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How to Hang a Wreath Without Making Holes in the Door

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I have the quick wreath hanging trick that is minimal in style, yet festive and holiday ready.


This wreath arrived on my door step last week. It smells divine! 

It came with a metallic silver bow on it, but that was not my style– I like to add my own style to things. I removed it and simply hung the wreath with a length of green velvet ribbon.

How To Hang A Wreath with Ribbon

To hang a wreath without having to drive a nail into the front of a door, I used a thumbtack and ribbon.

  1. Figure out where you want the wreath to hang on the door. Measure up from this to the top of the door and double the measurement.

2. Fold the length of ribbon in half and loop around the top section of the wreath. Bring the ends together on top of the wreath.

3. Put the cut ends of the ribbon over the top edge of the door and press a thumbtack into the top edge of the door.

4. Cut excess ribbon.

Wreath Hanging Option: If you don’t like the look of ribbon, use clear fishing line to hang a wreath. Loop it around the wreath in the same way you would ribbon, but tie the ends in a double knot. Place the thumbtack over the knot to hang the wreath.

When it is time to remove the tack on the top edge of the door, use a paint can opener or flat-head screwdriver.

TIP: When using fresh greenery, keep a spray bottle of water handy so you can mist daily. This will help keep them looking fresh longer.

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  1. It was hard to choose but the cottage boxwood wins my vote. It is simple and gorgeous. I love the ribbon hanging too :)

  2. I would love to have the Fresh Berry Christmas Wreath. I am decorating with red and green this year and I love the simplicity of this wreat! I need the scent of a fresh wrearh since we have an artificial tree. It will feel and smell more like Christmas!