Christmas in a Minute: Ornament Tree

Do you remember this ornament tree I made using a knitting needle?


Today, along with a group of other DIY bloggers, we are sharing Christmas projects that you can get completed in a minute.  This tree fits the bill. It is 1..2…3…easy!

Christmas Decorations in a Minute


supplies needed:

  • 14-inch knitting needle or a wooden dowel
  • collection of about 16-20 ball ornaments in various sizes:  4 of each size: large, medium, small, and miniature
  • flat surface


1. Hold the needle upright with the  knob end on the bottom.  Place the ornament hook of 4 large ornaments over the needle.  Arrange the balls so that they hold up the needle by themselves.


2. Add 4 medium size ornaments on top of the large ones.  They will automatically mold into the spaces between the larger bottom ornaments.


3. Add 4 smaller balls on top of the medium balls, then fill in the top portion with very small balls until the needle is covered.

As you can see – this can be done in a minute and if you ever want to use the ornaments for other purposes – they are still intact – no altering is needed.

In the tree I made in the first photo of this post, I used a tree topper to finish the top.  You can also use a star ornament.  To see my complete post and how to add variations…


….and how to make an optional decorative base for the tree using a ribbon spool – you will find the how-to in my original post: How to Make a Tabletop Knitting Needle Ornament Tree.

I had planned to post another project today, but over the weekend my computer crashed and I didn’t have time to edit my photos.  Life gets hectic, plans go awry,  time is at a premium – especially now until the end of the year.

If you are looking for quick and easy holiday decorating ideas, then look no further than the holiday projects shared in the Christmas in a Minute gallery below.






  1. Elaine says

    what a great and simple idea thanks will make some of these as I have loads of knitting needles ( a lot of single ones as their ‘partners’ have snapped ! )

  2. Girli Fitch says

    This is one of the easiest things I have ever seen. Only problem is we don’t have baubles with that little bit of wire on the end. I will have to work on something to complete mine. But it is a quick and wonderful idea. I imagine you can just reuse the needle when Christmas is over.
    I could tie mine onto the ‘tree trunk’ That would work a treat..
    Thanks and have a Merry Christmas.


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