Life Lately… Projects and a New Toy

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No big reveals or even a small project to share with you today, but I am working on a few of them.  I do, however have an update to share on one of the bigger projects I have taken on.

Remember when I told you we were making over the second floor bathroom. We are making good progress. I still have a lot to do, but the most challenging or shall I say the unpleasant part of getting the room ready for a new look is done.

Warning!!  These update photos are not pretty, but something that had to be done before we did any other updates to the room.

Removing a popcorn ceiling tip

I removed the popcorn ceiling!!!

Since it is a small room, it was not hard, but it is a very messy job since you need to spray water on the ceiling first, let it soak in for a few minutes…


… and then scrap it off using a Popcorn Scraping Tool like this.  You attach a plastic bag around the wire frame. It works well, but the job still makes a big mess and one where your arms, neck and shoulders get pretty tired.


The popcorn came off pretty easily and the ceiling under it was revealed. It has a few flaws, but I have an idea that will take the focus away from the imperfections. If we ever decide to remove popcorn ceiling in other rooms, I think I would pay for someone to do it.

Stay tuned for more makeover updates for this room over the next few weeks.

Now on to something that has nothing to do with DIY or house updating projects!

For all of you who write to me telling me that I work too hard and should take a break from all the DIY I have been doing the past few months, I want you to know that I am not all work and no play…

Yesterday I got a new toy to use on the lake. It is something that I have been saving up to get since we moved to the lake a year and a half ago. It was delivered around noon yesterday and as soon as the delivery person was gone, I donned my life vest, sun hat, waterproof cellphone case, and shades and off I went for a spin…


…on this.

It is made by Hobie and called a Mirage Eclipse.  It is like a paddle board, but instead of using your arms and a paddle to propel yourself through the water, you use your legs like you would as if you were on a elliptical machine at the gym. The handlebars are how you steer the board left and right.  The board is well balanced and both Ed and I were able to use it with ease right away.

It is how I plan to workout in the warmer months of the year. Blogger butt is a real thing that I need to tackle!  Kayaking is great for the arms, this will be great for my legs.

It was not inexpensive, but I saved for months to be able to afford it. I stopped getting pedicures, going out to lunch, and buying things I did not need. It was a challenge and I made a goal to see it happen so I could buy something that would make my life better.

I am looking forward to spending lots of time on it while I explore all around the lake.

Life-on-Lake-Murray SC

Last night after dinner, Ed and I went out on the lake with me on the Eclipse and he in a kayak. We peddled and paddled to an island out in our section of the lake. We switched vessels there so we could get a good workout for both our arms and legs. I took this photo of Ed peddling back home as the sun began to set. A perfect workout… getting to be outside in the fresh air and out on the water powered by our own steam. :-) It was the best workout ever.

Today I am back up in the bathroom to apply a few coats of paint to the walls, ceiling and trim. While the paint is drying…I will be back out on the lake peddling. :-)

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  1. I love the new toy! What an awesome way to work out and be together with hubby at the same time.

  2. Diane, I LOVE it! Noooh, not so much the Eclipse, although I know it’s probably a lot of fun….but that you are doing it and having fun! Good for you….be safe, girl.

    1. Hi Laura – It is. The Eclipse goes faster than the kayak so whoever is in the kayak has to work hard to stay up with whoever is on the Eclipse, hence the reason Ed is so far away in the photo I took of him pedaling off in the sunset. :-)

    1. Hi Deb – So far I have been out on it twice and enjoyed every minute. Looking forward to making it a daily workout unless of course it is a rainy day.