Dream Vision of My Fitness Room

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The hard work is done!  When you DIY to get things done, hard work is part of the job, but on the flip side – when you start to see the results of your labor – you do a happy dance.  Which is what I did this weekend.

Ed helped me pull up the nails, tacks, and carpet strips after I pulled up the carpet in the room that I am turning into a fitness room. I bagged it all up and placed in the trash. 

I swept the floor and vacuumed to make sure every piece of fiber, wood, and staple was gone so that I was able to put primer on the floor.  


What a difference a coat of white primer makes. Every surface now looks fresh and clean, except the ceiling fan that I plan to eventually paint. I will be posting a full tutorial on the steps I needed to do to paint the subfloor next week. 

I told you in my post last week that this room is going to be less about decor and more about lifestyle and my priority to work out every morning before I turn on my computer and start to work.

If I don’t work out first thing in the morning, I get busy with my daily doings or get too tired and don’t get around to it.  Watching my parents and Ed’s mom age, I know that you have to keep moving or you will lose your ability to move at all. I don’t want to get this way.  Daily exercise is the answer.  Taking the stairs instead of elevators, parking in the farthest spot away from the mall are some of the other things I do so that my body stays in motion.  

Bedroom Before


This room was previously my older daughter’s bedroom. It connects to my bedroom by what we named “the bridge”.  When it was her bedroom, she kept the door closed to the bridge most of the time. I now keep it open so it feels like an extension of my bedroom.  I like that I can see it as I roll out of bed in the morning.  It will greet me with its bright freshness and inspire to get right to it. I may have to go downstairs and make a cup of tea to bring back up with me first, though.  :-)  

I couldn’t find photos to show you my vision of how I want the room to look, so instead I gathered a few photos of the color I have in mind for the floor and items that I plan to put in the room. 


I want the room to be  minimal – only what is needed to exercise each day. Space, light, mirrors, fitness equipment, TV mounted on the wall for fitness DVD’s, window shades, ceiling fan, and a basket to hold a yoga mat and towels. In a few weeks, I will add some large colorful art canvases that I plan to make on the walls.  That is it – clean lined, fresh, uncluttered, and easy to maintain. 


I also want to take the minimal approach on how I will need to clean the room.   A vacuum or a damp mop to clean up any smudges. 


This week I will paint the floor a lovely shade of light blue. I can’t wait to show you when it is all done.  

Do you have a vision of a dream room in your head?  What kind of room would it be and how can you make it into reality?

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  1. What I like most about the Dyson Motorhead is the portability and ease of use. The design is custom made for on the go cleaning which works very well with my lyfestyle. I work long hours and cleaning is limited to short bursts at night and on weekends. The 24-minute cycle is perfect for quick trips through one or two rooms and the balanced design will let me get to all the areas efficiently and quickly.

  2. P.S. to my previous comment….you are inspiring me to make improvements to my workout area which is in my cave-like garage. Right now it consists of a treadmill and an old tv hooked up to Netflix via a Roku machine. My aim is to declutter the garage, improve the lighting and replace the old tube tv with a bigger flatscreen that is currently inside the house, but not used. I would like to wall-mount that tv in the garage, to save counter space. If I get started on the project now, the space should be ready by the time I want to do my running inside as opposed to outside.

    I was wondering how your dill oil method of sugar craving control was going and am happy to see you’re taking your healthcare to the next level by installing a workout room inside your own home!

  3. What I most admire about the Dyson Motorhead vacuum is the compact design and superior suction power. We have hard floors and carpet, along with four cats and I imagine that this powerful vacuum will be able to suck up cat litter and its dust, along with cat fur! That’s my hope for this machine; I would love to give it a try!

  4. Love how it is cordless and light weight but does a heavy weight job. This is what I need in my busy life. BTW, love what you are doing with the room and for yourself!

    1. I would love to have this vacuum for ease of the cordless feature as well as the great suction power. With two indoor dogs, the dog hair is always present and hard to sweep up. I have hardwoods floors and I m getting tired of the constant sweeping. I just broke my foot and I never realized how hard it could be to try to clean with crutches ! I need this vacuum. Thank you for the chance and I relly enjoy your site.

    2. OMGosh! Cordless stairway vacuuming? That’s the cat’s pj’s for sure! Lugging the old 500lb Hoover up and down those stairs is hurting my back. Thanks for the give-away contest, Diane. You/re the best!