Vacationing at the El Dorado Maroma Resort in Mexico

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What’s it’s like to stay along the Riviera Maya on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula at the El Dorado Maroma Resort.

I took time away from blogging over the holidays to enjoy time with my family, like REALLY taking time off…they say one needs R & R to keep oneself good with the world and Ed and I decided, that this year, we would take that quite literally.

After taking an anniversary trip to the Riviera Maya in Mexico last year, Ed and I enjoyed that trip so much that we wanted to be able to take our daughters there.

Getting to spend quality together time with them is hard since they live hours away in opposite directions and have jobs and school that keep them busy. We had to plan ahead to find a week when both of them had time off.  The only time was Christmas week so we booked the trip to the El Dorado Maroma earlier this year and flew south two days after Christmas.


We stayed at a resort slightly north of Playa de Carmen on the eastern shore of the Yucatan peninsula, called El Dorado Maroma. It was a beautiful, peaceful, and a very relaxing place.


The porch off of our room was one place that I spent a lot of time.  It even had an outdoor bed so you could sleep under the stars and moonlight. It was perfect – everything about our week, the resort, the food, the balmy breezes, and weather could not have been better.

The number one reason I DIY is as a way to express my creativity and personal style, but the second is to save money so that I can use those savings to get as many stamps in my passport as possible in my lifetime.   My house could use new carpeting and sofas.  We drive old model cars, and only buy what we truly need so that we can save, save, save and be able to take a trip like this.


In the early 80’s, before I met Ed, he bought a timeshare.  When he first told me about it,  I wasn’t impressed and didn’t think we would ever use it.  I was wrong; we have been using it for the past 31 years and have been able to go to some pretty extraordinary places on our budget.


We enjoyed the beach and crystal clear Caribbean every day.  If we had an extra $250 each we could have had a Sky Massage in one of these beach huts. Way out of our budget, but just the thought of one was relaxing. :-)

On-Vacation-in-Riveria Maya in Mexico

The best part of the trip was getting to enjoy it all with our daughters.  My oldest was on a semester break from medical school and my youngest had time off since she just finished a two year fellowship and didn’t start her new job until yesterday.


It was pretty nice getting to read on the beach while being served icy cold drinks and gourmet snacks all day long.

siteseeing-in-tulum mexico

We took a day trip to go rappelling and Zip-lining in the jungle – (Yes, I did both) and tour the ancient ruins of Tulum.   The views everywhere were breathtaking.


Taking a holiday break has definitely re-energized me. I’m feeling creative, rested, and ready for what’s to come

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  1. Wow! That trip must have been sooo relaxing! Looked like a beautiful place! Happy New Year!

  2. How nice to have created these beautiful memories with Ed and the girls. One of my favorite vacations was a long Mother’s Day Weekend with my two daughters at Mrytle Beach, SC. My thought for the new year is to Choose Joy! Wishing you a happy and positive 2015.

  3. Your Christmas Holidays sound wonderful!! Now that you are well rested and ready for new challenges. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for 2015!! Happy New Year Diane.