8 Ways to Tie a Scarf

Do you want to take your scarf tying game to the next level? If you are getting bored of wearing a favorite scarf tied in the same way, here you will find 8 creative ways to tie a scarf that are quick and easy to do.

Scarves can be much more than just a way to stay warm when you are outside in the cold weather, they can be a fashion statement for any outfit all day long, any season of the year.

With a few quick and easy to learn techniques, you can turn a regular scarf into a stylish statement accessory, and not just around your neck.

When I worked in retail display, dressing mannequins was one of my duties.   Day scarfs are very popular and I accessorized many mannequins with them.  I’d often hear from customers – “I bought a scarf, but I never know how to wear it , can you show me.”

Since I can’t show you up close and personal, I found this video tutorial by stylist, Amy Salinger for you to master the art of simple scarf tying.

How to Tie a Scarf

The title of the video below is “How to Tie a Winter Scarf“. Ignore the word winter. The steps to tie any type of fabric scarf from wool, cotton, or even a silk scarf are the same. The only difference is the heavier textures of the scarves that she is using in the video.

YouTube video

8 Scarf Tying Ideas

I have taken a photo of each of the 4 scarf tying ideas shown in the video and 4 other ideas. Seeing the photos can help you remember each of these scarf tying techniques.

1. The Wrap Around Knot

a colorful patterned scarf tied in a wrap around style.

This is one of the most simple ways to tie a long scarf around your neck. It looks great over a bare neck, turtleneck or a jacket.

2. The Hanging Knot

A long day scarf tied into a low knot.

3. The Butterfly Knot

the butterfly scarf tie

4. The Slip Knot

8 ways to tie a scarf

More Scarf Tying Ideas

The following 4 scarf tying ideas are creative way to accent your wardrobe.. The first is for around your neck, the other 3 are my favorite ways to make an eye-catching fashion or color statement beyond your neck.

5. The Bow Tie

How to tie a long scarf into a bow

Wrap a long scarf around the back of your neck bringing the two ends to the front of your body. Tie the ends into a bow. Arrange the loops of the bow to make them look nice. Let the loose ends fall.

6. The Waist Wrap


Weave an oblong scarf through your pants loops to create a belt. Tie in a simple knot and let the ends hang loosely.  Stand tall and walk in style.

7. The Wrist Wrap

black and white cotton scarf tied around a wrist.

Fold a square scarf into a triangle.  Smaller silk scarves work the best. Starting at the pointed end fold to create a 2″ band.  Wrap around your wrist and tie into a knot.  Now you can shake hands in style.

8. The Tote or Handbag Tie

Silk scarf tied around the handle of a tote bag.

Carry your bag in style.  Fold a scarf into a long rectangle.  Tie a simple knot around the handle. Arrange the knot to lay nicely and let the ends of the fabric fall.

Tweet knit Scarf-with-denim-jacket

This was one of my buddies where I worked. She just stood around looking good at 5’8″ tall all day in her size 4 jeans and no body fat. She took her job pretty seriously, never complained, but hardly ever smiled.

There are many different types of scarves as there are ways to tie them. Gather some of your favorites and experiment with a few of these scarf tying techniques, as well as come up with a few stylish ways on your own to tie them to accent your favorite outfits.

8 creative ways to tie a scarf that you may not have thought of.


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  1. I can not see the scarf video. This whole post kept reloading on my I pad.


    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Nancy – I am not sure why you couldn’t view the video and why it kept reloading. It could be something interfering with your internet connection or something else. I am not sure. I just opened my site on an iPad using Safari and the video played. If you haven’t gotten it to play yet, maybe clear your cache on your iPad and try again. Wish I knew how to make it work for you.

  2. wow, scarf has so many ways to tie, learnt a lot ,thanks

  3. Carmie of the Single Nester says:

    I love scarves! I think they add so much to an outfit, are so versatile and so sexy!

  4. The first days of spring have brought me Tulips…..we are having such good weather my tulips are coming up already!

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    Over here in Warwickhire in the UK, we have had sunshine in the morning which has clouded over to bring rain in the afternoons. Thanks for showing us the methods of scarf tying, I’ve always had problems with mine.

  6. Snow over the weekend, sunshine yesterday, and today they are calling for more sunshine. That is what sping is like in Mo.

  7. Thanks so much for the scarf ideas. I am definately scarf challenged….now I’m motivated to wear a scarf more this spring! Looks like you have a great selection at the store.

  8. Elizabeth says:

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