christmas – all that is really needed though, is the candles and a simple holder as the glow from them is what creates the Christmas magic…

…along with the lovely scent of a little cedar, pine and a twinkle light or two.

3 Ways to style a Christmas table candle centerpiece

Now that your table is set, are you ready to consider other Christmas decorating ideas?

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  1. Love them all… You are so creative. Merry Christmas. Loved seeing the new pics of Zoe. She’s adorable.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Jaye – Thanks :-) The grandkiddies – XOXO Such a joy, right? Enjoy yours this Christmas.

  2. Denise Morrison says:

    Hi Diane
    I love all of your great ideas.
    When I read that you put tape around your candles to make them fit, I thought I would share what I do in that instance. My mother taught me that when a taper candle base is too small for the holder, place a cotton ball over the holder’s hole (or more, depending on the snug factor required), insert candle, and voila! It fits. The cotton spreads out and fills in the space like insulation does. It works for me every time. If there is cotton overflowing, just tuck and finesse it out of sight. Hope you like this tip. Take care. Merry Christmas ?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Denise – Thank you for sharing your idea on keeping candles snug in their holder. I love ideas like this that are simple and use basic items we have in the house. Merry Christmas.

  3. I can see why you fell in love with that photo!! Love it. I too don’t have a lot of places for Xmas displays, which I love creating. But I also don’t like a lot of clutter either, so it’s quite the balancing act. I’m keeping winter decor up in January & possibly February, as winter lasts a long time here & also we are all home so much.

  4. Diane I love your posts they are always so instructive. Like you I am always ready to enhance my Christmas decorations. What I have started thinking about is after I take down Christmas. I was thinking on a winter theme. As it is a long way before spring. I’m thinking of a gold theme to set up after Christmas. Any thoughts?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kathy – Adding gold accents now until springs sounds perfect. Gold has a warmness to it that will help to keep things feeling cozy, yet bright. Add a few layers and textures using it and it will look very nice.

  5. Jenny Young says:

    I think your version is beautiful! I love taking an inspiration picture & trying to copy it using only what I have.

    A thought for the original though…do you have a mantle, a deep window sill or a coffee table you could place one on? I have eliminated most of my flat surfaces so I’ve had to streamline my decorating as well.

  6. I love those battery operated pillars. Mine have a timer, so they go on at the same time everyday, then off 5 hours later. It is wonderful to come home to cozy candle glow in the evenings! I got three of them at Wal-Mart for $10 and originally I did not like the orange-y glow, but they really do look like real candles.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Gina – The glow from the battery operated candles does run a little more orange yellow when you look up close, but from a distance they look so real. I am a fan after trying out a few brands. Thank you for mentioning how you use the timer that comes with the candles. Mine has a timer too, I will have to set that up to make using the candle even easier.

      Merry Christmas

  7. I like all of your centerpieces, but the pine cones & greens really got my creative ideas flowing. That would look great in our lake cottage! My husband refers to my candle “inventory”, & I just have no idea what he means! ;-)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Merri Jo – :-) I know exactly what he means. I have quite an inventory also. I hope you have a very merry candlelit Christmas.

  8. Michele Hao says:

    Very pretty. I enjoy your blog. You always have such great ideas. Aloha from Hawaii.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thank you Michele – Mele Kalikimaka