How-To Make a Window Treatment Using a Tablecloth

Here are what the windows in my bedroom look like: Pretty plain and boring.

Tablecloth made into curtains
I didn’t want to spend a lot on these windows and went searching for something to make a valance for the panels that would not break the bank.   I found 2 white oval cloths at the store where I work for $1.99 a piece.

How to Make A Window Treatment Using a Tablecloth

1 oval tablecloths
Ribbon to match cloth
2 cup hooks or nails
Measuring tape

1. Measure up from outer corner of window 5″ and then over away from the window – 2″.  Place nail in wall at this mark.  Repeat on other side.

How to measure a window for curtains



2. Lay tablecloth on table or bed.  Start accordion folding it lengthwise until the whole cloth is folded.



3.  Tie ribbon onto each side about 12″ from each end.



What is great about using an oval tablecloth besides the already finished edges is that when you accordion fold the cloth lengthwise and hang it, the sides softly drape without too much fussing.


Tablecloth window valance

4.  Hook the ribbon onto each nail.  Make sure sides fall to the side of the window at equal length.  Adjust if necessary.  Gently pull down center and arrange folds with hands until you get evenly placed folds across the window.


Sunny and Bright

Fresh Air – Fresh Look for Spring!



The colors I use in my bedroom. 

I also mix the colors white and beige along with silver and gold tones in every room.  I have found that if I purposely do this with these elements everything looks coordinated and never outdated.   Silver/nickel finishes are “in” right now,  gold tones “out”.   I don’t want to remove some favorite objects they may be in a gold tone.   I may have off-white trim, but have white tiles or use gold toned candlesticks with silverware.  I don’t want to have to repaint my beige molding because I added white curtains.  I make these basics work together by placing the color or finishes around the room so the eye registers the balance and they becomes part of the decorating scheme.  


  1. Patricia says

    I would never have thought of using a tablecloth like that. What a great idea. And how lucky you were to get two identical ones. I can’t wait to see the rest of your tips.

  2. LuLu says

    I have made no-sew curtains from cream, gold, and brown plaid table cloths purchased from Wally World. for my breakfast area. I used a curtain rod, and cafe hooks. Then to tie my kitchen into the area, I bought a round table cloth, cut it in half, and used ribbon to make the end pleats, I put it up above my kitchen sink window with clear push pins. They are gorgeous, and I receive many compliments on them.

  3. says

    This is definatly my FAV post! I am so going to do it!!! If only I could find some oval table cloths:(…

  4. Laury Richardson says

    I am IN LOVE with your site!!!! So many thrifty projects. I did post the new-sew ottoman to pinterest so I will remember where the tutorial is! Love, love, love….

  5. Hazel Byrne says

    Great Idea, they look fab! going to try it in my bedroom.What size tablecloths did you use?

    • says

      Hi Hazel – I made them such a long time ago – before blogging so I don’t have the packaging or remember. When I wrote that post, I had taken them down to clean. :) They were small oval cloths. 60 x 80 ? You can make them with any size cloth. The look will vary by the width of the window. It will change how much cascades down each side. Smaller cloths won’t have long cascading sides.

  6. Marina says

    Hi Diane
    I would love to make this valance but if my curtains are white i wont get the exact same white when i buy the tablecloths ?
    Love all your ideas, but havent yet had the courage to undertake any of your brilliant projects


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