Spray Painting Chic & FAQ’s

I have another little project for you today – it involves spray painting. The fast and easy way to transform anything in an instant.  I was just going to show you the before and after, but decided it was also a good time to answer some FAQ’s I receive about spray paint.


I found this tray at the thrift store for $1.90.  Below is what it looked like before I waved my magic spray paint wand over it.



Good shape and size, but it needed  a color boost to go with my turquoise rolling coffee table.


I was inspired by the colorful stacks of them they sell at West Elm.


With the help from a can of Valspar Gloss in Indigo Cloth, I was able to make my thrift store find look a bit more chic.


The hardest part was choosing what color to paint it.

I like lots of color pops against my white walls and furniture. Since I have been wanting to introduce navy into the mix, Indigo Cloth was the closest dark blue I could find in a spray. It was close enough, so I went with it. If over time, I change my mind – I can simply re-coat it using another color.

The great thing about spray paint – it is fast and easy and can transform just about anything in a matter of minutes.

The bad thing about spray paint – it has to be done outside and the overspray gets everywhere.

Spray Painting booth made out of a carboard box

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is how do I spray paint when it is cold outside?    Simple answer, I do it in my garage no matter what the temp – winter, summer, spring , or fall.  I made a cardboard spray booth to do all my spraying in after I got spray paint on Ed’s car.

It is so easy to make a simple, yet effective spray painting booth in your garage. Best of all it is free and it is simple to use and store.

  • Get a big box – big boxes that refrigerators come in are the best. Ask your local appliance store to save you one.  Set it up in your garage and then place the object you want to spray inside.  Then spray paint it.   The overspray gets on the inside of the box, not on the stuff in your garage.  You could also create a shield by opening two or more smaller boxes and duct tape them together like I did here, but it is best used for smaller items.
  • If you have an extra box or two – flatten them to make a large liner for the floor.


Small objects only need a small box.


I also like to use a box top to place items in.  You can find these in the box stacks by the check out lines at Costco or when you buy cans of dog food in bulk.    This allows you to carry the item inside to dry where the temps are better. Then you can collapse the spray booth right after using and pull the car back into the garage. No need to have to wait for it to dry before moving it.


To store your Instant Spray Booth: simply open the bottom to make the box flat and store it vertically against a wall and out of the way until you need it again.   When you need it –  just fold up the bottom of the box by tucking every other flap under each other so the box becomes an opened top box again.


To find the answers to the rest of the FAQ’s I receive about spray painting – click here  –  Spray Paint FAQ’s.  I have created a new FAQ page for easy reference. You will find it under “Paint Anything” in my navigation bar under my header.


I didn’t want to start any big projects this week since tomorrow I am off to Atlanta for 4 days to attend the blog conference, Haven. Come Monday –  I will be starting a really big project that I have put off far too long – kitchen floor sanding time for me.   Smile  Woo Hoo!


DIY Spray Painting Booth






  1. says

    I really do enjoy giving new life to bland objects. I recently did the same on a lamp.

    Spray paint can be tricky though. Just have to have a lot of patience with applying the coats.


  2. Sheryll & Critters. says

    Yes, I remember when you first told us about making this spray painting booth (because of Ed’s car) and even though it is warm almost all year here in Florida, it does rain occasionally (lol)….. so I must use my one car carport & not so much room. Also it is usually too much wind to not have the spray get on something outside… like my patio table. This is the perfect solution.

    Have fun at the conference…. I know you will be sharing all about it when you get the chance.

  3. says

    Paint booth=WIN! The floor of my laundry room in my basement is already multi-colored b/c I really tried hard to “spray on the lines” so to speak… and failed. Totally doing this!

  4. Ananasa says

    The change from the before and after is wonderful! We love your creativity and appreciate your inspiration!

    Ananasa.com- Home For Handmade

  5. Shell says

    I used a backdrop for a science project. Maybe a little more bucks, but it worked. I bought a three-sided one. I rent so have to be very careful where the paint goes when spraying on the porch.


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