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Thrift Store Basket Makeover

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I am a big believer in details – the decorative details.  They can make or break your best efforts when you are re-decorating all the way down to the color of the little toggle on the light switch.

Decorating details matter. The details are the fine tuning for a room and you should give them the same thought and planning that you give to the major elements in the room.

Before                                  After


I found a brown basket last week at the thrift store that was never used. It was the right size and style to use as the waste basket in the bathroom I was redoing.

I didn’t like the brown color, but it was the right size and price and I knew I could easily change it to suit my style.

I used scissors to cut off the twisted sisal woven to the center of the basket.


I then sprayed Krylon’s Indoor Outdoor Primer on the basket.


When painting wicker – priming is necessary as the wicker has a coating and can be slick.  Once that was dry I painted the basket using Rust-Oleum’s Ultra Cover 2x in Heirloom White.


Spray Painting TIP: To make sure you are getting all the nooks and crannies when painting wicker – use spray paint and spray it on when the the piece is – upside down, right side up, and sideways.  This will ensure complete coverage.

Cut-three-strips-from-fabric for decorating

To replace the twisted sisal I removed. I cut three long strips from the leftover fabric I used for the window valance.


To create a finished edge on the fabric strips.  I laid the fabric right side down and folded the edges to the center of the strip and pressed along the entire strip. Repeat the process on the other two strips of fabric.

Create-fabric-strips-to-weave in trash bin

The back side of each strip will end up looking like this.The right side like this-


The right side like this.


I then wove each strip around the basket where the twisted sisal was.  To start and stop the fabric strips I looped the end of each one around one of the vertical reeds. I folded it over to create a finished edge and hot glued it back down on the strip of fabric.

Repeat the process on each strip.

Decorating Idea: Waste-Basket-inside-and-out

Decorating a Trash Bin

The woven fabric looks just as nice when you look down into the basket as it does from the outside.

Decorating in the details: waste basket


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  1. You amaze me.
    I have visited you in the past three months since I began my blog and your ideas, tutorials, photos tell it all.
    You are refreshing!
    Your daughter is adorable!

  2. I just love what you’ve done with your bathroom. Your daughter certainly looks happy too. She’s beautiful! You did a great job on that waste can. I would have never thought of that. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  3. Nice job, Diane! I learned that tip about painting baskets when I did the four I needed for my dresser redo. I finally left it because it was a weathered look that worked for the dresser. Your daughter looks happy in the new bathroom. I’ll bet you were pleased that she loved it! I agree about the light switch and outlets. An ivory can look horrible when you really need a white.

  4. This is wonderful and your daughter is lovely.
    I love Heirloom White and I have a few projects lined up this week.

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint