How to Make Towel Slipcovers for Outdoor Chairs

These two chaise covers have been patiently waiting for a make-over since last summer. They are faded, ripped, and too short for the chairs.  If you have outside cushions you know they can get beat up pretty fast, especially if they are left outside rain or shine.   I had a plan to re-do them, but just kept putting it off as they were still functional, just not pretty anymore.  I got by with them by just placing a beach towel over the cushion when ever I wanted to sit on one.  These are right by our pool so we are usually wet when we are sitting on them.  This gave me the idea to make slipcovers for them out of white beach towels.  I wanted to them to be spa like -serene and relaxing – plus easy to care for.


Chair cushion makeover

How to  Make Towel Slipcovers

The transformation began when I added length to each cushion. I cut an old bed pillow in two, length-wise.  I then had to cut each half of the pillow to fit the bottom of each cushion making them the same length as the chairs.  I then pinned the pillow to the chaise cushion and using my sewing machine sewed them together.

Chair Cushion Makeover

I found thick, fluffy, white beach towels at a local discount store called, Ollie’s for a few dollars a piece.   Each chair required two and a half towels.  I looked at the fabric store for white terrycloth but it was $6.99 a yard and skimpy feeling, so I was happy with my towel find.   I washed the towels in hot water for shrinkage and to get rid of extra lint.  Then they sat in my studioffice for about 5 weeks.

Once I got motivated to get this project done, I got right to work.  The cover is made up of 3 pieces – top, underside, and a flap.   I started out by cutting out the top section.   I placed the chaise cushion on one towel to make a pattern.  The towel was shorter and much narrower  than the chaise so after I cut the long side off, I then used that excess towel and sewed it to the top to add the length I needed.  ( I made sure I placed the already finished hem of the towel at the top of the cover.  Why have to sew more, right?  If your towel is long enough you can skip this lengthening step.

Chair cushion Makeover

Once I had the correct length, I cut the second towel the same way I did for the top piece to use  for the underside of the cover. Once they were both cut out and the same length,  I then placed the right sides of the top and underside pieces together and pinned and sewed the two sides and bottom together.  Basically, I made a long pillow case.

Outdoor Chair Slipcover tutorial made from a towel

Outdoor Chair Slipcover tutorial

I turned it right side out.

Outdoor Chair Slipcover tutorial

and straightened and smoothed it out.

Towel Chair Slipcover

I cut the 3rd towel in half width-wise and had each end monogrammed by a local monogram shop my area.  The monogram is 4 1/2″ high.  Cost was $14.00.

How to make a monogrammed chair cover

This monogrammed piece is for the “flap” section of the slipcover.  I measured and cut this piece to fit the open  “back” edge of the cover.  Since I had to cut the towel to fit – I had to hem each side of this flap piece.    Then I sewed the right side of the flap to the right side of the underside piece.

Outdoor Chair Slipcover tutorial


Simple, spa like, easy to remove, and washable slipcovers.

How to make an outdoor chair cover with a towel

This photo will give you a better idea on how I constructed them –  The cover looks like a long pillow case with a flap.  If you look closely you can see the seam where I had to add the excess towel to the end to add length.  Once the flap is over all the way it hides this seam.

How to make an outdoor chair cover

Flip the flap over the top of the cushion.

How to make an outdoor chair slipcover

When they get dirty, I can simply remove them to wash.

Monogrammed Towel Outdoor Chaise Covers

How to make an outdoor chair cover with a towel

I have the best hubby.  It has been really, really hot here – 102 and 103 the last two days.  I was outside frying,  trying to finish the covers and he brought me out an icy cold fun drink to enjoy for when I finished taking these photos.  He even added mint sprigs.  It was just what I needed.  He is the best and always thinking of me, but he is the one who needs some pampering.  He is such a wonderful, smart, and  responsible guy, but stressed to the max – as he was laid off many months ago when the economy went south.  He works so hard each and everyday networking and trying to find a new position or a business to start.  I wish I could snap my fingers and make the economy turn around so he and all the other people out of work can find jobs that they love.   We are trying to live as normally as possible and have wonderful family and friends who are super supportive.  It is my hope that we both can soon sit on these chairs and be totally relaxed celebrating his employment.


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  1. says

    I’m so glad you stopped by my blog so that I could find yours! You have such unique ideas. Your chaise slipcovers are so perfect by the pool and I LOVE your roladex project a few posts back….I’m adding it to my To-Do list!

    • says

      Hi Julie-

      You don’t need a pool, the terrycloth is the perfect outdoor summer fabric and great when it is hot out. If you are sitting on a chair in shorts. No more sticking to the cushions.

  2. says

    They are spa like! I love that you monogrammed them with our last initial too :) I actually was going to make a cover out of towels for the boat cushion. It gets pretty hot to lay on. It’s just oddly shaped. I love the way yours turned out.

  3. says

    That is the best idea! And they would wash up so nice, and you can bleach them!
    I love your sea shell valance too, really everything you have is so unique, and fresh.

  4. says

    This is the best idea EVER for loungers! I totally want to do this! I’m always dragging a mishmash of towels along with me when using mine because they just feel the nicest to sit on. Brilliant! Love the white, they look very luxurious. :)


  5. says

    Hi Diane,

    These look fabulous. I would love these by our pool. I’m glad you guys take time to relax and I look forward to when you can fully relax in those chaises as you intend. In the meantime know you are not alone (something I often dislike hearing), but I am there and my brother was laid off a year ago. There’s something about relaxing outside (and a pool) that brings some fun though!
    :) Sydney

  6. says

    I love how you figured out how to make thechaise slipcover with the clever flip over flap! The monogram was genius. I hate that I threw out my old chaise cover just cuz it was faded. Duh. I spent $40 on a new one and I coulda had a spa cover. Grrr.

  7. says

    Absolutely love those covers! I am definitely going to give this a shot. Regarding your sweet hubs, mine is in the same position for the past 14 months, after 30 years in the same industry. He has decided the jobs aren’t coming back and he has been struggling to get a business of his own off the ground. We too are moving along as normally as possible but I think this will be the new normal for many. Not all bad, just different. We are enjoying his being home instead of traveling and he is much less stressed. We have even set up an office together as I am working now too, to help take up the slack. (I was a spoiled SAHM :) I think it could end up being a blessing as it gives us a whole new outlook on life. What was the old saying, “The rat race is over and the rats won”? Well they can have it! Hang in there and enjoy each moment. Hugs, Pam

  8. says

    This is wonderful Diane! It took me getting to the end to say {out loud}, “Oh, I see” for the flap portion with the monogram that you were describing. : ) Very clever and I like that solution! I hope things turn around for your hubby soon.

    • says

      Hi Kathy-
      I had planned to draw a few diagrams in the begining of the post, but just ran out of time. I will add some clarifications to help clear things up.
      As always, Kathy – thanks for leaving me a comment.

  9. Heather @ The Travelling Thrifter says

    I love these, I abosolutly LOVE these! I wish I had lounge chairs to do this too.

  10. says

    Excellent project and wonderful solution! Love the luxe look of the white terry and the monogram is such a stylish touch. If my lounge had a white terry cover like yours I’d be parked in it hours a day. Still, I’m going to try to make one, this just looks too inviting.

  11. says

    You are such a genius when it comes to these things! They look like a million dollars. It’s as though you’re at a fancy hotel swimming pool….I just love it. Bravo Diane! Hope you have a lovely weekend : )

    xx Katie

  12. says

    Love it, love it, love it. Although being a southern girl maybe I just love anything w/ a monogram. ;) ha! Please come link this up to Fabulous Friday, very interested in your blog…great style!

  13. says

    These slipcovers look so nice and crisp, and I love the monogram! What nice lounge chairs to have by your pool (so jealous of that, btw!). Best of luck to your husband as he continues his job search. I hope he finds something soon. He sounds like a wonderful guy!

    • says

      Hi Cara-
      Thanks for the comment. Things are looking up on the re-employment scene – but nothing finalized yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  14. Kim L says

    Love these! Oh I hope Ollies’s still sells these cheap! I have 6 lounge chairs! Unfortunately, mine are missing the cushions.


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