Finding Decorating Treasure for $23

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Every November, one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning is to attend a holiday church bazaar.

Have you ever been to one that along with craft vendors and bake sale tables, has a trash-to-treasure rummage sale?

2019 Trinity Bazaar sign

These sales are the reason I mark them on my calendar every year. Church bazaars always have the best rummage sales, even better than my secret place to find decorating treasures and the local thrift store.

Over the weekend, I went to one at a church in Columbia, SC that a friend told me about. She belongs to the church and helps to organize it every year. She knew I would enjoy it.

Trinity Bazaar map

She was right.

I had no idea what I was walking into, but the line that was out the door and in the rain 10 minutes before the bazaar doors opened, told me that is was going to be good. Thanks Alison for telling me :-)

The Trinity Bazaar was the largest rummage sale in one place I have ever visited. They even handed out maps so you would know where to go.

The trash and treasure sale at the Trinity Cathedral in Columbia, SC

I was like a kid in a candy store. There was so much merchandise all highly organized by category. This made it easy to hone in and see if I could find what I sought.

Brass candlesticks on a sales table at holiday bazaar

I was looking for silver or brass taper candleholders to create a Christmas display on my fireplace mantel. I found 4 sets right away that fit the style I was looking for all, for a whopping total of $6. :-) In my tote bag they went.

Used kitchen items on a sale table

Holiday shopping at a church bazaar brings back many fond memories. My mom was a crafter and always helped plan and make items for the women’s club bazaar to which she belonged. She was also very involved with the church bazaar when I was growing up.

Book and furniture room at holiday church bazaar

I remember when the bazaars were getting close every year, the dining room in our house looked more like a factory production line than a place to eat.

I always liked the rummage sale sections the best. I even remember my first bazaar rummage sale purchase when I was about 10 years old. It was a ceramic coat lapel pin of a man’s head that was wrapped in a green turban. I know it sounds funny, but I guess at the time I thought it was worth spending some of my allowance to buy. I no longer have it, but wish I did. It would surely make me smile.

Silver and silver plate items on a sale table

The Trinity Bazaar has been an annual event to raise money for charity for over 70 years! So it is well-known and attended each year. The prices were so low on everything. It was truly thrilling to find so many nice and brand name items for a few dollars.

Used brass taper candle holders found at a church trash and treasure sale.

These are the candle holders I found. I am using all of them to decorate the fireplace mantel for Christmas. I did a little DIY’ing on a few of them to fit my design vision.

I am going to keep the Waterford pair just as they are. They were one of my most expensive finds – $3 for the pair. :-) They are heavy and not too ornate. I will be using them all year long, not just for the holidays. You will see what I did with the brass sets soon.

White Ironstone pitchers found for $3 at a church trash and treasure sale.

When out thrifting, I always look for white dinnerware and pitchers for my collection. I was happy to find these William Sonoma bowls, a ramekin and two large pitchers…

Ironstone marking on bottom of white pitcher.

… one is Ironstone. Price $3.

Church bazaar trash to treasure shop finds. Blue and white table linens and a wood bowl

I found a wooden bowl that I will be using to display Christmas decor and classic table linens. I always look for table linens so I can create unique and colorful table settings all through the year when we entertain.

I had such a good time going to The Trinity Bazaar and found exactly what I wanted. Buying new things is always nice, but something about finding exactly what I wanted for a few dollars is thrilling to me. I will definitely be going back next year.

Have you been to any church bazaar rummage sales this year?

If you like the thrill of the hunt and don’t know of any, ask around. You can also look for signs on the side of the road in late October advertising the local church holiday bazaars and Google search for churches in your area that may hold an annual bazaar.

If you go to one… make sure you bring a big tote along with you to hold all your thrilling finds and bring them home safely. :-)

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  1. Looks like fun!! Last weekend I went with a friend to a backyard boutique. This was a very large backyard with many vendors set up. Some were crafts and some established home business’ My favorite vendor used old jewelry to re make beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings. So much fun to poke around and I bought some fun gifts Food trucks lined the long driveway. We had a great morning adventure together.

  2. Just seeing the place is something else. I can only imagine all the work that goes into organizing such an event. You scored. Thanks for sharing.