How To Make Outdoor Glass Hanging Lights

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I love to be outside and have this thing for outdoor lighting. I think it can make or break the mood of an evening spent outside so I am always looking for new ways to best light my deck and patio for different occasions.

I cannot take credit for coming up with this idea for this trendy outdoor light.  I have to thank the creative team at Lowes that puts together their free Creative Ideas Magazine for the idea.

Outdoor lighting ideas


I am at Lowes almost every day.  It is really close to my house which is good and bad, but it sure helps when I need to pick up supplies for my projects.  Last week when I was there, I picked up a copy of the latest issue of Lowes Creative Ideas.  When I got home and flipped through the pages and saw these DIY globe lights, I knew I had to make one.  Since Lowes is so close, back I went to buy a glass globe. They had one left so I think I am not the only one who loved this project idea.

They used twine and paint to make their version, but when I went to my basement to get some twine, I didn’t have any.

Lowes Creative Living Magazine


I could have gone back to Lowes to get some, but since I am a DIY loving girl, I searched through my stash and came up with something else to use.   I found gold hardware store chain that I used to make jewelry and some jump rings. I am calling  the one I made the glam version.   :)


To make Outdoor Glass Hanging Lights you will need:

-3 1/4” – Prismatic Glass light globe
-Hardware store chain, cut into 4 sections:  Enough to go around lip of globe and three equal lengths to hang.  Any narrow chain will work. The one I used is called #300 Hobby Twist Chain
-5 jump rings. I used a small one to connect the chain around the globe and larger ones to hang.
-Wire Cutters


1.  Measure around globe and cut a piece of chain to that size.

How to make a light from a glass globe light cover

2. Attach it with a jump ring. Make sure it is very snug. I initially made it too big and ended up removing one more link so it was snug.

Tutorial on how to make an outdoor hanging light


3. Figure out where and how low you want it to hang and cut 3 pieces of chain the exact same size. Count the links if necessary. If one of the chains is longer, the globe will hang crookedly.  Attach each chain with a jump ring evenly spaced around the chain which goes around the lip of the globe.  Then attach the ends together with another jump ring. I used a very large one as this will be what you hook the globe on to hang.

How to hang an outdoor light


4. To keep the globe from getting wax in it, you can use battery operated candles, tea lights, or even place a tea light in a glass votive for extra protection.  You can also fill the bottom with sand to help keep the candle secure.

Outdoor candle ideas

I hung this on the pergola on my deck to take the photo, but I think I am going to  move it to the side entrance of my house and hang it on a wall mounted swing arm style plant hanger for added impact.

Inexpensive Outdoor Lighting fixture ideas

Later in the week I was at Home Depot to buy some Glidden paint and found these outdoor glass light covers.  I usually use cleaned out pickle jars for the candles I use on my outdoor tables, but these are prettier and only $3.50 each – plus they complement the hanging globe light.

Decorating ideas from the hardware store

I placed tea lights inside each. They just glow – so pretty.

 Candle holder ideas - repurposed


Lowes is not paying me to write this post. I just find their magazine very inspiring. You can pick up a free copy at Lowes or sign up to get a copy of Lowes Creative Ideas  delivered right to your home.




  1. says

    I love what you have done with the glass light globe and the smaller glass covers. I will be making a trip to both Loews and Home Depot very soon. I am fairly new to making DIY projects, your project has given me lots of inspiration for glass candle holders.


  2. North of Seattle says

    Great idea! Even thriftier, check out Goodwill, etc. for great globes at a fraction of the retail price.

  3. Pat says

    In the true spirit of repurposing, don’t forget to check at your local salvage store, like the places that take donations from contractors, remodeling jobs, etc. Light covers cost .25!

  4. says

    Thank you for the great ideas! It lends itself to other ways of doing lighting. I really appreciate these DIY ideas. Even if you are not rolling in money you can still decorate with style.

  5. G. Small says

    I’ve had this kind of project in mind for a long time, but I am even CHEAPER. I stocked up on “rose bowls” (the globe-shaped vase with a fluted top that is used by florists for small flower arrangements) for 25¢ each at the local church resale store (NOBODY keeps these vases). I was going to use wire to hang them, but the chain is much prettier.

  6. Leean says

    I love this idea and this website is really amazing!! Since I make crafts and sell them at a variety of fairs this will be a neat one to add. I have lots of variations for it by using beads , charms , etc.
    Also an easier way to get wax out is by putting some sand in the bottom (about 1/4) and then the candle. the candle burns down and then all you have to do is pick up the small stub or dump the holder upside down. NOTE won’t work well if u get wet weather.

    another neat trick is take the candle glass holder and put some mod podge on it all over then roll the holder in some epsom salt and let dry.. Can add food coloring to the salt for colors. Then cover with a sealer of some sort mod podge magic dimension. This will give the lanterns the look of snow crystals. If u use a stencil design and paint the mod podge on then sprinkle the eposom salt on the glued areas u can create a “lace” like effect.

    have fun crafting and enjoy!!!

    PS I can be found on face book under

    Lady Merlin’s Treasures
    magickal potions & things

  7. k says

    What a wonderful and beautiful idea!!!!! And you know the local Habitat for Humanity store has a TON of these! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  8. Shannon S. says

    Such a great idea! Just came across this post on Pinterest while searching for ways to spruce up the backyard. Plus, I’ve worked at Lowe’s for a while, so I love the shout-out :)

  9. Paula says

    You can also make a topper using a solar path light positioning the bulb downward in the globe. It will light the globe at night.

  10. Vickie Williams says

    I love this and I am going to buy my globes at Habitat Restore…..a great way to recycle and have something lovely!


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