Dream Vision of My Fitness Room


The hard work is done!  When you DIY to get things done, hard work is part of the job, but on the flip side – when you start to see the results of your labor – you do a happy dance.  Which is what I did this weekend.

Ed helped me pull up the nails, tacks, and carpet strips after I pulled up the carpet in the room that I am turning into a fitness room. I bagged it all up and placed in the trash. 

I swept the floor and vacuumed to make sure every piece of fiber, wood, and staple was gone so that I was able to put primer on the floor.  


What a difference a coat of white primer makes. Every surface now looks fresh and clean, except the ceiling fan that I plan to eventually paint. I will be posting a full tutorial on the steps I needed to do to paint the subfloor next week. 

I told you in my post last week that this room is going to be less about decor and more about lifestyle and my priority to work out every morning before I turn on my computer and start to work.

If I don’t work out first thing in the morning, I get busy with my daily doings or get too tired and don’t get around to it.  Watching my parents and Ed’s mom age, I know that you have to keep moving or you will lose your ability to move at all. I don’t want to get this way.  Daily exercise is the answer.  Taking the stairs instead of elevators, parking in the farthest spot away from the mall are some of the other things I do so that my body stays in motion.  

Bedroom Before


This room was previously my older daughter’s bedroom. It connects to my bedroom by what we named “the bridge”.  When it was her bedroom, she kept the door closed to the bridge most of the time. I now keep it open so it feels like an extension of my bedroom.  I like that I can see it as I roll out of bed in the morning.  It will greet me with its bright freshness and inspire to get right to it. I may have to go downstairs and make a cup of tea to bring back up with me first, though.  :-)  

I couldn’t find photos to show you my vision of how I want the room to look, so instead I gathered a few photos of the color I have in mind for the floor and items that I plan to put in the room. 


I want the room to be  minimal – only what is needed to exercise each day. Space, light, mirrors, fitness equipment, TV mounted on the wall for fitness DVD’s, window shades, ceiling fan, and a basket to hold a yoga mat and towels. In a few weeks, I will add some large colorful art canvases that I plan to make on the walls.  That is it – clean lined, fresh, uncluttered, and easy to maintain. 


I also want to take the minimal approach on how I will need to clean the room.   A vacuum or a damp mop to clean up any smudges. 


This week I will paint the floor a lovely shade of light blue. I can’t wait to show you when it is all done.  

Do you have a vision of a dream room in your head?  What kind of room would it be and how can you make it into reality?

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  2. Valerie - Selling Homes in Philly says:

    Great job, Diane! I was drawn to your very cute ceiling fan. How did you do that? I have a similar fan at home and I’d love to add color to its blades, too. So far, so good in making over the room. I can’t wait to see pictures when everything’s done!

  3. The easy lifting, cordless and the 3 times more suction features are the ones I would enjoy the most with the Dyson DC59.

  4. With 2 cats & 2 dogs I would LOVE the powerful suction. And being lightweight is always good for the “more mature” ones :-)

  5. I love that it’s cordless and lightweight and you can turn it into a hand vac, absolutely amazing.

  6. Betty Lustila says:

    I love the storage ease of the vacuum. Having cramped spaces like I do, this would be wonderful. Being Cordless is also a plus, I’m constantly tripping over either a dog who can’t leave my side or the cords from the vacuum to clean up the dog hair.

    I’m homebound and this would really help keep my house looking nice. Thank you!

  7. Trying to vacuum stairs with a regular, bulky vacuum is a challenge. The weight of the Dyson sounds like it would make this job much easier. Also, there are so many things that get dusty that are over my head, I would really put the dusting attatchments to good use.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Julie Meriwether says:

    Love the fact that this Dyson is lightweight, cordless, and powerful. I live between a mobile home and a travel trailer. This vacuum can go with me. (I left my big Dyson with my daughter who is living in our stick house)
    Dyson is a great product.

  9. Allison Jordan says:

    With 3 dogs, 4 cats, 2 hermit crabs and two Tween Girls allergic to everything, I vacuum a lot! This Dyson would save me so much time ) – and no more endless extension cord following me around the house!

  10. Kerrie Kuhn says:

    I love that the Dyson DC59 is cordless, lightweight, balanced and so easy to use! What an awesome cleaning companion!

  11. I would love not having to unplug it halfway down the stairs and plugging it back in on the second level just to finish vacuuming the stairwell. Not to mention never having the cord get caught up on stuff!

  12. I have rheumatoid arthritis, I also have 5 kids, 3 dogs, 1 cat, and a litter box trained chinchilla, which leaves me with a lot of love and a little dirt. Okay okay a lot of dirt. This means I spend more time with my vacuum then my husband. The DC59’s design features motorhead is centered toward the handle that would take a lot of strain from my hands, neck and back.

  13. Mary Kabacinski says:

    Love the cordless feature! I especially love cordless on the stairs. I also like the superior suction feature. With two beautiful golden retrievers I really need that! My goldens shed like they were 20 instead of 2!

  14. The cordless innovation, but still not lacking suction is huge! How easy it would be. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Phoenix N. says:

    My boyfriend and I have an extremely small home. Our current vacuum was a hand me down given to us already broken. The Dyson’s DC59 Motorhead Vacuum would be perfect for us due to it’s lightweight and small size. Also it’s ability to vacuum hard and carpeted surfaces, as we have a mix of both in our home. Since space is prime we can place this vacuum on the door of our linen closet and not loose out on precious floor space anywhere else. Thank you for the opportunity to win ! I was turned on to your blog via pinterest and was attracted originally to the Planner Pad posts, but have found myself enjoying all of your other clever posts as well!

  16. hate lugging my big vacuum out for a quickie
    would love to have a light weight alternative

  17. I’m loving the lightweight feature! Cordless, too?! What’s not to love? My hardwood floors will finally get the cleaning they deserve. And my 1 year old will have nothing on the carpet to pick up and put in her mouth. And no more trips to vacuum out the car. And no more standing on a ladder to wipe the dust from ceiling fan blades. And…

  18. I love its hygienic dispensing system. Great for a small and cramped dorm room, no more dirt and dust exploding while emptying.

  19. I love that it’s balanced so I can use it on walls and upright furniture, not just floors! And I REALLY love the hot pink color!

  20. Tara De Palma says:

    Honestly, what feature is not to love! My favorite however, is the two Tier Radial Cyclones, which pick up microscopic dirt. Having a daughter and husband who can sneeze more times in a row than I ever knew was possible; I could use a little help. It would be such an improvement to be able to help control their allergies; which leave them sneezing, red eyed and a bit less comfortable than the rest of us. Could vacuuming be fun? I think this product looks like it would make it fun to vacuum!

  21. Hard to choose just one feature! Lightweight and cordless on the stairs would be awesome! No more tripping over cords and lugging the heavyweight vac around!

  22. I like the mufti-surface function of this Dyson!

  23. Lightweight, yay! Hardwood and carpet, YAY! Cordless, WHAT??!!

    Would love to try this vacuum! I have had a Dyson Animal for over 5 years and love it!

  24. Kieles Grandma says:

    I would love that it is cordless and lightweight.

  25. Leanne Wilson says:

    Because I simply love Dyson products! Their ease of use , awesome power, fantastic technology and they look good. But I like the cordless lightweight one the best!

  26. As a maturing retiree having tools that are efficient, light weight and portable is a must.
    Great design from a genius company!

  27. I like that it is lightweight, cordless and can go from hardwood flooring to carpeting . What an awesome feature!

  28. Susan Christy says:

    I like that fact that it can remove fine dust from hardwood floors – what a great feature!

  29. Pat Maddox says:

    I love the fact that it’s cordless and can be used to clean the car too!

  30. Gracious do we NEED this awesome Dyson!! We adopted two family members cats that passed within two weeks of each other..and, oh boy do we have lots of black cat hair that I am constantly trying to get up.
    There are many, many features I really like…I totally agree with the other posts that the lightweight/cordless is idea for getting from the floors to the ceiling with ease.
    But, two features I like even better..the higher suction power to get up that cat hair..AND the new technology (anti static thingy/ions) that can now pick up the dust on the hardwood floor sections of our home! Who new that the old machines left it behind. Cool innovation..thanks so much..our fingers and paws are crossed :)

  31. I love that the Dyson is balanced for easy cleaning from floor to ceiling.

  32. The feature I like most is that it is cordless & lightweight. Oops that’s two but who’s counting! ; )

  33. Jana Stephens says:

    Actually all of the features are something that I could definitely use. But if I have to choose one of my favorites, it would be the carbon fiber filament. With boys constantly coming into my house, I have footprints all over my hardwood floors. With this vacuum, I wouldn’t have to mop the floor so much and I could vacuum the carpet and go directly to the hardwood floors without having to change settings. This looks like an awesome cordless vacuum cleaner and something my husband could handle easily with his disability. Dyson is awesome.

  34. With hard surface floors, stairs, rugs, cat and sandy feet, who would not love this lightweight, cordless vacuum.

  35. CORDLESS!!! That’s one of my favorite features!!

  36. michelle rosgen says:

    I love using a Dyson….I love the bag less feature and cordless would be absolutely amazing!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this, my vacuum’s wheel just fell off and I can’t repair it.

  37. Shawna Agajanian says:

    There are so many things I love about the dyson…. I have tile downstairs and carpet upstairs so it would be great for that. I have a dog that sheds and a baby who will be crawling soon so I need a vacuum with great suction. It’s light weight…. I love Dysons and could go on forever! Thanks for the opportunity. Love your blog!

  38. Ashleigh Hall says:

    I love that it’s cordless and lightweight.

  39. Lori Hunt says:

    I would love any of the Dyson machines and never have been able to afford one. I do have 2 hairy dogs which is a huge problem. I am a pensioner and I have Multiple Sclerosis so it makes it difficult for me to go up and down stairs but especially while trying to haul a huge vac with a cord getting in the way. I have 3 cheap vacs now …. one for downstairs, one for upstairs and a hand held one for stairs. None of them work to the extent I think they should. It would be my dream to have a Dyson that I can use on both levels and the stairs! So I guess the thing I like the best about them is the versatility and weight. Thank you so much for the consideration!

  40. Beth Young says:

    I have a full size dyson and love it!! But the cordless feature is amazing would love to have to use in our camper!!

  41. Laura Goalen says:

    I have a Dyson Absolute that I have loved since day 1 over 6 years ago! But after having issues with back pain over the last 4 years, carrying a big bulky Dyson up and down the stairs was the last thing I wanted to do. I have recently had a surgery to correct the “issue” so I am good as new and a little more bionic!! When I saw a commercial for the cordless Dyson, I was in love again! To clean my stairs and rugs and hardwood floors without cords? What magical thing is this? The answer to every OCD’s dream!!, that’s what!! And if it comes in pink or purple, I’ll take two!! Cordless and lightweight with the suction Dyson is know for! Enough said!!

  42. Light-weight and cordless with real suction! How wonderful that would be! With a toddler, infant and two constantly shedding dogs in the house I honestly believe I would use this daily. I love my dyson upright but it is so heavy that it is a real chore to get it out for the little things or a quick sweep of the hardwood covered in dog hair and Cheerios :) this would be fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity to win it and good luck with your room and your daily workout plan. I’m envious of the space you have to dedicate to that purpose, maybe when my daughters are grown I can do the same :)

  43. Definitely that it is “balanced” so doing stairs or getting into those ceiling corners are easy!

  44. Jacquelyn Gilbert says:

    First I want to tell you how much I love your site! I stumbled upon it from Pinterest recently and love, love, love all your posts…..such an inspiration to me. Now, about the Dyson Motorhead……..2013 was a rough one for me but thank God I’m getting my strength back now but still need household cleaning appliances that I can manage and this vac fits the bill at only 4.9 lbs and from all reviews it’s amazing…..and I NEED it! May 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had double mastectomy, reconstruction, revision surgeries, and treatments which left me with less than normal strength in my upper chest and arms so managing my prehistoric weighty Hoover upright beast is a real challenge! The first time I used it after my mastectomy, I thought my chest was gonna blow off right in the living room…..oy vey!!! So, that being said, I would love, love, love to win the Dyson Motorhead….it would my my life soooo much easier and my house would be soooo much cleaner……hallelujah!!! Thank you! :)))))

  45. I need (maybe really want) the Dyson Motorhead. I would say my favorite feature is that it picks up microscopic dust. With having 4 kids this can come in handy.

  46. I love your vision for the fitness room. I am debating on whether I should convert my extra bedroom into a fitness room, but it is on the small side and don’t want to feel cramped in there…

    The Dyson Motorhead looks amazing! My favorite feature would have to be the fact that it is not only cordless but lightweight. I will have no problems vacuuming the hard floor surfaces downstairs and carpet upsairs!

  47. I never win anything but here it goes: The Dyson DC59 would work beautifully in my craft room. The docking station would be kept in the closet in the craft room, luckily there is an outlet in that closet. As all you crafters’ know – dropping needles and pins and tiny pieces of what ever it is you are working on is hard to pick up with your fingers. This DC59 with it’s super suction ability will pick up anything I drop. It’s center of gravity will make it easy for me to lift, it’s cordless feature will allow me to just grab and turn on. When I’m not crafting, I will be able to use it in other rooms where a quick vacuum is needed especially in hard to reach places. And who could go wrong with a 2 year warranty for parts and labor. Dyson you ROCK.

  48. Aimee Logan says:

    I would die for a Dyson Motorhead. Lightweight & Cordless would be such a treat for this girl! Vacuuming 3 floors of carpet at our studio is a tough task, even when you’re not 6 months pregnant.

  49. James Myers says:

    My dream space would probably be a man cave with lots of big leather couches and a large screen tv. I’d like the dyson because it is cordless and lightweight. My wife loves her regular dyson but it is too heavy to lug up the stairs and she cant use it to clean the stairs. This would be great.

  50. Erin Krumm says:

    My dream space is a well decorated master bedroom. The feature I love the most about the dyson is that it is lightweight yet very powerful. I need something that I can clean the stairs with easily and not break my back in the process!! Not to mention, its CORDLESS!!

  51. Linda Deline says:

    I love that you can go from carpet to tile to hard floor without changing anything. I have a cat who sheds a lot, and a dog who sheds a bit; it can be hard to keep up. I haven’t been able to afford a Dyson, and would love to win one. Thank you to Dyson for their generous offer, and to you for bringing it to us. God bless.

  52. I love the cordless feature and the fact it moves from hardwood to carpets!

  53. I think the ease of use is what is the most attractive aspect of the Dyson to me. I like the fact that it can manuver into tight spots on the floor but then be used on the walls and ceilings. This would be a fantastic item to win, thanks to you and Dyson!

  54. That it is lightweight and cordless!

  55. The cordless features is #1 and the suction of a DYSON is #2.

  56. Amy Gehner says:

    I couldn’t chose just one feature of this machine. My top two are the ability to go from floors to carpets and the suction. Having bristles for both the floor and carpet with the addition of great suction makes this lightweight vacuum ideal. I’ve only ever used machines in which you had to engage the bristles when you used it on carpet. Their performance on hard floors was always questionable. I would love to own this machine!

  57. Cordless and lightweight is what I’m looking for in a vacuum and one that transitions easily from carpet to hardwood!

  58. I’d simply love an all-in-one floor to carpet to stairs, lightweight, powerful vacuum cleaner
    that does what it is supposed to do.

  59. Nigeria Hunter says:

    I would most enjoy the portability and lightweight features. I am always on the go. I’m 23 years old and completing my last year in college. I have class, work, an internship, sorority responsibilities, and I hold VP positions for two organizations. I would love to use this to not only vacuum my new apartment (yayy!! it’s my 1st apartment ever!!) but also to vacuum my car.

    In most of my organizations, I end up driving the freshman around to various events because many of their parents don’t allow them to bring their cars since our school is in the middle of the city. My car floor is always collecting dirt.

    I also like that this is great for hard surfaces and carpeting. I would like to use this to vacuum my bathrooms since my hair is always shedding and leaves a huge mess. I could also use this in the kitchen to get little crumbs and dust. I could even see using this to dust various surfaces .

    This product really excites me and it would pretty much make my life to win this!!

  60. Mrs. S Fairchild says:

    You had me at dual functionality and lightweight!
    Seems perfect for women.

  61. My current vacuum is back in the shop again trying to get the agitator to run and the attachments never work especially when I try to vacuum the stairs. The Dyson Motorhead vacuum would be a wonderful addition to my cleaning routine. I have a dog, a cat, two teenagers and my husband to clean up after. It would be so nice not to have to lug a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs and only get a little of dirt off of the top of the carpet. It appears that the Dyson Motorhead would be lightweight to handle and the suction would remove all of the dirt and dander from my carpet. My daughters and I have year round allergies and to be able to remove the debris from my carpet would be such as asset.

  62. Jeanine @MommyEntourage says:

    I love the ease of use and how portable it is! Living in a modern-style condo with 2 steps of stairs with carpeting on them, my heavy vacuum is not my friend! This would make cleaning up after projects and my 2 kids so much easier and efficient! Thank you for a fabulous giveaway – fingers crossed!

  63. What I most admire about the Dyson Motorhead vacuum is the cordless feature as well as it being lightweight. Being a Dyson, I know it will work well so that is a given. I haven’t purchased a Dyson yet as I was waiting for something like this. I just bought a robot frisbee vacuum (you know the one) but I need to buy another vacuum for the stairs and overall use. I’d love to compare these two products up against one another and see if I really only need one vacuum. Pick me, pick me!

  64. I love that it is cordless and light weight. I would use it for our lanai…now when I drag our big vacuum out I always have to struggle with the cord going in the pool. Plus I need heavy duty with a big dog!

  65. Powerful cleaning of my tile floors.

  66. Kathy Kearney says:

    Cordless! I love cordless, wireless anything. My friend has this vacuum and raves about it, I tried it and I agree with her.
    Hope I win, its a great vacuum.

  67. We have three kitties and the Dyson Motörhead would make it so much easier to vacuum every day, especially on the carpeted steps up to our bedroom. It would also reach under our bed, which collects dust bunnies every day.

  68. I’d love a Dyson that can do hard wood floors!

  69. Love that it is cordless, light weight and can vacuum carpet and floors.

  70. I love everything about the DC59! My favorite features are that it is light enough to clean ceilings (I have high ceilings that seem to spontaneously acquire cobwebs) and that fact that it picks up microscopic dust particles, which would help my husband’s respiratory issues.

  71. I would love the cordless and lightweight benefits of the Dyson since I cannot easily carry our heavy upright upstairs to our second level. I am also impressed that the DysonDC 59 works on both hardwood and carpet. Terrific features.

  72. Pam clark says:

    I love everything about this machine. Perfect for my house, we have mostly hard surface floors with some area rugs, so I love that it reall does a nice job on the hard surfaces. Thanks for the chance!

  73. Christine S says:

    My favorite features of the Dyson DC-59 include its cordless capability, it switches between hardwood and carpet and is lightweight,

  74. Kateri Barr says:

    My daughter has one and loves it! I have carpet and hardwood so this vacuum, the Dyson DC 59, would be wonderful to have! I have the larger Dyson and LOVE it but really the smaller DC 59 for everyday and smaller jobs would complete my cleaning needs.

  75. I love the fact that it is cordless & light!! Nice to be used on another floor from where I have my other vacuum.

  76. jessica w says:

    first and foremost, I love that it is cordless and that it goes from carpet to hardwoods easily. The versatility in and of itself is one of the best features.

  77. A cordless dream to vacuum my hardwood floors! Thank you!

  78. Natalie Johnson says:

    I love that it is cordless & would be perfect for my stairs and my car!

  79. Allison Gregory says:

    The suction power that the Dyson brand is known for, made for a modern parent who needs cleaning power that is lightweight and can go up and down stairs, in corners, easily navigate hallways…. I would be honored to have this lovely machine in my home!

  80. It out cleans the competition AND doesn’t have a cord. That is amazing. I really, really, really need a new vacuum. And I really really really am afraid I am going to fall down the stairs with the monster I have.

  81. Like you, I have to haul out my vacuum and lug it up the stairs whenever I need to vacuum the second floor. In my case the vacuum I’m hauling out is a twenty year-old Kenmore canister that must weigh about forty pounds. The thing is a beast!! I would love a vacuum that is lightweight, portable and cordless, plus has the ability to do a great job on wood floors. Thanks for the giveaway, Diane. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that I win!

  82. There are three features that I would enjoy having. First and most important, it is lightweight. I have developed pain in my wrists lately (denying it may be arthritis) and my vacuum is heavy and I can’t vacuum for very long before my hands really hurts. Second, It empties out the bottom! I have to pull mine out and yucky stuff gets into the air and surroundings and I feel like I have to vacuum again! Third, since it can handle carpet and flat floors at the same time, I think it would do a better job on my tile. The dust and dirt tends to stay in the troughs between the tiles now. Thanks for this opportunity to win one! P@

  83. The Dyson DC59 is really appealing because it is cordless and lightweight, yet powerful. I too hate getting the vacuum upstairs from the downstairs, but these features would make it easier.

  84. Tashnuva Masud says:

    I love the fact that it is cordless and the fact that it being so lightweight, I can even ask my 9 year old to vacuum for me :D

    Mommy needs a break too!

  85. I’m drawn to the flexibility of the design. Being able to efficiently clean both hardwood and carpet on the fly isn’t necessarily unique. BUT, being portable AND efficient is unique! My studioffice is for sewing and is located waaay up on my 3rd floor. It has both hardwood and carpet tiles and threads/fuzzies stick like crazy on the carpet tiles and also get wedged in between the wood slats. I also have a large layout/cutting table that’s covered in heavy canvas and so the threads/fuzzies that need to be cleaned are located UP on that surface too. I’d love to have this machine dedicated to my 3rd floor so that I could vacuum both of the floor surfaces PLUS the tabletop surface in one fell-swoop—without the current hassle of lugging the 15+ pound canister vacuum, hose, and attachments up all those stairs and then needing to swap out multiple attachments in order to get the cleanup done efficiently! A quick and efficient clean up of both the low and high surfaces using this Dyson would free up more of my time to be the caretaker of the more important/creative details in life!!!

  86. I love your ‘new to you’ room! I don’t know why I’m always amazed what a coat of paint can do for a room, it looks so fresh and clean. Isn’t it fun to see your vision come to life? Good for you!

    I love the fact that the Dyson is lightweight and cordless. Our current vacuum is a heavy clunker, hard to use and with the most pitiful suction that it’s a shame to call it a vacuum. We’re closing on our new home this Friday, and with more floor space than our current home, I’m going to have to work harder to keep up with housekeeping. The Dyson makes it look easy! :)

  87. Having a fitness room is very pleasant. I never dreamed of having it. However, because of busy work, it was forgotten until now.
    After reading your article, I was reminded again that beautiful dream. I happen to still have one empty room. I want that dream can be realized.
    Thank for your article. Also some instructions.

  88. I love the fact that the Dyson DC59 is light weight and cordless with 3X the suction! Here in the Southwest, we have high plant shelves and hauling a full-size upright up there on a ladder is Comedy Central material! Thanks for the terrific giveaway!

  89. Vicky Wardlaw says:

    The fact that is lightweight and can be used high and low is fantastic!

  90. Plus for me is that it is balanced, light weight, and cordless. I am 72 years old and anything that makes life easier is good for me. My dream area would be my master bedroom. I am on a fixed income so winning this would be great.

  91. Jacquie Rourke-Bromley says:

    It being cordless. I live in a old farm house and have no outlets in the stairway halls and have to use an extension cord. Getting to the top of the stairs and having to go back down, to carry the cord back upstairs, to finish the job, is for the birds! I’d rather get my exercise in a Zen like exercise room the lugging a vacuum around! lol!

  92. Elizabeth G says:

    I like that it is cordless and has 3x the suction of other similar vacuums. Oftentimes smaller vacuums aren’t as good in the suction department. Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. I love that is has powerful suction for hardwoods AND carpet! Your room is going to be such an asset to your health – congratulations.

  94. Lauren Scruggs says:

    Dyson makes a good product. Their desire to enhance their product by offering multiple features makes it even better. All of these features are desirable-as they appeal to ease of use combined with effectiveness.

  95. Jamie Mayhew says:

    Love that it is cordless no more running from outlet to outlet to do the job :-) also love that is is lightweight for doing stairs :-)

  96. Charlotte Schneider says:

    I would LOVE to have the Dyson DC59, because it is cordless and so light weight. What a boone to the busy homemaker!!!

  97. “ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE” is what I love about this vacuum. The fact that you can take it, untethered, anywhere in the house and you can vacuum, everywhere, without switching attachments… well, what else would one need? I might even induce the hubs into vacuuming the basement! The versatility makes it lust-worthy.

  98. I love that I can carry my toddler in one arm and use this magic wand in the other since it’s so lightweight!

    I’d be the cleaning fairy godmother ;)

    Bipidee… Bopidee… Boo!

  99. It’s kind of hard to choose ONE feature because I think this ticks all my boxes. But I like its small size and the fact that it will convert to an even smaller unit.

  100. Cordless and rechargeable! I have stairs and 4 kids I can’t imagine how nice it would be to have something like this…. Oh and cleaning in the car!

  101. The easy emptying is the best – none of that messy business of carrying a dirt cup to the trash!

  102. I have to say you are brave .
    To paint a wooden floor is a big step.
    I would have hemming and hawing in my brain.
    To do it and then not like it. Ooh the expense of sanding and varnishing the floors again. And that is a big if it is possible due to how many times before it has already been sanded.
    About the Dyson vacuum cleaner.
    I wrote in yesterday and I am confused as to why I do not see my comment there today.
    I know that Dyson is one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market. I love that there is no need for a bag.
    Just open and deposit the dirt. For me having a vacuum charged up is to my advantage as I have many stairs in my old house and out lets are far and few.
    I also have a habit of adopting dogs. Presently we have three. I am a bit of a clean nut so keeping my house clean and tidy is important to me. This would make my life a bit easier as pulling along a regular vacuum
    Is awkward and heavy on the stairs. I have bought other brands but they do not last very long.
    They break and are not very powerful. So please consider me. I would appreciate this very much.

  103. Lightweight for sure! That’s thing about vacuuming, we would all do it a lot more if they were not so heavy! That’s my excuse anyways. I really do enjoy it after I vacuum but I hate even starting because it is so heavy to haul around.

  104. I love that it is pink, my favorite color. I like how it is cordless, my old vacuum is canister style and hard to maneuver, but most of all, august 18th is my birthday and this would be the best present. Thanks for the give a way. My fingers are crossed!

  105. I think your white (primered) floor looks just great! That 3 minutes of extra cleaning boost is magical!

  106. Fritzy Dean says:

    The lightweight Dyson sounds like a dream come true.! Lightweight and powerful, too! I would LOVE to own this excellent vacuum. I believe the ease of use would help me a great deal, as it is hard for me to push my regular vacuum. As a senior citizen, I find many of my regular household items harder to manage. Good luck to all of us eager readers.

  107. Teresa Faulk says:


  108. The features I would enjoy most are 1. lightweight 2. mini tool and 3. it’s pink.

  109. Light and powerful hardly come together, except for a Dyson.

  110. I love your in-the-works workout room, and would love to the win the Dyson cordless vac! The best features for me would be LIGHTWEIGHT and CORDLESS. Anything that helps me to keep my new wood floors clean, I need!

  111. I can’t wait to see the room when it’s finished. As for the Dyson, my favorite feature, without a doubt, is the suction. I don’t know that anything will make me like cleaning, but something that makes the job go a little faster, and get done a lot better, will make me hate it a lot less.

  112. Kathleen R says:

    I love that the Dyson is light weight and cordless. This would be a great vacuum to have!

  113. I’m most impressed with the balance, attachments, and easy empty dust bin. The cordless powerful vacuum doesn’t hurt either. My current vacuum is wimpy and a bit hard to handle, so I would really love to have this one to use.

  114. the Dyson DC59 would be great to help me with the stairs in my home. We have an 80 pound dust producer (our family dog named Bear) and the stairs are the hardest to keep clean! Thanks for the inspiration for a fitness room!

  115. Bridgett Prater says:

    I would love to not have to find a plug every time I want to use it….This looks like a great product. Thanks for the
    give-a-way and I hope I win!

  116. Cheryl Lykins says:

    Hope I win, it would be such a big help, with my Neuropathy running the sweeper is killer for me. So this lil sweeper can do the work for me:) Good luck to the lucky winner:)

  117. Cheryl Lykins says:

    This is the greatest invention ever…Hope I win, I never win anything. This Dyson DC59 would help me SO much, with my Neuropathy, I can hardly run a normal vacuum. it’s so hard on me..But a Dyson DC59 would be a life saver:) Good luck to the lucky winner:)

  118. Linda Swanson says:

    My daughter just purchased one and loves it!! I would love one too!!!

  119. Heike Woolard says:

    Lightweight and cordless all in a Dyson package. You can’t ask for more if you ask me. Amazing giveaway!! :)

  120. So many things to like, especially when comparing to what I currently use. I think the fact that it has “powerful suction in a lightweight package” does it for me. Couldn’t ask for more!

  121. Let me first say I’m a Dyson convert. Eight years ago after going through three (3!!!) vacuums in short succession, my frustration was at a boiling point, and we invested in a Dyson Animal. I remember saying out loud to my dog, whose hair adorned every surface, “this is Brilliant!” And continues to be today. However…an updated model which has 75% more brush bar power, and is lighter and cordless would allow me to donate my trusty Animal to our daughter and her fur baby, and keep the Motorhead for the endless stairs in our tri level, fur and dander-laden home!

  122. Caroline Riley says:

    I love that you can lift it up to clean the ceiling easily. We sale aus have those icky spiderwebs on the ceiling and they are such a pain to get to!

  123. J Peterson says:

    I love the fact that the Dyson DC59 Motorhead is cordless and lightweight. With back and knee issues, this would be much easier to use than the one I have. Thanks.

  124. I like that I could take it outside and vacuum
    the car.

  125. My husband has asthma, and our entire upstairs is carpeted. It would be great to have the Dyson upstairs in my house to make it easier to vacuum the bedroom daily. That way our heavy vacuum could live downstairs. Thanks!

  126. I have a long haired cat that, while shedding, is the bain of my existence. Of course, he hangs out in one of the two rooms that are carpeted, so I would love it for the quick convenience of just taking care of the one floor, rather than squinting my eyes and pretending I don’t see it.

  127. Diane, I enjoy your blog and am a frequent reader. I wanted to let you know that for several days now there is an annoying pop-up ad (a grey bar from Fine Art Services) on your blog site that appears directly over your text. No matter how many times I hit the “X” to close it, it comes right back. I knew you’d want to know so you could block it. I’ll never understand why advertisers haven’t figured out that the more obnoxious the ad is, the more likely I will ignore their products!

  128. I love the lightweight and cordless features and the fact that I would be able to clean my stairs almost effortlessly.

  129. Ok! I am going to get a power outlet in my closet so I can hang it and let it recharge. So I can sweep really quick when my friends call to say they’re on their way over! Gotta love a product that is functional and offers up a storage plan!!

  130. Cordless would be a godsend!

  131. I love the cordless feature and that it is lightweight!

  132. Calla Smith says:

    The cordless feature and the lightweight would encourage my school age kids to actually vaccuum for their mother.

  133. I love the cordless feature! And Lightweight. Hopefully it’s quiet too.

  134. Desaree Martin says:

    The cordless feature won me over!!

  135. Kelley Bondurant says:

    With two small children and a large dog, a cordless vac would be wonderful for quick clean up. Especially after snack time or anything involving glitter.

  136. *I like that the Dyson DC59 Motorhead is lightweight and cordless.

  137. lorrie ann says:

    not dealing with a tangled cord following me would make it go so much faster!

  138. We have been looking for a vacuum for our children to use to vacuum our stairs. The 24 minute battery and not having to worry about the cord would be awesome. Love the direction of your room and the ceiling fan. Do you have a source?

  139. Carol Duell says:

    Really sleek and cool. Easy to store and appears very versatile to meet all those hard to vacumn places. Dave would love it!

  140. Helen Phelps says:

    My favorite part…that it can be used on hardwood floors!!! We just moved into a house that has them and I’m beside myself not being able to vacuum the floor properly! Also, love that it’s cordless!!! So want one!!! Thanks for the chance to win one!!! ~H

  141. this is an awesome machine! would make so easy to tote around the house and to maneuver in those tight spaces! also looks lightweight…the bathrooms are always awkward spaces to work in with the upright that i currently have…what a pain! this would be so much easier and it’s a DYSON!!!!!! enough said

  142. Love that it is so lightweight – especially for the 30 stairs I have in my house!!!

  143. Natasha G says:

    This would be perfect to use on the stairs. Love that it’s powerful and CORDLESS!!!

  144. Sue Wheeler says:

    Great because it can go from carpet to wood floors and of course cordless!!
    Love the new exercise room!

  145. I love how portable it is without the cord! Could get the house free of dust bunnies in no time!

  146. Cordless is my absolute favorite feature! I would love a cordless Dyson!!

  147. The fact that it’s cordless and doesn’t lose suction are the most tempting features. I hate searching for an outlet – especially when it’s a supposed to be a quick clean up!

  148. Love that it looks so lightweight and can still go straight from carpet to bare floors! Features to even get small family members involved in the process of keeping a home.. important lesson :)

  149. Laura Bervig says:

    I love that the center of gravity is near the handle so it’s easier to lift and that the bristle bar has a motor so they can get deeper into the carpet to help remove even more dirt!

  150. I love that it’s cordless and lightweight & powerful.

  151. Janet Schield says:

    Several of my friends have Dyson’s and have raved about them, now I see why! The light-weight cordless design has me sold, I always have to ask my husband to do the stairs with our ancient heavy vacuum, so obviously the stairs don’t get done as often as I would like. I need this Dyson !!!

  152. Wilma Turetzky says:

    The Dyson vac looks awesome! I particularly like the fact that it picks up microscopic dust. I live in an awfully dusty area and it would seem that this vacuum cleaner would go a long way in relieving mine and my family’s allergies.

    Please enter me in your drawing for a free Dyson. Thanks very much.

    I am so glad I found your website and column. I enjoy reading about your renovating. Your exercise room will be fabulous.

  153. My favorite would be that it is light to do stairs and to carry up and down stairs!

  154. Melissa Leach says:

    My fav feature is the abilityt to use easily on the floor then to the steps and then the ceiling with no cord…opps, two favs.

  155. Kathy Barte says:

    I love that it is light enough so I can reach up over my head to get the top of the doorways and cobwebs.

  156. I love that it’s lightweight and cordless!

  157. I love that it is cordless! It would be so easy toget around the hosue with it!

  158. Katherine Thompson says:

    I love that it is cordless so I can keep going through out the house with out stopping to unplug, wrangle cords, and then replug.

  159. Melissa B says:

    I would love to win the DC59 Vacuum because it is light weight and works across carpet and hardwood floors.

  160. I live the fact that you can use it on carpet AND hard surfaces! And being able to charge and hang it on the wall is definitely a plus.

  161. I would love a cordless vacuum! That would be a dream come true for our 3 story house!

  162. I have been longing for a cordless vacuum that really works, for doing quick pickups of hair from the bathroom floor. This would be a dream come true!

  163. I love that it is cordless…I am always tripping over the cord and pulling it out of the wall!

  164. Joan Toner says:

    I have a large dog, a 150lb Newfoundland with lots of hair, so a cordless Dyson would be the best!

  165. I love the cordless feature as well as all the extra tools it comes with! Looks like the perfect little vacuum for me.

  166. Lightweight, cordless, powerful cleaning and superior engineering design……what more could anyone ask for. The weight is especially important to me with a bad arm. Dyson products are just plain excellent. Good luck with your room renovation. CR

  167. Beth Sharick says:

    I currently own one that rhymes with “park” but find it very heavy. The fact that this is so lightweight would be such a great help to so many people. I developed tendonitis this year, this product could help so many people that do not have a lot of strength in the arms and hands.

  168. annainternational says:

    I have to pick just one feature?! Its going to be tough! My housemate just moved out and took her (my) beloved Dyson with her and since I’m saving for a house I can’t afford to replace it right now, winning one would be a dream! The best feature would have to be the stiff bristles, good for extracting pet hairs from carpets and fabric, and as it is lightweight I could even lift it up to clean the perma-hairy sofas too! Crossing my fingers so badly for this!! :-)

  169. I would love the cordless feature!

  170. I also love that it’s light weight, cordless & it’s colorful too!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. I love the fact that it is cordless! As I move from room to room, it’s a pain to run back and pull the plug. I’d love to win!

  172. I hate flipping the cord this way and the that way so the cordless feature thrills me. And my arthritic hands are yearning for a lightweight vacuum. This could be the vacuum for me!

  173. I love that it’s lightweight and cordless.

  174. I like the cordless feature — I’m sure that helps make it a bit more lightweight as well. Having a rechargeable vacuum that I could use anywhere, including where there isn’t an outlet, would be fantastic!

  175. Lori Brown says:

    I love that it has a lot of suction and the color is pretty too. The floors to my entry way get dirty on a daily basis with kiddos coming in and out. This would be a perfect solution because its cordless and not so cumbersome to pull out and clean with.

  176. Lightweight and Cordless are the features that I would most like!

  177. I love the fact that it is cordless and that the dust is contained, more than I can say for my 27 year old vacuum!

  178. Elizabeth H says:

    So great that you have the space for an exercise room, and it will be wonderful when finished. Love the lightweight Dyson. Dyson can’t be beat. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  179. Can’t wait to see the finished room!

    The stairs!, I would love the dyson to do the stairs.

  180. Cheryl Comito says:

    I love that the Dyson DC 59 is light weight. Just like you, hate lugging my current vacuum up and down the stairs!

  181. Just found your blog (saw you in Better Homes & Gardens magazine). Love reading about your projects and enjoying your creativity. I’m collecting alot of ideas. Now, about that vacuum….love that it’s cordless AND lightweight. I’m a small person and anything that makes the job easier, I’m all about it.

  182. Beverly Williamson says:

    I love that it outcleans without a cord. The light weight and wall-hung docking station are outstanding features, too.

    Your fitness room looks totally energizing already!

  183. Ann Marie @ white house black shutters says:

    I love that it is lightweight! We have (and love) a Dyson, but it can be difficult to lug up and down stairs. Thanks for the giveaway, I’m excited to see your progress on the room.

  184. I love the max mode feature, and that it’s lightweight.

  185. Love that it is cordless! My dream vacuum

  186. Melissa Forsythe says:

    I like that it’s cordless.

  187. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Cordless and lightweight sounds pretty good to me! Lugging a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs is a workout!

  188. Michelle B says:

    I like that you have the option to use different attachments, but cordless is the BEST!!! By the way, your exercise room is looking great :)

  189. I like LIGHTWEIGHT for those of us with a bad back and not having to give up on the power. Thank you for all the good information.

  190. Love the portability!

  191. “Cordless” and “microscopic dust” I’m sold. Perfect for a meticulous cleaner like me.

  192. I have scoliosis which is worsening as I age. I can’t move furniture with impunity the way I used to, hang heavy pictures, or push a heavy vacuum around for more than a few minutes at a time, much less haul it up and down stairs. So, lightweight would be fabulous. Of course, it needs to work well, or what’s the use? :-) And sounds like this one does!

  193. I love that the Dyson is cordless and so portable. I have carpets and hard floors, so I can use it everywhere.

  194. Love that it’s cordless and powerful

  195. you really are an inspiration of boundless energy DIane. I Love its airiness and LOVE the fan stripes – suits my little quirky side.

  196. First of all….I am loving your exercise room! Can’t wait to see the final results! This Dyson looks amazing to me because we live in a quad level home with three sets of stairs!!!! This is light weight….which would be a dream (not having to carry a big ole heavy vacuum up and down all those levels!!!)

  197. Love the fact that it is cordless and lightweight!

  198. There’s so much to love about this vacuum! For me, the fact that it is lightweight is hugh….and cordless is pretty wonderful too. I might even enjoy using this vacuum! That would be great!!

  199. My favorite feature is that it’s cordless, meaning no longer tripping over and tangled cords! If I had it I think I might even look forward to cleaning floors !

  200. I love that it can be used across various surfaces. I have it all in my house : carpeting, hardwood, laminate, and tile. One vacuum for everything is a dream come true! Thank you Dyson!

  201. Lightweight is the key for me! It would make cleaning the stairs so much easier.
    Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway Diane!

  202. Jessica kendall says:

    I love the fact that the Dyson is so lightweight. I have hip dysplasia and I currently have a shark that I really like but hauling it up and down stairs hurts me a lot. I would love to be able to clean my upstairs and my car with little effort so that I may enjoy my kids more!!

  203. Lightweight and powerful, what else can you say?

  204. Nothing better than it being a Dyson with all that power and best of all~~ it’s LIGHTWEIGHT!!!

  205. Suzanne Webster-Lowrie says:

    My favorite feature is that this model is cordless! Plus, and this is a biggie… it is light-weight! My vacuum is on its last legs and is so heavy I can’t wait to get rid of it!

  206. I can’t possibly list all my favorite features. It’s absolutely amazing and I need it!

  207. Carol Lawrence says:

    oh if only…a clean car, clean..er steps, and quick clean up around the table when our grandbabies dine with us!

  208. staci torgerson says:

    I love my 7 yr old Dyson but I don’t like the weight of it nor the fact that it’s hard to vacuum under the bed. This one is light weight and easily goes under low furniture which I love to clean once per month.

  209. I’d love the 24 min of cleaning time. Short enough not to interrupt my day, but enough to get the job done. Did I mention I hate cleaning/vacuuming?

  210. I love that it goes flat under furniture!

  211. Such a lightweight vacuum would be great for carting up and down the stairs of my home. I also love that I can use it on my hardwood floors as well as carpet!

  212. Lightweight, easy to use especially on stairs and kid and senior friendly. Looks like emptying would be a snap too. Would be great on our mix of old pine floor and carpet.

    Currently, my dream is to get my 14 year old her dream room. She has one wall chalkboard painted. She has old pine subflooring and a rug. Not the easiest to keep clean.

  213. Mary Grace says:

    The best feature is that it is a cordless Dyson!

  214. I think the best feature, as I am getting older is that the Dyson is lightweight, while still POWERFUL!!!!!

  215. Beckie Windell says:

    I love the feature of being able to use it in your car! Oh man, I have OCD with cleanliness in my car! This would be so helpful, put it in my garage and have it there for everyday use! Thanks for this freaking awesome giveaway In my own style and Dyson!!

  216. I’ve been reading quite a bit about this machine… I think what I love most is that they have completely reimagined the engine to make it lightweight and something you don’t mind dragging out of the closet. With twins, a dog, and a messy mate, I NEED this one! :)

  217. The best feature has to be the hygienic bin emptying. Every time I attempt to empty my old vacuum the contents of the canister end up on me and all over the floor.

  218. I like how it has a 24 minute charge. My husband and I are fixing up a lake camp and my dream room here will someday be the main gathering area. Would love one of these for the lake camp.

  219. I have wanted a Dyson for a long time. I like that it does both hard surfaces and carpet — my house has both.

  220. Cordless and lightweight!!

  221. Love the idea of vacuuming my car!! So need to do that – this may actually inspire me to do it! ;)

  222. Love that it is light weight and it is cordless. I have a animal dyson and just love it but would love to have the cordless one. They did not have that when I bought by animal one. Thanks for doing this.

  223. I like that it is cordless making it easy to use anywhere.

  224. Victoria S says:

    I love the colors:) Also the fact that there is no cord to run over,LOL.
    Would sure make it easier to clean the stairs.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful prize!

  225. How easy it makes it to do stairs!

  226. That it easily goes under tight spaces

  227. The lightweight design

  228. Hi Diane, I love your blog. I would really like this new Dyson because it is so lightweight. It would be much easier to clean our stairs! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  229. Sara Kapocius says:

    I love the slim and cordless design, with all the great Dyson features. It looks like the go-to vac.

  230. Beth Coburn says:

    Our home has 2 sets of stairs and converting it to a short hand held vacuum would make it so easy and no cord to deal with would be super. I think I’d clean my stairs a whole lot more. Or have my boys do it, they like cool gadgets.

  231. I like that it is lightweight and that it has more power than other cordless vacuums. Thanks for the giveaway.

  232. Barbara Davis says:

    As I am getting to be an “older senior” and have a two story house, this Dyson would make life much easier when it comes to cleaning. I hate lugging my main vacuum cleaner up the stairs to clean the carpeted bedrooms as my little lite weight vacuum that I keep upstairs just does not do the job. So I only use that one in the bathrooms on tile floors. I really like the features that the Dyson59 offers. Have never had an expensive vacuum cleaner before, but I would be willing to purchase this one, even if I’m not lucky enough to win one. Either way it would be a win-win situation. Thanks for the opportunity!

  233. Clearissa says:

    I absolutely love the ceiling fan. Very nice room.

  234. Rickee Dozier says:

    I esp. like the cordless feature so I can do stairs w/o hurting myself! and furniture and vents, and lamp shades and picture frames. I love that it is as powerful as full size vacuums b/c the stairs get as messy as the flat rooms, b/c we have a big dog. I really like the easy cleaning technique – it doesn’t look like I’ll get all dirty! Now, since I”m a bit older, the light weight of it will be helpful – my back won’t hurt for days after using it!

  235. Beth Ingersoll says:

    I like that it will go floor to ceiling and has a pushbutton for dumping the dirt. I have 3 boys, a husband and 2 dogs–I need this!

  236. Lynn Freeland says:

    Definitely the cordless feature! I have one large room that I need to change plugs 3 times to finish with the too short cord on my Eureka vac!
    Thanks for the ‘giveaway!’

  237. Love the lightweight feature. Also love that it can clean hardwood floors and carpets…great for my open floor plan.

  238. Patricia Pinkston says:

    As an allergy sufferer and asthmatic, I love how it picks up the microscopic dust and doesn’t let it back into the air.

  239. I love that the dyson cleans carpet and hardwood!

  240. Tammy Randall says:

    I like that it’s lightweight and I really like the bin emptying feature. I dislike bagless vacuums that create a bigger mess to empty than you started with!

    You are inspiring me to start a daily exercise routine and to clean up my eating habits. Keep up the good work!

  241. Barbara P says:

    I love the fact that is cordless, lightweight, yet still has tons of power!!

  242. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Man is your room looking great, just as it is….. all white…. so clean and fresh…. and bright and airy looking. I can barely wait to see your blue floor. You know I purchased a Martha Stewart Paint Finish Kit from Home Depot and I love all the tools. I really love the faux bois the best and for my bedroom floor. YEP!

    Oh that Dyson sounds too good to be true. Light and space saving and powerful suction, plus cordless? Be still my heart. I don’t know if I told you, but Shadow Poodle Daddy not only chewed my shoes, but the window ac cord and the vacuum cord AND the dinette chairs. And he was already grown too!

  243. Shelley Impson says:





  244. The fact that it is lightweight would make it so much easier to do my stairs. And no cord to worry about is great.

  245. It looks like it would be easy to lug up and down the stairs. I need this with my menagerie.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  246. Since this vacuum is lightweight and has tons of attachments I can see myself using it to clean hard to reach spots up high, stairs, and my car. Thanks for giving us the chance to win this neat innovation from Dyson!

  247. Lightweight caught my eye – I have rhuematoid arthritis so a lightweight yet powerful vacuum would be perfect!

  248. I like the feature of “without the hassle of a cord.” It sounds perfect for the stairs, and I like Dyson products. Thanks for the giveaway, Diane!

  249. Suction and power!!! Fabulous. Congrats on the new room.
    My challenge with exercising at home is I don’t make that commitment to “go to the gym” and exercise. i don’t want to do it now, I’ll do it after.
    After breakfast
    after I watch a show
    after I rest a bit
    after i read
    after dinner
    after I take the dog out

  250. Love the chance to win a beast of a machine!
    It weighs less than five pounds, has a lengthy charge, plus there is a BOOST mode!

  251. George Ann Over says:

    love cordless. love dyson

  252. I would love the ease of taking this vacuum up and down the two flights of stairs I have in my home – one of them, spiral!

  253. I love, love, love that this vacuum doesn’t have a cord!!

  254. Lisa Cooper says:

    My favorite feature is that it is cordless. I hate to vacuum because every time you get started you have to unplug and replug throughout the house!

  255. Lois Tipton says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I didn’t know Dyson had such a machine…I’ve bought a vacuum for each floor since I’ve gotten too old to drag one up and down the stairs…have almost had a couple of bad falls. But still neither one will vacuum the stairs without changing to an attachment and till having to drag them up the stairs. I would love to win, but if I shouldn’t I will be looking for the Dyson because of all the great features I’ve always wondered why they weren’t available…cordless, lightweight, go from one surface to another, etc.

    Got so carried away with the vacuum I forgot to comment on your new fitness room. Makes me want to move ours from the basement up to a more convenient room. Have windows in the basement but still is a basement…plus out of sight, out of mind goes the exercise motivation. Lois

  256. Love the idea of dyson revolutionizing the cordless vac!. Their cleaning power mixed with the portability and lightness of a normal handheld is genius. What a great Giveaway!

  257. Cordless and lightweight? Sold! I’d love to have this…and perhaps my boys would chip in more often, too!

    Love the white floor!

  258. Charlotte says:

    Love the rug to floor feature and the hygienic bin emptying is a WOW feature for me…..Thanks for giveaway!!!!

  259. melinda ke says:

    Oh, what a dream that would be to have a cordless vacuum with the power of a Dyson! I am always tripping over the cord or it gets wrapped around my furniture and I have to go untangle it before I can get any further in the room…the cord is by far the worst thing about vacuuming. I also have a cat and her fur sticks to everything, most vacuums have a difficult time with pet hair but I have heard great things about Dyson. I can’t wait to see how your fitness room turns out, I’m hoping to buy a house soon and creating an exercise room is on my wish list!

  260. Light weight is fabulous!!!!

  261. Oh forgot to say that I love the room so far and love your idea board. Very minimal and spa like. We painted the hardwood floors in my son’s room white and we love it. It’s been almost 4 years now and it’s held up to a very active 5 year old. Whenever I go in his room it feels very open and bright-you will love a painted floor.

  262. Oh I would love to win! I am a big fan of Dyson. I have the Dyson Animal and love it. I have a long hair German Shepherd and it’s the only vacuum that can keep up with the shedding. I love the Motörhead because it’s cordless and like you said easy to clean the stairs. Thanks for the chance!

  263. Fonda Rush says:

    I would love to have the freedom of light weight portability…not having to drag a heavy vacuum around. I’ve seen the commercials, and if it picks up fine stuff from a plain floor, I. Need. It.

  264. Connie Nikiforoff Designs says:

    Ooops…forgot to comment about the Dyson giveaway. Favorite feature? Multiple floor surface cleaning ability. Would LOVE that :-)

  265. It’s cordless with three times the power! Yay!

  266. Connie Nikiforoff Designs says:

    I already love it with the white primer on the floor. We’ve talked and talked about ripping up our LR carpet and painting the subfloor and using a couple area rugs. What a treat it would be not to have little stains, snags, etc. caused by our dogs ;-) Boy your room is going to be so pretty as well as functional. :-)

  267. Teresa Denney says:

    Another topic – I would like to recommend a great yoga DVD for your new exercise room. It is vinyasa flow yoga for strength, stability and grace with Daphne Larkin. It is 3 hours of “customizable” yoga practices. I do yoga twice weekly with an instructor and we have found this to be the DVD most like what we do in our class so use if if our instructor is out. Daphne might just donate one for you to give away. Check the boutique on their webite.

  268. Cordless!! All of my outlets seem to be hidden behind heavy furniture making vacuuming incredibly annoying. I would love to charge this bad boy and go to town on the entire house!.

  269. I love that it is lightweight . . . would be so nice for getting it upstairs and for cleaning the stairs also. Cordless is another great feature. Thanks so much for this opportunity to win one!

  270. Donna Rosenbery says:

    I would love the option to clean from rug to hardwood easily. We have dogs and kids that track in everything

  271. Teresa Denney says:

    I have the big dyson and hate trying to vacuum with the floor attachment as it does not give properly. I love this smaller version that has no cord and that would not pull my shoulder using it. Wow, great design.

  272. Sign me up please.
    I have 3 dogs. Certainly can use a Dyson!!!!!
    A clean nut.
    I know that they are number one in their field. Powerful and Eco friendly.
    When you buy a Dyson no need to buy anything else, so I am told.
    I have bought so many vacuums in the last, all disappointing.
    Would love to have one that has an outstanding reputation.
    I will always rescue dogs, no matter my clean fettish. Sooooo please make it happen for us.

  273. The Dyson DC59 is a genius!! I have 3 floors to clean and lugging a heavy vacuum up the stairs is a lot of work in and of itself!! I love that I could store this in one of my upstairs closets and attach to a charger!! Vacuuming with no cords…a dream come true!!! Dyson products are the best!

  274. LaRue Corbin says:

    Cordless coupled with Dyson technology. Two features that would make having the Dyson DC59 absolutely AWESOME!

  275. The suction power in a compact easy to use design. No cords, no fuss, light weight without compromising the dyson power.

  276. I had no idea such a vacuum existed. Love no cord! Love no messy bags? Love that it’s light weight. Love the easy switch from hardwood to carpet.

    Won’t grovel any more. Will say this is a great offer.

    Grinning, Rosie

  277. Christina Rodriguez says:

    I like your vision for you workout room. I used to have a Shark vacuum for my dining room and kitchen. Really a fancy electric broom, but it was nice to have. I miss it. It was cordless too. I like that

  278. It’s cordless! It does carpet AND bare floors!

  279. Lightweight for getting cat and dog hair off the stairs!

  280. It would make doing stairs so easy!!!

  281. Mary Byrne says:

    I like the fact that not only is it cordless, and lightweight , it also can be used with an extension to reach areas normally out of reach with other vacuums. It can also be used on flat (hardwood) and the on carpet.

  282. My current cordless vac is the worst! The suction is terrible and it takes forever to charge, which has to be done frequently because it dies so quickly. Unfortunately we’ve only had it for 4 months so I can’t justify buying a replacement. I would love to try the Dyson DC59! We have all wood floors and need the extra suction Dyson provides. So many of the vacuums we’ve tried just blow fine dust around the room. Living in a three story house, the cordless and lightweight features are a bonus.

  283. Judith Risley says:

    I would love this vacuum because it is lightweight and goes from carpet to wood.

  284. I love the idea that it is cordless and has three times the suction power of other cordless vacuums. We have both carpet and hardwood floors so it would be a win-win situation.

  285. Carol rushby says:

    I am 68 years old and would love a Dyson DC59 because it is so lightweight compared to other floor cleaners.

  286. Love that it is cordless! So convenient!

  287. Diane; I love that it has the ability to stay charged for 24 minutes! It would be my dream machine…even over my chop saw :-)

  288. Shannon Mayes says:

    I love that it is cordless. We are building a new home, it would be perfect for all the surfaces.

  289. Carolyn Cohen says:

    I really like the power in a cordless vac. It goes everywhere!

  290. Mary from Virginia says:

    I would love to win! I like the idea of the attachments, for the hard to get areas! I’m in need of a vacuum!

    As far as a dream room, I think I would love to re-do my kitchen. We gutted it ten years ago, and NOW I know what I would do differently. Live and learn!

  291. Katie Budde says:

    I love that it’s cordless and can do hardwood and carpet. We have both types of floors, so having one tool that could take care of both would be amazing!

  292. Lightweight and versatile! I have three flights of stairs with landings and have a terrible time lugging even a canister up them. This would certainly “lighten” my load! Plus hardwood and carpet. What more could a person ask for?
    Love your current project. great ideas.

  293. I love that it is cordless and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

  294. while i may not have an upstairs to need ‘a maid’ (LOL) as Diane so wittily has named her Dyson. i do have a progressive spine condition called dystonia, i would so LOVE to be able to vacuum…all at once…without having to take a break, for days. I already love the Dyson product line (but unfortunately waaaaay out of my price range) the DC59Motorhead takes the cake! Having the ‘heavy’ components over the hand allowing for balanced weight, according to Dyson, is what makes this easier to use to clean ALL areas…i could even vacuum the drapes, or even get those dust webs (thats what i call them, so i don’t think theres ANY spiders around-i do wanna sleep at night). Your ‘work-out-room’ looks like it is going to be very inviting…love keeping up with all of your projects!! and good luck to us all :)

  295. Joan Byrnes says:

    Lightweight and cordless–a winning combination. I lead a very busy life (antiques & furniture painting) and my husband loves to vacuum. So, I let him. Can’t deprive him of something he likes to do, now can we. He’s 82 and this machine would be a wonderful asset for him. My old vacuum has died and have been trying to decide what to get. We have hard wood and rugs. This would solve all his obstacles and make life easier for him.

    I love your blog. Follow it daily. You are a very talented person. Keep up the good work.

  296. The fact that if is lightweight and a slim design is perfect for this petite person’s small apartment!

  297. The cordlessness is great, but I also like the fact that it cleans both carpet and hard floors.

  298. Linda Rahmeyer says:

    I love that it is cordless and powerful and goes from hard surface to carpet!

  299. I love it all…lightweight, cordless, and the easy transition from carpet to hard floors.

  300. I like the fact that this Dyson is cordless and lightweight. I need help with my stairs. I’ve got to get our master in shape…it’s almost there! ;)

  301. Wow, this would be amazing to own, and thanks for the opportunity to win it! First reason I’d like to have it is because it’s a Dyson….never have been able to have one. Second reason, probably the most important for me, is I have apparently inherited my Mother’s Asthma condition, but it’s only been the last couple of years it’s affected me…but I really notice it when vacuuming. So, this machine would be quite helpful by capturing the microscopic dust from the air. plus I will be 70 in October and the lightweight and portability of it would be so much more gentle on my old body!
    And you are so right about keeping your body moving. Like anything else, if you don’t use it you will lose it.

  302. Being cordless is a big plus! also the longer cleaning time.

  303. Cara Deeds says:

    I would love the cordless feature so I do not have any cords to trip over on the stairs and being lightweight would also be nice!!

  304. Brooke Kingston says:

    We own a Dyson and I love love love it!! Great suction power. This DC59 looks amazing because it’s cordless! It’s swoon-wothy!!

  305. Love the idea of a docking station!

  306. I love that it’s cordless. I have a lot of stairs and the fact that it cordless and lightweight is ideal for me.

  307. I love the hygienic emptying! I always have to vacuum again after emptying. Amazing feature!

  308. Love that it does well on hardwoods and carpets! That is so much better than separate equipment for both when you have both in your home. I also know the light weight would make it easier to pull out and do quick jobs as needed. Thanks for sharing.

  309. Candy Thayer says:

    Lightweight….yeah. Cordless…yes, please!

  310. Christy H says:

    It’s a tie between the lightweight and cordless features!

  311. Debbi Pannell says:

    What I like most about the Dyson Motorhead is the portability and ease of use. The design is custom made for on the go cleaning which works very well with my lyfestyle. I work long hours and cleaning is limited to short bursts at night and on weekends. The 24-minute cycle is perfect for quick trips through one or two rooms and the balanced design will let me get to all the areas efficiently and quickly.

  312. P.S. to my previous comment….you are inspiring me to make improvements to my workout area which is in my cave-like garage. Right now it consists of a treadmill and an old tv hooked up to Netflix via a Roku machine. My aim is to declutter the garage, improve the lighting and replace the old tube tv with a bigger flatscreen that is currently inside the house, but not used. I would like to wall-mount that tv in the garage, to save counter space. If I get started on the project now, the space should be ready by the time I want to do my running inside as opposed to outside.

    I was wondering how your dill oil method of sugar craving control was going and am happy to see you’re taking your healthcare to the next level by installing a workout room inside your own home!

  313. What I most admire about the Dyson Motorhead vacuum is the compact design and superior suction power. We have hard floors and carpet, along with four cats and I imagine that this powerful vacuum will be able to suck up cat litter and its dust, along with cat fur! That’s my hope for this machine; I would love to give it a try!

  314. Karen Jerread says:

    Love how it is cordless and light weight but does a heavy weight job. This is what I need in my busy life. BTW, love what you are doing with the room and for yourself!

  315. the cordless feature is the one I would most enjoy having!

    1. I would love to have this vacuum for ease of the cordless feature as well as the great suction power. With two indoor dogs, the dog hair is always present and hard to sweep up. I have hardwoods floors and I m getting tired of the constant sweeping. I just broke my foot and I never realized how hard it could be to try to clean with crutches ! I need this vacuum. Thank you for the chance and I relly enjoy your site.

    2. Jane rubino says:

      OMGosh! Cordless stairway vacuuming? That’s the cat’s pj’s for sure! Lugging the old 500lb Hoover up and down those stairs is hurting my back. Thanks for the give-away contest, Diane. You/re the best!