How to Hang a Wreath Without Making Holes in the Door

I have the quick wreath hanging trick that is minimal in style, yet festive and holiday ready.


This wreath arrived on my door step last week. It smells divine! 

It came with a metallic silver bow on it, but that was not my style– I like to add my own style to things. I removed it and simply hung the wreath with a length of green velvet ribbon.

How To Hang A Wreath with Ribbon

To hang a wreath without having to drive a nail into the front of a door, I used a thumbtack and ribbon.

  1. Figure out where you want the wreath to hang on the door. Measure up from this to the top of the door and double the measurement.

2. Fold the length of ribbon in half and loop around the top section of the wreath. Bring the ends together on top of the wreath.

3. Put the cut ends of the ribbon over the top edge of the door and press a thumbtack into the top edge of the door.

4. Cut excess ribbon.

Wreath Hanging Option: If you don’t like the look of ribbon, use clear fishing line to hang a wreath. Loop it around the wreath in the same way you would ribbon, but tie the ends in a double knot. Place the thumbtack over the knot to hang the wreath.

When it is time to remove the tack on the top edge of the door, use a paint can opener or flat-head screwdriver.

TIP: When using fresh greenery, keep a spray bottle of water handy so you can mist daily. This will help keep them looking fresh longer.

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  1. Norma Rolader says:

    I like the idea of hanging with ribbon ,,, thank you for sharing

  2. What a lovely wreath. I can’t wait to try to make one after the Christmas Holidays are over. Thanks for the inspiration and for the Free file.

  3. The cinnamon apple wreath is so cute! Love it!

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  7. tartan-holiday-fresh-christmas-wreath-22-in

  8. Love the cinnamon apple winter wreath. Thanks for the instructions on hanging with a ribbon. My door won’t accomodate a wreath holder.

  9. Melanie C. says:

    I totally love the elegant Cinnamon Boxwood wreath.

  10. I like the pinecone wreath. Wish I could make my own if I don’t win.

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  18. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I love them all. I will choose the White Dried Christmas Wreath because I could not handle watching a fresh one shrivel and die.

    You saved me way back when about how to hang my wreaths. I do have two of those hangers, but sometimes you want some on the inside and outside too…….. so voila with the ribbon and thumb tack.

  19. Marilyn Holeman says:

    I follow you on Facebook. :-)

  20. Marilyn Holeman says:

    I like the Northwood Country Fresh Evergreen Wreath 24 in. I hope you’re enjoying this Thanksgiving weekend with your family. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I would love the Traditional Velvet wreath…my old one is looking sad. Thanks for all the tips…my thanksgiving table looked a little more styled thanks to you….

  22. barbara n says:

    I love the 22 inch Traditions Balsam Christmas Wreath

  23. Glad Tidings Holiday Wreath

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  27. They’re all beautiful, but I really like the Eucalyptus wreath – it’s a bit different from the ordinary Christmas wreath.

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    They are all gorgeous but the fir winterland is especially nice. Thanks…

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    Oh my I love all the wreaths however the Ashburn Christmas Holiday is my favorite. I always use fishing line to hang mine up, love the look of it floating in air! Have a great weekend and thanks for the opportunity to win~Suz

  31. Amy Orvin says:

    My comment didn’t show up. I said I like the Apple Boxwood Fresh Christmas Wreath 24 in

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    I like the Princeton Holiday Christmas Wreath best!

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    Rudolphs Fresh Christmas Door Wreath is my favorite. Lots of lovely wreaths to chose from.

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    Evergreen And Juniper Fresh Seasonal Wreath 24 in

    Is my favorite!

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  47. They are all beautiful…..but my favorite is the wreath made of pine cones.
    Sending holiday greetings.
    Be well.

  48. I like the Elegant Cinnamon Boxwood Holiday Wreath, although all of them are beautiful. Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

  49. My favorite is the Evergreen & Juniper. I love the bright green colors!

  50. Teresa Riddle says:

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  51. I’m going to have to say the Berkley Holiday Mantelpiece – 45 inch. That sure would save me some decorating time!

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    Following “in my own style” on Facebook and also subscribed by e-mail to receive the latest info. Thank you!

  63. How lovely are they all……………difficult to find a very favorite. Although I usuallly prefer the most simple, the Princeton Holiday Christmas is a stunner, followed by the two boxwoods .. Christine’s Cottage and Bridgeport Boxwood.

    Happy Holidays to all. CR

  64. Catherine D says:

    My favorite is Christines Cottage Boxwood Wreath.

  65. I love these wreaths from the Wreath Depot!

  66. Pomegranates and Cinnamon Holiday Wreath – 22 inch

  67. For sure, the Pomegranates and Cinnamon Holiday Wreath is my favorite.


  68. I love the traditional velvet wreath. Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. So many beautiful wreaths to choose from, I also like the table top and mantle wreaths.

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  71. The White Dried Christmas Wreath is my favorite. It is lovely and such a nice departure from the usual read and green Christmas wreath I have every year. It’s fresh and beautiful.

  72. Each one is really lovely, but I think the Apple Boxwood would be stunning on my red front door!

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    They are all so Christmas-y! If I had to choose, I would pick the Apple Cinnamon wreath….can only wonder at how great it must smell.

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    Thank you Diane. My favorite is the Traditions Balsom.

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    I would love the cinnamon boxwood holiday wreath. But they are all lovely. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Marty W.

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