Mirror Makeover + Sparkly Branches for Christmas

Mirror Makeover Decorating-for-Christmas-

This post has 2 parts. The first part is how to make sparkly branches. The second part is how I painted the mirror so the  dark finish would not come through the white paint.  You will find that at the end of the post.

How to Make Sparkly Glittered Tree Branches:


supplies needed:

Silver spray paint | spray glue |white glue | glitter | clear Colorfill decorative accents (floral dept) | silver glitter | tree branches from your yard


Spray branches silver, let dry. Spray the branches with spray glue and then sprinkle silver glitter over the branches, let dry.

Christmas Decorating ideas using tree branches

To create the icy effect – use a paint brush to apply white glue along branch joints or where snow and ice would build up.  Press the clear Colorfill decorative accents into the glue. Let dry.

How to Paint a Mirror

Kilz recently launched a new zero-VOC primer, KILZ Clean Start, sold at the Home Depot and they asked me if I wanted to try it out.  Of course I said yes.  I am a big fan of Kilz and have been using the original formula for over 25 years.   I found out about the need for a good stain blocking primer the hard way. This successful mirror makeover was accomplished by using Kilz.

When Ed and I were first married we built book shelves in our family room and stained them. I didn’t like the way the stain looked – too dark and I wanted them white – so I painted them.  A few days later the book shelves were pink!!!  The stain bled right through the white paint.  I was young and this truly was one of the first DIY home improvement projects I ever did. Off I went to the paint store to find out what happened.  Kilz was recommended and I have been using it ever since.

Back in the summer I took part in the nationwide I LOVE Thrifting event.    I met up with area bloggers and we had a great day thrift shop hopping.  You can read all about it – I Love Thrifting Event.  This mirror is one of the items I picked up that day. It cost me $12.90.   I had no idea what I was going to do with it, I just liked the lines and knew I could use it somehow.  I recently figured out how and easily made it happen with Kilz Clean Start.

The satin sheen on the mirror picks up a bit of light which helps with the glow factor.  I am keeping my holiday decorating simple this year – Greenery, candles, and shiny ornaments only.  Oh… and ribbon, too.   I also love the fact that this mirror reflects my front door, sidelights, and transom – brings some life to the dead space.

Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas Mantels

Here is the Before picture of how this wall looked. It has always been a dead space.  I have never liked anything I have put here, until now.  The mirror fit perfectly above the piano – like it was made for the space.  I know the original color of the mirror would match the piano – but that would be way too dark for me. The piano – like 90% of the furnishings in my house is a hand-me-down.  I try my best to make them work with my style.  I consider this area my mantel.  The one over my fireplace has a flat screen TV and isn’t very pretty – so the top of the piano acts as my family room mantel stand-in.

Before and Aftger Furniture Transfomations Kilz-Easy-Start-Primer

Kilz Clean Start is like having 3 products in one. It is multi-purpose -a primer, sealer, and stainblocker, plus it is extremely low odor and has Zero VOC’s which makes it as environmentally friendly.  It can be used indoors and outdoors and can be cleaned up with water.  Love that!


Here is the mirror BEFORE. Kindii is new to the world of mirrors. It is funny watching her checking out her reflection. “Hey, I am looking… GOOD!”

Furniture Makeovers

I tried to remove the mirror from the frame, but it would not budge and I didn’t want it to break- so I left it in. I used painters tape to keep the Kilz Clean Start and paint off the mirror as much as possible.

Furniture Makeover using Kilz Clean Start Primer

When I opened the can I was expecting there to be that oil paint smell.  I was truly amazed that it had no smell at all.  No headache induced from any paint fumes.  It is a bit thicker than paint and I stirred it well.  I lightly sanded the frame using a fine grit sanding block.  You can buy them at any home improvement store. I cleaned off the grit with a tack cloth.

Kilz Clean Start Primer

The first coat went on a little sluggish, even with my Purdy brush that I love.  It didn’t glide-on as smoothly as paint does or the oil based original formula, but it covered very well even after one light coat.   The directions said to let it dry for at least 30 minutes before applying a 2nd coat. I had things to do and added the second coat about 3 hours later.  I was very happy to see that the first coat was still as white as snow.  No bleed-through at all.  The label says if you see a stain coming through to wait longer until applying the next coat. When painting any type of wood furniture – the joints that are hidden in the dark recesses of the wood suddenly show up. How to paint furniture framed mirror makeover

I filled in it with caulk before applying the second coat of Kilz Clean Start.

How to paint furniture

After letting the second coat of Clean Start dry, I painted two light coats of Valspar Bistro White in a satin finish on the mirror frame. It came out just as I had envisioned and no bleed-through at all.

  How to paint furniture


Here is how it looks at night.  All aglow and sparkly. Much better than the dark wood finish.


I needed hubby’s help to hang it. He is the musical one in the family so he is happy to see me doing something with this part of the room.  I am quite happy with how it came out. Having paid only $12.90 makes me love it even more!

Decorating-Ideas for Christmas Framed Mirror Makeover

If I am standing in my kitchen, the mirror reflects the clock that I recently brought up from my basement.  My Christmas tree is reflected in the doors. Wish I could get that Bokeh effect with my point and shoot.


The light reflected looks different in the morning, afternoon, and evening. My room almost looks blue in the late afternoon.

Holiday Decorating Ideas using things from nature

It is hard taking a photo of a mirror – it reflects everything – even my arm.

Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas Mantels

I bought these candles at the Pottery Barn outlet in Lancaster, Pa. I will post about that trip soon. Their scent – Arctic Pine – very nice – not overpowering at all.  My friend Charlotte bought a few, too.


Using the Kilz Clean Start was quick.  It made getting the white finish I wanted on the mirror frame -EASY! The clean-up took minutes.  As I told you, I have always been a fan of Kilz and Clean Start just re-enforced that for me. The only thing that Kilz could do to make the product better or even easier to use would be to have a “little magic painter man” hop out of the can when you open it who will do the priming for you.

Spray-Painted-Tree-Branches Decorating Ideas for Christmas

I have another faux mantel in my dining room. You can see how I decorated it last year:

My 2010 Christmas Mantel



  1. A Nanny Moose says

    What a beautiful transformation and display! I’m a little concerned for the piano itself though. It looks like it’s between 2 windows or a door and a window which would mean it’s on an outside wall. Ideally, pianos should be against an inside wall to protect the soundboard from damage caused by temperature fluctuations that occur with outside walls (that darn sun!). Putting it against an inside wall will also reduce the frequency of tuning needed and extend the life of your instrument. :)

  2. Diena Cameron says

    So sorry, i forgot which site i started on !? lol. Anyway your mirror, room, arrangement, tree are all beautiful. Love how the mirror turned out. Can you tell me what color your candles are ?? To bad you can’t leave everything up all year, lol

  3. says

    Thanks Diane. Sure is pretty. One other thing, i have never heard of clear Colorfil decorative accents until now. Could you explain alittle more about it ? Is it the clear little round blobs that are flat on one side and round on the other and you put them in your vases to help with the branches staying in place ? Thanks again. Diena

  4. says

    Hi Diena – The Colofil accents are little clear square cubes. They are made to be used in vases like you mentioned. I always like to find new ways to use products in other ways then they were intended. On the winter branches I made, they look like little pieces of ice.


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