Insta-Style: Christmas Ornament Storage

Easy and Affordable DIY Christmas Ornament Storage Idea

If your life is like mine this week, you are in full holiday mode… getting last minute gifts, wrapping, baking cookies, and cleaning the house. Maybe you’re even looking for some additional Christmas decorating inspiration?

For today’s post, I am fast-forwarding a bit. I have a holiday Insta-Style post for you that may help you come January 2nd when you start to put all of your holiday decorations in storage until next year.

Christmas ornament storage idea

What do you get when you place your fragile Christmas ornaments in Hefty brand plastic cups?


A smart and affordable way to organize and safely store your fragile Christmas ornaments.


You can use any box or bin that is at least 5 inches high to create a safe and organized Christmas ornament storage solution. I placed my ornaments right into the cups, but you can wrap each ornament in tissue paper before placing them in, too.

I like this idea since it works with boxes I already own.  The cups are inexpensive and easy to find at the supermarket.

Christmas ornament storage idea

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  1. Christina Mulligan says:

    Awesome ornament storage idea !!! You r an incredible inspiration to truly design on a budget. I wish u and your husband a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful and healthy New Year !!!!!!
    Looking forward to more inspiration in 2021???

  2. Great idea, and cheaper than buying the specialized bins that they have. Thanks!

  3. This is an idea I will acutally use. I put my ornaments away in layers with just tissue/newspaper in between since I am the only one who handles the box! But I have started to find a few broken ornaments at the bottom of the bin. This will stop that. Thanks!!! Merry Christmas!

    1. I would really like to see the other ideas that have a link to them…unfortunately, it keeps coming up with a broken link, darn it!

      1. Diane Henkler says:

        Hi Molly – The Hefty site has been going down a few times this past week. I think it is fixed now. you can try this link:

  4. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I love this. I need this idea. And I intend to use it. I have some old glass balls that the boxes they were purchased in have totally disintegrated. I was worrying about this already, so boy are you psychic!