Font Cheat Sheets: Bergamot Ornaments Character Map

Last week I was organizing my kitchen – this week, my computer. I have been purging files I no longer want or need and as I was removing files I never use, I remembered I have always wanted to make my own cheat sheet for the free font – Bergamot Ornaments.  The Bergamot Ornaments character maps that I found online never printed out correctly for me, so I never used the font very much.

If you have the font installed on your computer than you know why a cheat sheet is in order.  It really isn’t a font, but decorative flourishes that you can use when making gift tags, chalkboard art, scrapbooks, and more.  I would like to use it in my posts, but I can never remember what letter goes with what flourish or ornament and didn’t use it since I could not take the time to click all the letters until I found the flourish I wanted.

So while organizing files I decided to make myself 2 cheat sheets ( lower and upper case keystrokes) and made a free printable of it for you to keep on your desk, too.

I printed mine out on card stock.  They have come in quite handy already.

Free Printable Bergamot Ornaments

Tap link to download .pdf

Font Bergamot Ornaments Free Printable

Bergamot Ornaments Character Map

Tap link to download .pdf: Font Bergamot Ornaments Cheat Sheet Uppercase Keys

Bergamot Ornaments Character Map Upper Case Keys

Lots of pretty, fun, and useful images that I will put to use now  because I know what flourish goes with what letter on the keyboard.

I need to make more of these cheat sheets that I can’t find online – it takes some time, but in the long run, they will save me oodles in search time when I am creating graphics, gift cards, and chalkboard art.

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  1. Oh, thanks so much! I’ve done this before, as I have quite a lot of dingbats and like you, I don’t use them if I have to go through very letter of the alphabet. My cheat sheets were never as pretty as yours, however – just simple black and white. I’ve been cleaning my computer up lately, too, and you’ve inspired me to pretty up my cheat sheets up some more, maybe use some color and a nice topper! LOL! Thanks for sharing your hard work and for such a great site!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Debbie – So happy to hear that you found the cheat sheets helpful. Just yesterday I printed new ones on card stock. My originals were getting pretty worn. Thanks for reading my blog. XO

  2. Judi Johnson says:

    I just found you through Pinterest. Do you have any other cheat sheets? How do you search for any online? Love this idea. I have alot of ding bat fonts and don’t use because I don’t know which letter is what design.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Judi – Thanks for reading my blog. I only made the cheat sheet for the Bergamot Ornaments font. If you Google – “Cheat Sheets for Fonts” I am sure some will show up.

  3. Thank you for the cheat sheet and the referral to the font, i love it :)

  4. Thank you for the cheat sheet and the referral to the font it is great and I think it will be very helpful.

  5. Jean Kleist says:

    Love the word art in Bergamot. Do you know of a font that has one similar with the word ‘is’?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Jean – I do not know of another font with the word “is. Have you checked Dafont dot com or any of the other free font sites? I am sure you may be able to find it or even do a Google search since you never know what may show up.

  6. Can I ask what font you used to write “Bergamot Ornaments” in? It’s adorable!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Mandi – The font I used for the word “Bergamot Ornaments is Centeria Script.

  7. Hello Diane
    I love your blog and can’t wait to start trying your chalk paint recipes. I just wonder how you create the lovely colours. What kind of pigments do you use?
    Thank you for sharing so generously!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Sarah – I don’t use pigments. The color I choose is added to water-based latex paint right at the store before I buy it. Once I get it home, I add the calcium carbonate powder or Plaster of Paris to the paint to make the chalk paint.

      1. Aha! Thank you for the reply. Will start experimenting with my leftovers (latex). Am curious to see how much the colours change.
        warm greetings,

  8. I took some time this morning and read several of your posts. I started with the chalk paint then looked at your fonts. just wanted you to know that I really like your blog. I have found several things that are very helpful and that I will try. Thanks again, Dorothy

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Dorothy – Thanks so much for taking the time to connect and say hi. It is nice to know that you found ideas and inspiration in the pages of my blog. That makes my day! I truly enjoy sharing what I know and try to mix things up to keep it interesting – decor, home improvement, a few crafts, travels… and even a recipe from time to time. When I started to use DIY chalk paint it ignited my passion for making over furniture. I love the stuff and will be experimenting more to see what other good things we can do with it.

  9. Marsha Milstock says:

    Diane and family,
    I am so sorry for the loss of your father, Grandfather,….
    Your mother’s idea of taking your father’s Christmas red shirt and making it into ornaments is brilliant.
    A big hug

  10. Christina says:

    Thank you so much!

  11. Awesome! Thanks so much!!

  12. Christy Keyton says:

    Michelle – that is awesome. I found character map in my apps! Thank you!
    And thanks, Diane, for your great tips and printables!

  13. Do you use a windows operating system? If you do, there is a great accessory called “character map.” As a graphic designer I found it very handy. I believe if you go to the accessories tab in your program list on the start tab you should be able to find it. It gives you every character on that font and what key to use. You can also pick and paste it into the document you’re working on. I added it to my frequent programs bar to make it easily accessible.

  14. What a great idea…and incentive to get busy and identify my other fonts. It’s frustrating when you’re ready to make something only to have to “seek and ye shall find” all the keys to fit the design. Kudos to you for setting such a fine example!

  15. Wonderful! Thank you for the cheat sheet and the referral to the font, i love it! This is going to be so useful! :)

  16. Heather @ Real Cheap Housewives of Texas says:

    THANK YOU! I have started to do something like this so many times and given up. If I send you a list of my ~4000 fonts, could you make one for each? :) (Just kidding.) (Kind of.)