DIY Chalk Paint Recipes

Many of you have asked me what DIY Chalk Paint recipes I like best.  I have posted them below in my order of preference.

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Mixing DIY Chalk Paint Ingredients in One Batch

1.  I like the hard finish that is achieved in this recipe when you mix Calcium Carbonate Powder with Plaster of Paris.   If you want to age your piece by sanding a lot of the paint off, use the Calcium Carbonate Powder alone. Do not add Plaster of Paris.

If you want a highly durable finish with only a little or no distressing created by sanding the finish, then use this recipe.

You can buy Calcium Carbonate Powder at your local health food store, or on Amazon.  Some readers have bought it in bulk online and at beer and wine making supply stores.  I use the NOW Brand.  It is made for bone health – you drink it as a nutritional supplement. To read more about it, see my post: DIY Chalk Paint Review Update

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe using Calcium Carbonate Powder and Plaster of Paris

2. Making a mix using just Calcium Carbonate creates a velvety smooth mix that would work well in paint sprayers and distresses beautifully when sanded.

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe using Calcium Carbonate Powder

3.  Plaster of Paris and Non- Sanded grout are the first two mixes I made when I discovered the world of DIY chalk paint and painted with.  They both work fine, but you can’t use latex paint that has a primer in it or an acrylic. It will bind the mix into mud.

Valspar Premium paint and most craft paints will bind.  If using Valspar use the “contractor” grade of paint. When I use either of these two ingredients, I only make it up in small batches.  If you want to make a quart or more, use the Calcium Carbonate Powder recipe.

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe for Non Sanded Grout and Plaster of Paris


  1. Anette Greene says

    I bought a desk & bookcase system that needs to be put together. Should I chalk paint before constructing it or chalk paint each piece then put it together? Thanks.

  2. says

    Poppie’s is an handcrafted all repurposing paint powder to use for chalk painting. It is all natural, economical and allows the user to have an unlimited color palette. Painting with Poppie’s is a joy according to our customers.

  3. Sue K says

    Just a note on Calcium Carbonate. If you only need a small amount (like I did this morning), just throw some Tums in your food processor and grind up. It’s 100% calcium carbonate. Seven Tums made enough to paint two nightstands. Also, I used a paint/primer mix and it worked great. :) Love your site!

    • says

      Hi Sue – Thanks for sharing this. I know many readers have a hard time finding CCP. Tums are readily available at every supermarket or drug store:-) I will have to try it.

    • says

      Hi Maria – Do you want to use chalk paint or regular latex paint? When using latex you can buy Fabric Medium at the crafts store to add to the paint. This makes the paint pliable when it dries. The fabric will be stiffer, but it will not crack if moved. If you paint fabric with chalk paint it will be stiff. The wax layer on top of it will soften it a bit. Depending on the type of fabric, it may feel like leather, but will not be very soft.

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