Transform Outdoor Light Fixtures With a Hammered Paint Finish

Over the course of the year, we spend most of our decorating energy on the interiors of our house.  When the weather starts to warm up, we take that energy to the outside of our home to begin attacking the exterior To-Do List. That is what Ed and I did over the weekend.  Our list is a long one. After living in our house for 19 years – there are always things to be done.

I have to thank my good friend and neighbor, Debbie for helping to bring this post to you.    She had recently painted some of her outdoor light fixtures and when she saw the sad state of mine, she showed me what she did to make hers look brand new and shiny again.  She had leftover paint and gave it to me to try out.


It is amazing paint. It provides a metallic hammered finish. It is from Benjamin Moore. It is called Molten Metallics Paint in the color – Bronze.  I went to the Benjamin Moore site to see if it came in other colors, it does – Gold, Copper, Bronze, Gun Smoke, Silver and Charcoal.


It is oil-based, so I used throw away brushes.


When using inexpensive brushes – rub the brush against the side of your hand a few times to remove any loose bristles. Do it a few times until they stop falling out.


I have used Hammered Bronze spray paint from Rustoleum before with great results, but this paint is so much easier to use since you can leave the fixtures right where they are.

I painted, cleaned, and prepped 3 exterior light fixtures in about 2 hours time. It would have taken me longer to replace them. Since I love these fixtures, I was happy to bring them back to life.

Here is what the carriage light looked liked before.  Bleached and rusted from the sun, wind, and weather.


Transformed with steel wool and the metallic paint.


The lights on the side of my house received the same makeover.

How to paint-a-rusted-metal-light-fixture

The rusty before.


I first cleaned the metal using a wet S.O.S pad. I scrubbed hard and then rinsed off the soap and residue with clean water and let the metal dry.

How-to-remove-rust-from-metal SOS pads

This is how the fixtures looked after scrubbing them. They cleaned up nicely.


If the rust doesn’t come off – apply one coat of rust preventing primer and let dry, then paint.  The directions on the paint can say that priming is not necessary if you prepare the surface correctly.

How to paint outdoor light fixtures

It is cool to watch the hammered effect happen.  It goes on like regular paint, but after 30 seconds it starts to take on a hammered finish right before your eyes – presto-change-o!  One coat may be all you need, but two coats are recommended.


I figured why I was painting the fixtures, I might as well remove the glass to get rid of all the dead bugs and make the glass shine again.


They look as good as the day I bought them at the Home Depot 10 years ago.


All done with a little can of amazing paint.


I am very happy with the results, best of all it was a fast and easy project. Now, I have 4 more to transform.

Thanks Debbie for sharing your “paint find” with me.  XO


The best paint to use when painting exterior light fixtures






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