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How to grow flowers so they bloom all summer

July 4th has come and gone… Summer is in full swing… and HOT! Not just here in the south, but from the looks of the weather map, just about everywhere across the country.

Hope you can do some “chilling” this weekend somewhere cool, even if it is just relaxing at home in an air conditioned room.  While doing it, here are a few links to some things I have found that inspired me, a few things I bought and a few tidbits of information that I found interesting this week.

-I love when I see a clever re-purposing of an item(s) into something stylish. This piece for a porch makes me want to head to the thrift store to find a cast-off headboard.

-This dress... I wore it to the rehearsal dinner for my daughter’s wedding and then again to dinner when in Philadelphia two weeks ago. Love it for an easy slip-on dress. Looks like a classic sheath dress, but it is not fitted, it skims the body just right to hide imperfect areas. :-)  Plus it is lined.  I bought it in black. I accented it with this necklace.

-Do you do home improvement projects around your home? Here is something I didn’t know.  Do you? Thanks Brittany

-I love printing and using these every month.

-An inexpensive way to create a colorful Gallery Wall.

-Do any of you own an Insta-Pot?  How is it different from a Crock Pot? This recipe looks good and is WW Freestyle friendly.

-This post made me smile… the color of the exterior of my house is beginning to trend again after being a popular color in the 1970’s.

-It was my birthday was last week.  My daughters gave me this cute little guy for the garden.

-Going to the Hamptons or want a little peek into what you can do there?

-I like to travel light and am always looking for travel gear to help me travel easily. This one fills the bill in both color and style.

-I started re-reading this last week. An oldie, but a classic. It will inspire you to live each and every day in the best possible way for you alone.

Easy Sangria-Recipe

I hope you can find a cool place to enjoy the weekend. I find this with ice and a few pieces of fruit, along with a good book will have you feeling cool and comfy in no time.

Happy Friday everyone… enjoy!

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  1. Diane Henkler, thank you

  2. Hello,
    Here in the province of Québec, Canada, the temperature was 35 degrees Celsius, but really 45 degrees with the humidity factor.
    It felt we were in an oven every time we ventured out!
    The canicular weather will be over soon.

    1. Salut Chantal! Surprised to see that I’m not the only Quebecker following this amazing blog – on devrait faire les efforts de convaicre Diane de visiter notre belle province un jour

      1. Well, then, maybe you should sent Diane the invitation in English…

  3. Lots of inspiration – thanks so much for sharing!