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Modern + Minimalist Christmas Tree Skirt

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Do you have pets that get into your Christmas tree and make a mess?  Or is your style of Christmas decorating modern and minimal? If you answered yes, I have the answer.  This easy to make modern and minimalist Christmas tree skirt will fix both these needs.

Are you familiar with this scene?

Christmas tree skirt with cat inside

So much so that there has even been a book written about it…

The Cat That Climbed The Christmas Tree Book

In our house, we live to tell the tale, but the perpetrator in our house is named Trax, not Benny, like the cat in the book.  Before Trax there was Hobie and Mittens – all kitties who love playing in the Christmas tree.

We have seen more than one tree go crashing to the floor, until recently when I bought a wide sturdy new tree stand.

The best Christmas-Tree-stand

No more crashing trees, but it is not a tree skirt friendly stand.

I would love to put my tree in an urn like this one, but I would have to wire the tree to the wall.  I am sure Trax would end up hanging himself on the wire.

Christmas Tree in Urn

I like these basket tree collars and even made one.

Tree Collars

I needed to find a way to hide the new wide stand while keeping Trax the cat and his other four legged siblings  – Kindii, and Schnitzel from thinking that the water in the stand is the holiday watering hole.

Modern Christmas Tree Cover or Collar DIY Option

I went to Home Depot and went down an aisle I never do  – Roofing and Siding. I found this small roll of metal sheet flashing called: 10” x 10’ Alum Valley for $8.

10 x 10 alum valley

When I got home, I began transforming it into something more interior-worthy, a metal Christmas tree skirt.  I covered it with fabric and now I have the perfect decorative cover for the stand. Hides it and keeps pets away.

Christmas-Tree-skirt ideas: metal christmas tree skirt

I chose to cover it with a textured neutral fabric as I want the tree to be the focus, not the stand, but imagine the possibilities – it is all up to you and your style and color scheme.

How To Make a Modern and Minimalist Christmas Tree Stand Cover or Collar

supplies needed:

  • 1 roll of 10” x 10’ alum valley metal flashing
  • Scissors
  • Electrical or duct tape
  • Fabric
  • Spray glue
  • 2 binder clips
  • Paper towel
  • Work gloves
Metal Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

1. Carefully unroll flashing. Wear a pair of work gloves as the edges can be sharp.  Measure around your tree stand to determine how long you will need your cover to be.  Add about 3-inches extra for overlap.

2.  Cut with scissors. It is thin and was very easy to cut.  There is a slightly oily residue on the metal, wipe it off with a paper towel.

3. Wrap electrical or duct tape along the edges to cover sharp edges. (This is only done to remove the sharp edge.)

DIY Metal Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

4. Cut your fabric to size, adding at least 2 inches all around.  Lay fabric right side down and spray with spray glue. Spray one side of flashing with glue. Let both get tacky and then attach the two.  Use your hands to smooth out any wrinkles to the outer edges.

5. Flip over to wrap the excess fabric to the back. Use spray glue along the edge of the flashing and back of fabric to adhere. Cut corners as shown

6. Wrap corners as shown using spray glue as needed to adhere.

Roll the fabric covered flashing into a circle and use two binder clips where the ends meet, allowing for a little overlap.  This is the back of the cover.  It can be placed on before or after the tree is in the stand.  If doing it after, the bottom clip will be a bit tricky to get on, but it is doable.  (That’s the way I did it.)

To learn how I made a Christmas tree stand cover using a basket, check out my tutorial:

Not into a basket collar style cover?  How about a photo frame Christmas tree stand cover?

Check out this very easy Christmas Tree Stand Cover idea that you can personalize with family photos:

A modern and minimalist styled Christmas tree collar

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  1. What a great idea! I have 4 cats and they love to chew on the tree or hide out in it. I’ll definitely have to give this a try!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric you used – do you know the name??? thanks! amazing idea – just what i was looking for!!

    1. Hi Erin – It got the fabric at my favorite dollar a yard fabric store. It was a remnant so I don’t know the name or manufacturer. There is nothing on the selvage either – like a name. It is upholstery weight with a nice woven texture. I covered pillows on my sofa with a similar fabric found at the same place.

  3. Diane, I have the same dilemma! Every year I swaddle it with a swath of cloth… and every year it gets soggy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your solution! It is beautiful at the base of your tree!!!!
    I bought a big galvanized tub and the tree stand is going in that this year!!!!
    I wish I would have seen this sooner!!!
    Please share this at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS next week! Link goes live Wednesday at 8:00 pm!