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Outdoor Christmas Candle Planter

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How to make an outdoor Christmas candle planter for porches and entryways.

Yesterday – we woke up to a surprise here in Pennsylvania – it was snowing – not just a dusting, but a few inches.  When I looked out my front door it reminded me of this Christmas card.  Everything was white, a bit grey, and glistening.


It got me to thinking – perfect photo-op for one of the projects I had planned on posting over the next few weeks.

I could not let the scene pass me by, so I got out of my pj’s and got all bundled up to go outside in the snow and cold to transform the empty planter on my front step into something a bit more festive for the season – a Christmas candle planter.

Easy Outdoor-Holiday Decorations

Nothing is prettier than candles in the snow.

Winter-Outdoor Decorating-Idea

I simply stuck a glass hurricane I had picked up at the thrift store for $1.90 and a candle on top of the dirt that was still in the planter.

Outdoor-Christmas-Candle Planter-

I then cut a few sprigs of boxwood from my yard and poked them into the dirt and snow.  To make it even easier to create – place a wreath over the hurricane instead of taking the time to cut boxwood or pine.


No power tools or DIY skills needed.  It took me about 10 minutes. The only thing I will remember next time – wear gloves with the finger tips cut off.   Easier when working on detailed things out in the freezing cold.

I am a big fan of using candles especially around the holidays – all types and lots of them.  I have posted about a few of them – my favorite are Kosta Boda snowballs that I line up on my window sill every Christmas.  You can read about them here – My Favorite Christmas Decoration.  Most recently over at Momtastic – I showed how I made candle holders by repurposing tin cans. You can find the post here – DIY Rustic Candleholders.

Last year I used green candles that I bought at the Pottery Barn outlet. They look beautiful with a mirror that I made over and silver accents.  Do you use candles to decorate your house for the holidays?  What colors and types do you use?


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  1. During Christmas I used red pillars with wreaths. Long white tapers with little candle rings from Sweden and Arts and Crafts stores. Then I used small white candles, that are made to use on Angel Chimes. I used them on little red ornaments from my Mormor (Mother’s mom in Swedish). I need to take pictures to share. Your picture makes me almost wish I had snow. Your simple arrangement is so pretty.

  2. Diane that is SO PRETTY and simple, I love it! I might have to do that with an urn I have.
    I saw something else that I plan on doing to if I get around to it. You use half gallon pickle jars or gallon ones which I have several of. They tied some pretty white lace around the top edge and put some hay string around it and tied it. Then a little white sand with a candle in the bottom of it. So simple but yet so pretty! I think they used votive candles in theirs. LOVE yours!!!

  3. Nice! I love candles too and try to work them in where I can. I like this outdoor option. I am looking forward to more of your Christmas decorating ideas. I agree with the post from Michelle who is new to the blog. I have gone through everything too and just so appreciate all the ideas that are not over the top expensive or complicated.

  4. I love candles all the time but most especially during the holidays. I tend to favor deep green and rich reds but not “Christmassy” red and green. I think my favorite scent of all time is Balsam Fir from Yankee Candle. It smells like Christmas to me! I love your idea of using the hurricane, candle and a wreath in the planter. I have a large planter in which I grow lavender. Now that the growing season is long over, I am thinking that your idea will look fabulous on my porch. Thanks for another great idea!!

  5. I just discovered your site yesterday and I can’t stop reading it. I became an instant fan! Your blog is the most practical and inspiring DIY website I’ve ever read; everything looks doable and affordable. I can’t wait to get started on a few of these projects. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your projects and tips!