Dream Vision of My Fitness Room


The hard work is done!  When you DIY to get things done, hard work is part of the job, but on the flip side – when you start to see the results of your labor – you do a happy dance.  Which is what I did this weekend.

Ed helped me pull up the nails, tacks, and carpet strips after I pulled up the carpet in the room that I am turning into a fitness room. I bagged it all up and placed in the trash. 

I swept the floor and vacuumed to make sure every piece of fiber, wood, and staple was gone so that I was able to put primer on the floor.  


What a difference a coat of white primer makes. Every surface now looks fresh and clean, except the ceiling fan that I plan to eventually paint. I will be posting a full tutorial on the steps I needed to do to paint the subfloor next week. 

I told you in my post last week that this room is going to be less about decor and more about lifestyle and my priority to work out every morning before I turn on my computer and start to work.

If I don’t work out first thing in the morning, I get busy with my daily doings or get too tired and don’t get around to it.  Watching my parents and Ed’s mom age, I know that you have to keep moving or you will lose your ability to move at all. I don’t want to get this way.  Daily exercise is the answer.  Taking the stairs instead of elevators, parking in the farthest spot away from the mall are some of the other things I do so that my body stays in motion.  


Remember the “BEFORE” ?

This room was previously my older daughter’s bedroom. It connects to my bedroom by what we named “the bridge”.  When it was her bedroom, she kept the door closed to the bridge most of the time. I now keep it open so it feels like an extension of my bedroom.  I like that I can see it as I roll out of bed in the morning.  It will greet me with its bright freshness and inspire to get right to it. I may have to go downstairs and make a cup of tea to bring back up with me first, though.  :-)  

I couldn’t find photos to show you my vision of how I want the room to look, so instead I gathered a few photos of the color I have in mind for the floor and items that I plan to put in the room. 


I want the room to be  minimal – only what is needed to exercise each day. Space, light, mirrors, fitness equipment, TV mounted on the wall for fitness DVD’s, window shades, ceiling fan, and a basket to hold a yoga mat and towels. In a few weeks, I will add some large colorful art canvases that I plan to make on the walls.  That is it – clean lined, fresh, uncluttered, and easy to maintain. 


I also want to take the minimal approach on how I will need to clean the room.   A vacuum or a damp mop to clean up any smudges. 


This week I will paint the floor a lovely shade of light blue. I can’t wait to show you when it is all done.  

Do you have a vision of a dream room in your head?  What kind of room would it be and how can you make it into reality? 


  1. Kate says

    I love its hygienic dispensing system. Great for a small and cramped dorm room, no more dirt and dust exploding while emptying.

  2. Michelle says

    I’m loving the lightweight feature! Cordless, too?! What’s not to love? My hardwood floors will finally get the cleaning they deserve. And my 1 year old will have nothing on the carpet to pick up and put in her mouth. And no more trips to vacuum out the car. And no more standing on a ladder to wipe the dust from ceiling fan blades. And…

  3. Phoenix N. says

    My boyfriend and I have an extremely small home. Our current vacuum was a hand me down given to us already broken. The Dyson’s DC59 Motorhead Vacuum would be perfect for us due to it’s lightweight and small size. Also it’s ability to vacuum hard and carpeted surfaces, as we have a mix of both in our home. Since space is prime we can place this vacuum on the door of our linen closet and not loose out on precious floor space anywhere else. Thank you for the opportunity to win ! I was turned on to your blog via pinterest and was attracted originally to the Planner Pad posts, but have found myself enjoying all of your other clever posts as well!

  4. Kelly A. says

    The cordless innovation, but still not lacking suction is huge! How easy it would be. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Mary Kabacinski says

    Love the cordless feature! I especially love cordless on the stairs. I also like the superior suction feature. With two beautiful golden retrievers I really need that! My goldens shed like they were 20 instead of 2!

  6. billie says

    I have rheumatoid arthritis, I also have 5 kids, 3 dogs, 1 cat, and a litter box trained chinchilla, which leaves me with a lot of love and a little dirt. Okay okay a lot of dirt. This means I spend more time with my vacuum then my husband. The DC59’s design features motorhead is centered toward the handle that would take a lot of strain from my hands, neck and back.

  7. Dory says

    I would love not having to unplug it halfway down the stairs and plugging it back in on the second level just to finish vacuuming the stairwell. Not to mention never having the cord get caught up on stuff!

  8. Kerrie Kuhn says

    I love that the Dyson DC59 is cordless, lightweight, balanced and so easy to use! What an awesome cleaning companion!

  9. says

    With 3 dogs, 4 cats, 2 hermit crabs and two Tween Girls allergic to everything, I vacuum a lot! This Dyson would save me so much time ) – and no more endless extension cord following me around the house!

  10. Julie Meriwether says

    Love the fact that this Dyson is lightweight, cordless, and powerful. I live between a mobile home and a travel trailer. This vacuum can go with me. (I left my big Dyson with my daughter who is living in our stick house)
    Dyson is a great product.

  11. sue says

    Trying to vacuum stairs with a regular, bulky vacuum is a challenge. The weight of the Dyson sounds like it would make this job much easier. Also, there are so many things that get dusty that are over my head, I would really put the dusting attatchments to good use.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Betty Lustila says

    I love the storage ease of the vacuum. Having cramped spaces like I do, this would be wonderful. Being Cordless is also a plus, I’m constantly tripping over either a dog who can’t leave my side or the cords from the vacuum to clean up the dog hair.

    I’m homebound and this would really help keep my house looking nice. Thank you!

  13. Denise says

    I love that it’s cordless and lightweight and you can turn it into a hand vac, absolutely amazing.

  14. Theresa says

    With 2 cats & 2 dogs I would LOVE the powerful suction. And being lightweight is always good for the “more mature” ones :-)

  15. Pascal says

    The easy lifting, cordless and the 3 times more suction features are the ones I would enjoy the most with the Dyson DC59.

  16. Valerie - Selling Homes in Philly says

    Great job, Diane! I was drawn to your very cute ceiling fan. How did you do that? I have a similar fan at home and I’d love to add color to its blades, too. So far, so good in making over the room. I can’t wait to see pictures when everything’s done!


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