How to Make a No Sew Window Treatment

Once upon a time… after I graduated from college and before I was married is when I started working in retail display. It was in my first few years of  working in the field that I learned  the many tricks and tips on how to fake out decorating treatments.  This was back in the day when sheets began to come in lots of colorful patterns instead of solid colors and were perfect to use just like decorator fabrics.

One of my weekly duties was to make room vignettes in the home department to showcase the linens.  I used sheets and safety pins to create the no sew window treatments for these display rooms.  I constantly was asked by customers how I made the treatments and would literally write the direction on their shopping bags so they could do it themselves in their homes.    Fast forward to today and the method I used all those years ago to make these treatments can still be used to create fast and fun window treatments in your home.  I recently did just that to create new affordable valances in my bedroom.


I removed my summer tablecloth valance that used to cover up the conventional rod and the tabs on the curtain panels that I bought at Target. I needed to come up with something pretty, yet simple that would cover the rod and tabs again.

No Sew window Treatment


I made this no-sew valance that only requires a small amount of fabric yardage which keeps it just my style – very affordable.


All I needed to create it was a rectangular piece of fabric that is 1 3/4″ the width of my window, 2 large safety pins, 2 medium safety pins, a straight pin,  and two vintage clip-on earrings. No sewing required. My valance measures 65″ x 22″.  This might be a better way to figure out how much fabric you will need. Width of window + projection of rod x   2 + depth you desire = width of fabric needed. Example of my measurements: 37 + 6 + 22 = 65″ width.


You can use any rectangular piece of fabric to create this valance –with unfinished edges,  unlined, or lined.  You are the designer.


To create a no sew lined panel or valance:

Cut the fabric and lining to the same size.  Press all edges over 1-inch.  Use fabric glue or iron on-adhesive to attach the two pieces.



To hang the no-sew valance:

1.  Find the center along top edge of fabric and pin it over the center part of the rod.  (This pin will be removed later)

How to hang a no sew window valance


2. Spread the fabric to each side and use a safety pin to attach each end of the valance to the last tab or section of the curtain panel that is closest to the wall.

Easy no sew DIY valance

3. Once it is pinned on, let the fabric hang from the rod making sure it is centered.


4.  With your hands gather the fabric on each side and use the medium size safety pin to secure.



5. Open a clip-on earring and slide the clip through the safety pin.



6. Snap it shut and you have an instant decorative way to hide the pin.  Repeat on other side of valance.


7. Remove the straight pin on the center front.



Depending on your window and size of your fabric you can create many different looks by the way you drape and gather the fabric on the rod.



How-to-make-a-curtain-rod-fHere is the same rectangular shape of fabric where the length is 2 1/2 times the width of the window which allows for more draping. This was one of the projects in my book, Instant Decorating. It was the window treatment I made for my daughter’s room.  Instead of using safety pins to gather the fabric, I painted clothespins to match the fabric and clipped them on the rod. The fabric valance is simply gathered behind each clothespin to hold in in place. The clothespins have matching fabric bows hot glued on. At the end of the rod on each side is where I pinned the valance to the curtain panel underneath.



A little peek…

For those of you who have asked me what I keep in all the little drawers in my craft armoire – here is what is in a few. Lots of vintage clip-on earrings and buttons.  I love and collect them.  I use them in many different ways, but never on my ears.



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  1. says

    Wow, that looks great. It’s very creative, I would never have thought of that. I have been trying to come up with something but now I know how to fix up my windows! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. says

    This looks so perfectly done and I love the repurposing of the earrings. The fabric is so pretty. Thank you for sharing!

  3. says

    I went to FIDM in Los Angeles and my funnest class was the Visual Merchandising class. I love all your clips and buttons. What a treasure! Thanks for the tutorial. Now if I can figure out how to use iron adhesive (I always mess up) I’d be doing good. I guess I could just sew it. lol

  4. says

    Love these! Just wanted to let you know I featured these on my blog today, in an article about the many different types and techniques of “no-sew” window treatments.


  5. Rachelle says

    I love this idea! I’d like to do this in my kitchen bay windows. I don’t have a curtain panel to pin the fabric to a tab. I just want to add a valance. Any ideas on how to make it stay without a tab on a curtain panel?

    • says

      Hi Rachelle – You could just pin the valance to itself. Take the top edge on one side near the end of the fabric and wrap it around the rod and pin to the back of the valance fabric that is falling to the front of the rod. Repeat on the other side. You may have to play with it a little to get it to hang right. I did this in my very first house using a cafe style rod that sits in two brackets. I didn’t even use a pin for that – I just wrapped the top edge of the valance around the rod and then squeezed the wrapped section of the rod right into the bracket. Do the same on the other side. Since it was snug it stayed in place – the end of the valance hung down from each bracket. You might want to use some string to determine how long your valance should be. Drape the string over the brackets and rod as you would want the fabric to lay. This will give you a good idea on how how much fabric you will need.

  6. Nancy says

    This is so clever. I’m going to try it for my next project. Thank you so much for all your ideas. I have no imagination and your website is so helpful.


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