How to Make a DIY Christmas Ornament Bowl Centerpiece

From Trash to Treasure:  How to use two unrelated objects to make a DIY Christmas Ornament Bowl Centerpiece for your home.

Back in our Pennsylvania home, I had a sideboard in my foyer that was usually the home of a big white urn filled with purple hydrangeas. At the holidays I liked to change it to something a bit more in tune with a winter theme and a way to display my collection of Christmas ornaments.

I found two odd ball pieces (a candle holder and a bowl) at my local Goodwill to take from trash to treasure and transform into this festive holiday ornament bowl. This project really got me excited when I realized the two odd-ball pieces fit perfectly together to create this festive ornament bowl centerpiece to display my Christmas ornaments.

DIY ornament bowl centerpiece

This easily falls under my favorite Christmas decorating ideas because of how easy and inexpensive it is.

Both the green candle base and the broken bowl that must have had a matching pitcher with it at one time cost me a total of $5.00. I knew with a little paint and glitter I could probably create something winter worthy to place in this prime space in my foyer.

I chose Rust-O-leum Silver and Gold Metallic spray paint because they produce a shiny finish that makes any object really look like metal.

materials needed to make an ornament bowl centerpiece

I love the way it turned out. If you haven’t mastered the art of spray painting yet, not to worry. Click here for some tips to get you started —> Spray Paint FAQs


supplies needed:

    • Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Gold Spray Paint
    • Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Silver Spray Paint
    • Opalescent Flake Glitter
    • White Glitter
    • White Craft Paint
  • 2 – 1” paint brushes
  • 2-part epoxy or strong glue to hold piece together
  1. Clean the objects with soap and water to remove any dirt and grease let dry.

thrift store finds -base and bowl to be used to create an ornament bowl centerpiece

2. In a well ventilated area, spray paint each piece silver, let dry.

base and bowl spray painted silver

The pieces look pretty good just like this, don’t you think? You could stop right here and have created a sought-after piece. But, I had a vision I wanted to accomplish.

3. Spray random areas with the gold spray paint, making sure to hit a few recessed areas with a few shots. This will add the two-tone effect, adding a bit of patina to the pieces. Let dry.

base spray painted with gold paint

4. Using your brush and white craft paint, paint over each recessed area and then quickly wipe off with a damp rag, leaving a bit of white in the recesses so the metallic finish still shows through. Let dry.

adding glitter to the base and bowl of the ornament bowl centerpiece

5. Paint the flat areas white a section at a time, and then quickly pour the glitter over the wet paint. Keep doing this until you have the entire piece covered in glitter. Let dry. Repeat this step, until you get the desired coverage and thickness for the piece you are working on. I left the recessed areas free of glitter as I didn’t want to lose the decorative metallic detail of the piece.

Holiday trash to treasure Christmas ornaments

6. Let each piece dry overnight. I chose to attach the pieces after I painted them because they were easier to handle separately. I used a 2-part epoxy to attach the base and the bowl together and filled it with Christmas ornaments.

finished diy ornament bowl centerpiece
closeup of finished ornament bowl centerpiece
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 Christmas Ornament Bowl made from thrift store finds

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  1. Suzie@SuziesView says:

    Just saw this out in Twitter. WOW how did I miss this post years ago? It is simply fabulous! Love your trash to treasures! I have displayed ornaments similarly before.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Suzie – Yeah…it is an oldie, but goodie. When I first started blogging, it was my most popular post. I am glad I reposted it and you found it. I have used it every Christmas since I made it. :-)

    2. You are so creative! The like this idea and the project turned out great. This is truly a keeper for many years to come.

  2. Sherry Newcomb says:

    I about died when I saw this today because I bought the same pedestal at my thrift store last week! I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but now I think I know!!! Thank you so much for the great tutorials!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sherry – It makes me so happy to know that my project has inspired you. :-) The ornament bowl was one of the first projects I made and blogged about. I have used it every holiday since. I think it is around 5. Enjoy yours.

  3. Lois Black says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your bowl with purple ornaments. What a CLEVER idea. You are amazing. Thanks for sharing a great idea!!!!

  4. Hi Diane
    I love everything on your site thank you!

  5. Tammy @ Not Just Paper and Glue says:

    Wow! This is fantastic and I sure do love anything that sparkles.

  6. Gayle From Southern Thresholds says:

    Love this technique! thanks for sharing with us

  7. ooh, glitter! it looks amazing! i love the two pieces attached together!

  8. WOW!! You had me at the silver. The glitter is absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much for linking it to Tip Junkie. You rock!

  9. Diane@inmyownstyle says:

    Thanks everybody for your wonderful comments. I am so happy that you found my project inspiring. I am new to blogging and your comments have really made my day. I hope to connect with all of you in the next few days.
    Thanks Diane

  10. At first, I was thinking… I hope she doesn’t leave it silver LOL
    I love what you did!!


  11. Those are beautiful! This is a great idea. I have never worked with the rustoleum metallic paint before. I have to try now!

  12. Wow what a wonderful resuse. thank you for sharing. Clarice

  13. Stephanie says:

    WOW! That looks fantastic! Thanks for linking!

  14. Stephanie Lynn says:

    Wow this turned out gorgeous! So pretty! Happy Holidays!

  15. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I never thought to mix the snow with the gliter!

    Thanks for the insperation!

  16. Hi Alicia I was excited at the Goodwill store when I saw that the two pieces fit perfectly together. I found the candlebase first and was thinking perhaps a plate could be added to it for a cake stand, but the bowl was perfect and the $5.00 price tag even better. Thanks for the comment. Diane

  17. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    Beautiful! You’d never know that was two totally different pieces! I love that the glitter makes it look like ice or snow on it.

  18. I love it. Looks original. Blessings, Debbie

  19. Wow thats really nice looking for cheap! I love it!

  20. Hey there… Your link was messed up on our party but I just fixed it. This is super cute! Thanks for linking!!

  21. Beach Vintage says:

    Wow, I have not seen this before. The effect is amazing. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage.

  22. Very pretty! I love sparkly objects! I can’t wait to see it soon!

  23. Hi Jane – My blog is pretty new and I am still trying to get some of the bugs out. Typepad changed a few things on my site today so hopefully in the future my link will work. I always love to check out new blogs. I love the play kitchen! I have two daughters who would have loved that when they were little!! Thanks for the comment

  24. I think your link is bronken at the Shanty to Chic party. I had to delete some of it to get here. But wow! That is beautiful. Amazing transformation.