Finding Decorating Treasure In Panama City Beach

Today I have a fun post to share with you. One where I get to share a recent coastal decorating trip I took, but also a treasure I found while on the trip.

What I found is something for my home that I have been searching for, for years. Who knew I would have to travel to Panama City Beach, Florida to find it.


When most people think of Florida they think of the east and west coast of the state. You know the long part that gives the United States its unique shape. They tend to forget that there is another region of the state called the “Panhandle” that is tucked up under Georgia and Alabama.

See that big Gulf of Mexico.… The Panhandle of Florida sits on the northern most edge of it and Panama City Beach is right in the middle.

Panama City Beach Florida

I visited in early November and it was gorgeous.  The temperature was in the high 70’s during the day and around mid 50’s at night.  Since the area does get colder than the rest of the state in the winter, it was becoming the off-season. But that brings less crowds. For me, the perfect time to visit…

View of the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach Florida

…crystal clear turquoise water, big pristine sandy beaches, spectacular views, and a wide variety of things to do other than enjoying the 27-miles of beaches, two state parks, miles of hiking and biking trails, and 100 public beach access points.

I would have enjoyed exploring all these parts of Panama City Beach, but I was there to SHOP!


And shop we did!

I was invited along with 4 other home decorating bloggers by Panama City Beach Tourism to take the shopping tour of what has become known in the area as the “Coastal Decor Emporium Trail”. It runs along Thomas Drive and Panama City Beach Parkway.

Since I flew down to PCB, I was traveling with only a carry-on bag, I figured I didn’t need to take anything larger as I was going to look and not buy anything… well that plan went south on the second day of the tour when I found something I have been looking for… for years!!

It was heavy and shipping was not an option so I had to get creative in how I was going to get it home.  I figured out a way to empty my backpack contents into my carry-on suitcase so I could semi-fit my purchase in my backpack and take it on the plane. I am happy to tell you, it made it home with me in one piece. :-)

I am not going to tell you what it is yet. I want to see if you can guess from reading this post and seeing something that says “That is so Diane” in the photos below that I took while visiting the shops on our tour.

Where to stay in Panama City Beach Florida

When we were not shopping we stayed at the Sunrise Beach Condominium. It is one of many and…

Sunrise Beach condos in Panama City Beach Florida

…literally thousands of rooms that are available along Panama City Beach from residential homes to high rise condos.

We hung out here and did our own exploring until everyone arrived.  I hung out on the beach and waded by the waters edge. On the following day the shopping began, but first we had to eat and headed to…

Where to eat breakfast in Panama City Beach Florida?

… Andy’s Flour Power.  It is only open for breakfast and lunch.

Eggs Benedict at Andy's Flour Power in Panama City Beach Florida

I had Eggs Benedict and the best coffee I have ever had in my life. Wish I could make it taste as good at home.

Shopping for decorating items in Panama City Florida

After we had our fill, we headed out to shop.  It was fun to browse.  All the shops had a coastal or farmhouse vibe. Fellow blogger, Rhoda from Southern Hospitality spotted and bought this mirror at one of our first stops. That’s me and Janet from Shabby Fu Fu in the mirror’s reflection.

Christmas trees made using oyster shells

The shops along the “Coastal Decor Emporium Trail” range from coastal, farmhouse, antique, crafty, flea market to high end decor, furniture, gifts and accessories.

I enjoyed seeing the creativity behind some of the more crafty decor, like these oyster shell Christmas trees.

Shells for sale

Since the shops were in a beach town where coastal decor is popular, pretty shells to buy were in every store. Shells of all kinds…

Seashells and Starfish for sale

and starfish…

Driftwood for sale at Pieces in Panama City Beach in Florida

…and driftwood, too.

I have been looking for driftwood to use in our landscaping when Ed and I are out on the lake on our boat. It can be found on the many islands and shorelines around the lake we live on. I haven’t found any pieces as nice as this shop, called Pieces, carried. I would have loved to take a few of the pieces home with me, but they were way too big and heavy to get home.

Even with coastal being the main style of decor in most of the stores, there was plenty of other styles to make any one who loves to decorate their home, happy.

Repurposing ideas to decorate a home with.

Like antique and vintage?  There was plenty of it. Isn’t this a fun clock made by repurposing vintage kitchen tools?

Scrap fabric craft ideas

Have extra fabric scraps laying around?  How clever is this fish wall art made using fabric, ribbon scraps and pillow batting to make it 3D.

Repurposing ideas for Christmas using vintage jewelry.

This Christmas tree canvas was made using vintage jewelry.  All these items had quite affordable price tags.

Farmhouse Christmas decor

All of the shops were filled with merchandise and ready for the holiday gift buying season.

Where to shop for coastal decor in Panama City Beach Florida

Each store was completely different.  Some were shops filled with vendor booths…

Roman numeral clock and decorative accessories

…while a few others were single owner shops.

Furniture paint colors

Two of the shops hold workshops and paint nights for local residents or vacationers.

Thomas' breakfast spot in PCB

With all the shopping we were doing we did need to refuel often and ate at quite a few delicious PCB restaurants. We started Day 2 at Thomas’, an old-time place along the west end beach to enjoy their famous…

Thomas' famous donuts

…donuts for breakfast.

Where to eat in Panama City Beach Florida

Lunch was also outside at the colorful Barefoot Hideaway Grill. It was so nice to be able to eat outside in November. :-)

13 Hub Lane Decor and furniture store

The last shop of the tour was newly opened, 13 Hub Lane.  It was a furniture store that offers design and decorating services.

Modern farmhouse and coastal shop

I loved the light and bright vibe.

Panama City Beach Florida at dusk.

As with all trips, they do have to end and this one went by way too fast. It was time to pack up my stuff and newly found treasure and head home.

So, did you guess what decorating treasure I found and brought home with me?

Roman Numeral Table top clock I bought in a Panama City Beach shop

If you know me, you know it was the white-faced Roman numeral table clock from the shop, The Beach House.  I have been looking for a table top one just like this… for years!!!  It is not an antique, but a reproduction that I love just the same. It is made by Old Town 1881 Clocks. I tried to find a website to link it to, but could not find one.

I am still playing around with my Christmas decor, but am not quite finished as I have another project that is taking my time. If I step back from this sideboard you will see…

A DIY Decorating blogger's reality.

…the contents of my pantry on the folding table and floor. I am giving my pantry closet a makeover and the contents had to go somewhere while I am working on it.

So you can see I am right back to my reality…

Sunset at Panama Beach Florida

…but it was nice getting to go on a 2-day getaway.  Thanks Panama City Beach for inviting me to visit and get a personally guided tour through your decorating shops and find just what I have been looking for.

Pretty sunset on PCB

If you would like to visit any of the shops along the “Coastal Decor Emporium Trail” here are links to the shop websites or their Facebook pages.

The Shadow Box | Pieces On The Beach | Beach Bums Decor | Dinah’s Coastal | Coastal Cottage | Beach House Market | 13 Hub Lane

Have you ever been to PCB? What are your favorite shops, places to stay and eat?

To find out more about taking a Panama City Beach trip or vacation, check it out here: One Fun Beach

Disclosure: This trip was paid for and our flights, lodging and meals were comped for us to share this shopping experience.  

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  1. Nawm D. Gerr says:

    Absolutely love your blog and have told other people about it too. You have great taste and your rooms make it seem like people want to come in an sit down. Love seeing your beautiful place and your creativity! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Diane, who is the maker of your new clock?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Nexvan – It is made by Old Town 1881 Clocks. I looked for an online resource for it, but could not find one.

  3. Brenda Hayes says:

    Love everything you pick out ! I’m glad you had a good time in PCB-My daughter lives just above the panhandle in Alabama. They LOVE PCB & get there frequently.
    Can’t sign off without telling you I LOVE your new hi-lights in your hair!! Makes you look younger Girlfriend !!

    Keep the posts coming , I look forward to every one!


  4. Hi Diane, who is the maker of your new clock? thanks!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Wanda – The maker of the clock is: Old Town 1881 Clocks

  5. your post caught my eye as we spend our winters on the gulf near PC….I have been to Pieces several times and always wanted to go to Coastal Cottage as I have seen their ads on tv. Now that I know there is a Coastal Decorating TRAIL we will have to follow the trail and see where it leads….hopefully to many coastal treasures.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Becky – How lucky to be able to spend the winters near the gulf. It is beautiful. Love hearing that you have been to Pieces. All the driftwood they carry is the most I have ever seen in one shop. I think you will enjoy exploring all the stores as they each have decor, but with a slightly different vibe. Taking the tour of all the stores is a perfect excursion for anyone who loves finding pretty and unique items to decorate with.

  6. Norma Rolader says:

    Love all the beautiful photos and even the table and floor

  7. Love all the beautiful photos! I too guessed the clock when I saw it! I’ve been to Panama City Beach many, many times, but not to these stores. It makes me want to go back soon to go visit them! Thank you for sharing!

  8. What a fun trip and those beaches are gorgeous.

  9. I love your shoes in your selfie pic in FL. What are they and where can I find them.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Lu – My shoes are Dansko’s. I have them in brown and black, but they come in a few other colors, too. Here is the link to them:

  10. Arbie is right, your blog is much more relatable (is that a word?) than a decorating magazine. You make it easier for all of us to imagine new things and new projects for our own home. One thing that makes your blog so interesting is that you show room sized photos – you pull back from close ups so that we can see more than a pretty vignette – we can see how the vignette relates to the rest of the space. So many bloggers fail to do that and it leaves us followers with questions and no answers. Thanks for posting and for sharing your many talents.

  11. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Too funny: I follow Rhoda’s blog – so to see the same photos twice in one week – a real treat. Glad you visited ‘down our way’ to our beautiful Gulf beaches. Yes, I live in ‘Bama – and you need to come back and visit the beaches of Alabama – Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. You will NOT be disappointed. Living in the South definitely has its perks. Thanks for the photos!

  12. I guessed it was the clock! After being a follower for several years, I guess I really do know you! PCB sounds like a fantastic girl getaway weekend. You always provide inspiration and ideas. Love the blog.

  13. Great clock! Lots of things caught my eye. I bookmarked this post for a future visit, for some time when the snow flies. Always looking for interesting places to go….especially warm ones! ;)

  14. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I love your new clock. I must say that I did not see one treasure I didn’t want to have! I am definitely a Coastal Casual girl. I want to do my main bathroom mirror into a driftwood framed one. I already did a shell one by gluing my own collected shells onto a mirror with E 6000. Now, I really, really want to make a simple wall clock to hang over my huge, permanent, wall mirror over my fireplace. In fact, I will be hinting (big time) for the clock works TODAY!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sheryll – There were many things I would have loved to bring home, but I did come home with lots of creative inspiration and ideas for things I can make myself. I love driftwood mirrors. I didn’t write about it in my post, but we did go out to Shell Island where I found a handful of Driftwood that I hope to display in a bowl in my living room after the holidays. I hope you get the clock works… enjoy making that. Happy Weekend.

  15. Arbie Goodfellow says:

    Hi Diane,
    I so much enjoy reading your blog.
    You have such a great writing style and all your stories are so interesting and colorful and your projects are always inspiring.

    I look forward to seeing your blog each time it is in my email …it’s better than reading a decorating magazine.

    Keep up the good work! Blog on!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Arbie –

      Thank you so much for sending such a nice compliment my way. I really appreciate it. Better than a decorating magazine. WOW!!! You really have made my week. :-) I try to write my posts in a way that is a little personal, but that will also shows others how to do something without being too textbook. With so many blogs out there, the only way to stand out is too stay true to myself and do it… In My Own Style. :-) Thanks for reading my blog.