8 Ways to Tie a Scarf

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 Over the weekend it was beautiful- today- it is rainy and dreary, but April showers bring May flowers, right?  Oh! wait, it is still March… but today’s tip will help you feel like it is May.  It is as easy as tying a bright colorful scarf around your neck, as well as a few other places. I have 8 great ways to tie a scarf for you.

I work in display and dressing the  mannequins is one of my duties.   Day scarfs are very popular and I accessorize many mannequins with them.  I often hear from customers – “I bought a scarf, but I never know how to wear it , can you show me.”    Since I can’t show you up close and personal, I found this video tutorial by stylist, Amy Salinger for you to master the art of simple scarf tying.

 The title of the video is How to Tie a Winter Scarf, ignore that – replace “Winter” with “Spring”. The steps are the same, the only difference is the texture of the scarves that she is using.

Below the video, I have taken a photo of each of the 4 different ways shown in the video to help you remember the technique.

A bright colored scarf tied around your neck, will brighten up your face.  Try it you will see. 

#1  The Wrap Around Knot

8 Scarf tying ideas

#2.  The Hanging Knot

8 Scarf tying ideas

#3  The Butterfly Knot

Scarf tying ideas

# 4  The Slip Knot8 ways to tie a scarf

  A few extra ways to wear a scarf not shown on the video.

The Bow-tie

How to tie a scarf into a bow

The Waist Wrap


Weave an oblong scarf through your pants loops. Tie in a simple knot and let the ends hang loosely.  Stand tall and walk in style.

The Wrist Wrap

Tie a Scarf-on-a wrist

Fold a square scarf into a triangle.  Starting at the pointed end fold to create a 2″ band.  Wrap around your wrist and tie into a knot.  Now you can shake hands in style.

The Bag Tie

Scarf tying ideas that are not around your neck
Carry your bag in style.  Fold a scarf into a long rectangle.  Tie a simple knot around the handle.


This is one of my buddies at work. She just stands around looking good all day in her size 4 jeans and no body fat, while I do all the work. She takes her job pretty seriously, never complains, but hardly ever smiles.

I will be back here tomorrow with another give-away and idea on how to bring a little bit of spring into your life.

8 Ways to Tie A Scarf that you haven't seen before.


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    1. Hi Nancy – I am not sure why you couldn’t view the video and why it kept reloading. It could be something interfering with your internet connection or something else. I am not sure. I just opened my site on an iPad using Safari and the video played. If you haven’t gotten it to play yet, maybe clear your cache on your iPad and try again. Wish I knew how to make it work for you.

  1. Snow over the weekend, sunshine yesterday, and today they are calling for more sunshine. That is what sping is like in Mo.

  2. Thanks so much for the scarf ideas. I am definately scarf challenged….now I’m motivated to wear a scarf more this spring! Looks like you have a great selection at the store.

  3. The first days of spring have brought me SUNSHINE! It’s so uplifting after such a cold, rainy winter!!!

  4. The first days of Spring means I can finally come home and see my grandkids! We’v been hiding out down in AZ. waiting for spring to hit at home. Whoopee!