Printable Valentine Hearts & Envelopes

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving your family and friends lots of love with this free printable sheet of watercolor hearts to frame or to cut out and make Valentine crafts.

One thing I fondly remember when I was growing up was how much I loved when Valentine’s Day rolled around. I loved it for two reasons and still do:

  • Chocolate :-)
  • Getting to Make Valentine cards with all sorts of art supplies and red and pink hearts from construction paper. Making Valentines is a happy project that brings back fond memories. When I was in grade school, my teachers would always use the Valentines I made as the example of what the others kids in the class should aim to create.
Free printable sheet of watercolor hearts to use for Valentine cards and crafts.

I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day, but in early February, life would not feel right if I didn’t make something crafty with hearts to give my family and friends.

This year I decided to give watercolor hearts instead of buying greeting cards which can get costly.

Instead, I used my computer and made a sheet of watercolor hearts that I could cut out, write Valentine greetings on, like BE MINE, I LUV U, etc. Placed in an envelope, then sealed and sent. When the recipient opens the envelope, out will flutter the hearts.

While I was making the free printable watercolor heart sheet, I figured I might as well line the hearts up so if you are not into crafts or sending cards, but like to decorate for Valentine’s day, the printable sheet can also be used as art to place in a frame or simply hung with a magnet on your fridge.

What I like about free printables for Valentine’s Day is that I don’t have to run out to the store to buy anything. Plain white printer paper or cardstock, plus a gluestick or any glue you have on-hand is all that is needed.

How to Use the Valentine Hearts Printable

There are a few different ways you can use the sheet of watercolor hearts. I will show you four, but I am sure you will come up with creative ways to use them yourself. Perhaps… stringing them together into a garland or using them to write treasure hunt clues for a loved one to follow to find their Valentine gift from you.

IDEA #1: Send Hearts Instead of a Valentine’s Day Card

Free Printable Water color hearts sheet to be used for Valentine crafting and card making.

If you don’t have a Valentine’s Card and are not interested in buying any, but still want to send a little love to a few people then you can:

  • Cut each heart out with a pair of scissors. I like this small pair that makes cutting the details easy.
Free printable Valentine envelope filled with pink and red watercolor hearts.
  • Write Valentine sayings on the front or back of each heart with pink and red markers.
  • Place in a ready-made envelope.
  • Glue a heart on the back of the envelope where the flap ends.
  • Place a stamp and address on the envelope and mail it.

IDEA #2: Add Hearts Inside a Valentine Card

Valentine Card making idea using a free printable of watercolor hearts.

If you are sending an actual Valentine card, add a few hearts inside the card that will spill out when the recipient opens the card.

IDEA #3: Wrap a Valentine Gift

Gift wrap ideas for Valentine's Day.

To use the heart printable as giftwrap, cut a row of 3 hearts out to wrap around a small gift. Use tape or glue to secure the ends on the underside of the box.

A strip cutout of 3 hearts from a free printable to use as a gift tag.

Leave the hearts plain or add another heart to the center heart on the strip using a hole punch, twine and/or ribbon.

Valentine gift wrapping idea using a sheet of free printable watercolor hearts.

Write the recipient’s name on the dangling heart.

IDEA # 4: Create Instant Valentine Art to Frame

Free printable art of 9 Valentine hearts in a white frame.

Use pink scrapbook paper to make a simple matte to accent the sheet of hearts in a frame. To cut the the matte, I used a ruler and a craft knife.

How to Make Valentine Envelopes

If you don’t have any envelopes to send hearts, you can easily make your own envelopes using your printer and printer paper or scrapbook paper.

  • If using scrapbook paper, trim to size: 8-1/2″ x 11″ to fit into your printer.

Download Envelope Printables: Once folded the envelopes will fit a 4″ x 6″ card or fill with hearts only.

How to Make a Scalloped Flap Envelope

How to make an envelope using scrapbook paper to make Valentines' Day Cards

The scallop flap envelope has a pretty curved edge that makes the envelope look extra-special.

  • Once you print and cut out the envelope, use a glue stick along the side edges to form the envelope.
Free printable Valentine watercolor hearts to cut out and use in many different ways.

Write Valentine sayings on the hearts along with the cut out greeting on the printed sheet that says… sending you lots of love xo

How to use scrapbook paper to make a Valentine envelope.

I used marble pattern scrapbook paper and the scallop edge envelope to make this envelope. I punched a hole in a heart and used Baker’s Twine to tie it on the envelope.

  • I highlighted the edge of the flap with a red magic marker to make the curved edge stand out.

How to Make a Plain Flap Envelope

Vellum scrapbook paper made into a Valentine card envelope

I used the plain envelope template and vellum scrapbook paper to make this transparent envelope. Once sealed closed with a glue stick, I glued a heart on the flap.

Other Valentine Envelope Decorating Ideas

Valentine heart paper cutout glued to the flap of a pink envelope.

This is really simple. I used a ready made pink envelope and glued a heart to the flap.

Valentine card making ideas using paper, a free printable and doilies.

There are many ways to embellish an envelope for Valentine card giving. Doilies are one of my favorite ways.

  • I folded the doilies in half, glued them onto the envelope and added hearts to both, but you could address and stamp right on the doily and send in the mail.
Free Printable Valentine Hearts to craft and decorate.

If you enjoy being crafty and creative this Valentine’s Day. Then you may like to add these Valentine’s Monogram Initial Hearts to some of your creations.

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  1. It would be cute to leave notes to my granddaughter.

  2. Okay, these ideas are just adorable! Thank you for the printables and the inspiration, Diane! Happy Valentine’s Day <3

  3. Have you ever had problem mailing some of these designs? Curious if they have arrived intact, they are pretty but appear delicate.

  4. Love the printable hearts! I’m using for gift tags for my ladies committee (14) and speaker to place on their LOVE gifts. Thank you!

  5. Jennifer Lynd says:

    Greetings from Kentucky! Like you, I have grade-school memories of Valentine’s Day. My favorite parts were the store-bought cards and the Valentine mailboxes we made from old shoe boxes, construction paper, and any art supplies we had on hand. That was way back in the 1960’s. Thank you for reminding me of those memories.