How to Paint Upholstery Fabric with Chalk Paint

Post updated: 8/9/2021

I recently got to spend an afternoon learning how to use Annie Sloan chalk paint to paint upholstery fabric, along with a few other furniture painting tips from the grand master of chalk paint herself, Annie Sloan, inventor of Chalk Paint®.


In the past I have painted upholstery with paint and fabric medium. It works fine, but it does require mixing ratios of paint and fabric medium together.

If you want to paint something large you would need a lot of fabric medium. Not so when you use chalk paint.

The highlight of the workshop for me was seeing how she painted a large wing chair with chalk paint.

It was quite amazing to watch and then sit on a chair she had painted the day before so we could see how the painted finish felt.

How to Paint Upholstery Fabric with Chalk Paint

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Use Chalk Paint to Paint an Upholstered Chair

When choosing an upholstered piece of furniture to paint, make sure the upholstery is sound and firm. If the fabric moves, painting it will not work as well as when you sit on it, the movement may cause the fabric to crinkle and that would cause the paint to fail.

Dining room chair seats that have nailed-on upholstered cushions are good candidates for chalk paint as is a wing style chair.

  1. Gather Supplies Needed

    When using Chalk Paint® to paint an upholstered piece of furniture all you need is a spray bottle of water, a paint brush and chalk paint.

    a wing chair getting painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint

  2. Dampen the Fabric

    Before you can start painting, you need to spray the fabric with water first to dampen it.

    It does not have to be soaking wet.

    Once wet, begin to apply one light coat of chalk paint over the fabric using a brush, let dry.

    If you are working on a large chair like this one, as you work, you may have to spritz the fabric again if it has gotten dry. Once one coat is applied, let it dry.

    Once dry, add another light coat if needed.

    how to paint upholstery with chalk paint

  3. Optional: Add a Layer of Wax

    You can leave the paint just as is on the fabric or it can be sealed with clear wax. Apply wax in a very thin coat, you don’t need much and then buff to work the wax into the fabric until you see a subtle sheen on the fabric.

  4. A Finished Chalk Painted Upholstered Chair

    Here is a close up view of an identical chair that she had painted a day earlier using French Linen. French Linen chalk paint on a upholstered chair

  5. Use the Chair as You Normally Would

    When sitting on the chair is only felt just a teeny bit stiff, but soft. I was quite surprised.  It will be fully dry in a few days depending on the air temp and humidity.

    Note: Once dry it will not rub off onto clothing when you sit on the chair.
    an upholstered chair painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint in French Linen

Chalk Painting Tips From Annie Sloan

The workshop was about 2 hours long, while Annie demonstrated how to paint the upholstered chair, she also gave us a few chalk paint tips.

Here are a few of the chalk painting takeaways from the workshop that I learned.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Paint Colors

Don’t like a certain chalk paint color? Or perhaps you think your project would look better with a unique red/pink color that isn’t available. 

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is designed to be mixed, so colors will never be muddy. Create the exact color you want by simply mixing the chalk paint colors together.

Painting Workshop with Annie Sloan

Start by mixing only a small amount at first. When you like the color, then make more to use on your project.

Use an Annie Sloan® Mix Mat 


If you are a newbie at color mixing, the color chart on the back side of the Mix Mat will help.

You may be asking, “What is a mix mat?”   It is ingenious and the first of its kind furniture painting accessory.

Inspired by the function of a traditional artist’s palette combined with the simplicity of a rolling tray. It allows you to be inventive and create your own paint colors by simply adding them to the mat and mixing them around until you like the color you see.

It evenly distributes the color onto brushes, rollers, and stamps.

It is made with a silicone-like material that holds paint on its surface without the paint running off. It is easy to wipe clean so it can be re-used again and again.

I ordered a Mix Mat when I got home from the trip since I mix paint colors ALL THE TIME.  I used to mix on a foam plate or in a jar, but the mix mat allows you a lot more room to play and get creative with color.   

Create Chippy Finishes With a Stirring Stick + Toilet Cleaner

Yep, you read that right.  If you want a very old layered and distressed finish on a piece of furniture you can do it with toilet cleaning bleach, the thick kind that coats the toilet bowl.

Once the coat of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is dry, squirt some toilet cleaning bleach in an area you want to look chippy. Let it sit on the painted surface for a short time. Then using the end of a wood paint stirring stick, chip away at the paint.

This technique is in the book,  Annie Sloan Paints Everything.  

The Right Brush Can Make a Difference


I have always used old t-shirts to apply and buff the clear wax finish. I have seen others use a wax brush, but up until now, I never have.

Well that is going to change…. after painting at the workshop, I am a convert. 

What I learned was that when using a brush to apply wax to chalk painted furniture, you dip the ends of the bristles into the can of wax. When you do this it picks up just the right amount of wax.  A simple wispy swirl onto the surface is all that is needed.

Annie also told us that when she applies the wax, she does it section by section. Adding wax to one area with the brush, buffs with a soft cloth and then adds wax to the next section, buffs and continues until the surface is covered.

Buffing Chalk Paint Wax

And one last tip.  I have always used old t-shirts to buff the wax finish.

Shopp Towels

What works even better are soft shop towels like these that you buy at the hardware store.  The surface of the towels is soft but they have a fine texture to them that shines the wax with a few quick buffs.

It was a very informative workshop that was worth attending.

Have you ever gone to a furniture painting class or workshop?

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  2. Abhishek Bittu says:

    your painting is really awesome.

  3. ekco kitchens says:

    I really love to paint old furniture of my house. Thank you for the great tips on painting

  4. I would love to paint some new side tables!

  5. Christy Jordan Keyton says:

    I have so much furniture to paint it is ridiculous,but I plan to do an old China cabinet next!

  6. I have a rocking chair that I rocked by babies in. Would love to “rock it up” with one of Annie Sloans’s techniques, and try out her paint. That wax brush looks intriguing! Thanks for sharing the link and your insights! Oh… and wouldn’t it be great to do this before grand babies come??

  7. Jeanne Sheridan says:

    I would like to paint an old wooden rocking horse for my granddaughter and try to make it resemble her favorite “My Little Pony”!

  8. I purchased a nightstand for our guest bedroom 3 years ago with the intention of painting it. About time!

  9. Ronda Manuel says:

    I love the information you posted on Annie Sloan, Paint Everything… I went to your page because I am planning to paint my 10 year old bedroom set that had converted from crib/toddler/full size bed and wanted your tips for painting furniture. I have seen your previous post on painted items that I thought were beautiful. This will be my first time trying to paint any furniture and I am a little nervous…. Thanks for the post. Ronda Manuel

  10. Emily Bailey says:

    Toilet bowl cleaner, huh? I’ll have to try that!! I literally paint EVERYTHING!!! My husband gets annoyed but it’s so relaxing for me. I have an antique buffet with hutch I’m dying to redo along with a few dressers. I haven’t yet used ASCP but would love to in the very near future. I would love her book also. Sounds like she has great tips and tricks that I need to know!!

  11. Amanda Pennington says:

    I have a tiny dresser for my daughter that needs some love!

  12. Teresa McPherson says:

    I have used Annie sloan paint on furniture and would love to paint a fabric chair I haven’t worked up the nerve yet.. lol I also attended the French Country Flea Market in Tallahassee but didn’t have a chance to do the class with Annie Sloan so winning her book would be the next closest thing… ?

  13. Lynn George says:

    I have a buffet that I turned into a console for the TV and would love to possibly paint with Anne Sloan’s new color Lem Lem. Would just love to have her new book!!

  14. Thank you for the great tips on painting. There are quite a few things I want (and need) to paint in my home. They are the trunk in my bedroom, and the walls in my bathroom which is about to be remodeled beginning next week! YAY! I also need to paint a display unit and small shelf in the same bathroom. I would love to give Annie Sloan paint a try. It looks and sounds fantastic and just what I need.

  15. Susie Summerlin says:

    I would like to paint my Moms china cabinet for her.

  16. Lisa Ronan says:

    Looks like you had a fantastic time! I’m seriously considering painting my Johnston Benchwork chairs. I’ve been debating between slip covers and painting. I’m concerned that the textured fabric will show through?

  17. Margaret Schomaker says:

    I would love to paint our tall bookcases. Hubby made them in 1980 to match our dark nut woodwork in the family room. I have almost convinced him paint that white. Almost.

  18. Everything looks so beautiful! My next painting project is the cabinets in our in-law suite.

  19. Mary Kay Kolar says:

    I have a secretary desk I found for $10 that I’m going to paint with Arles. Thanks for the interesting and useful tips.

  20. Vicki Cotnoir says:

    I have a huge China Cabinet that I plan on painting! Thank you for the tips!

  21. The toilet bowl cleaner for chippy paint is a new one on me! wonder if it works on all paints or just chalk? Hmmm, might be some interesting experiments going on in the future. I’ve used paper shopping bags, torn into squares to smooth the paint finish before waxing, good to know I can use shop towels to buff. I want to paint a little vanity chair for my youngest granddaughter who is as crazy for vintage as I am! Thanks for the painting tips!

  22. Liz Merritt says:

    Thanks for all your great tips! I really enjoy your blog and creativity!

  23. Liz Merritt says:

    I am painting a dining room table and chairs for my daughter and granddaughter!

  24. I’am planning on painting a vintage curio cabinet after adding some molding and detail to it. Picked up some great tips after reading your post…Thanks!!

  25. Cheryl Shaw says:

    I am planning on painting the butcher block tops of my dining room table and chairs. Now after reading this article, I might paint my recliner!

  26. Sara Parriott says:

    I would like to paint some hand-me-down console tables. They aren’t overly detailed or interesting, just a long forgotten project. They were originally built to fit behind a sectional in an entertainment room and have a frosted glass top (that has a light hidden under it). These tables have been unfinished MDF for over 10 years. They were never finished because they were hidden behind the couch and so little was seen. Now we’ve adopted them from down-sizing parents and one landed in our dining room.

  27. Rene Lynch says:

    I was fortunate enough to attend the French country fleamarket on Friday as well as the Annie Sloan furniture painting class. She was so warm and encouraging. I learned a lot from her and have two huge projects I plan to tackle between now and Christmas. I have an armoire and a provincial style dresser that I will be painting in Louis blue followed by washes of Paris gray, Provence, and pure white. I hope it turns out!

  28. Wow! How exciting to attend a workshop with Annie Sloan! I’m envious! I have used AS Chalk paint a few times using only one color. I would love to try some of the other techniques when I paint an old trunk

  29. Would love to know if you’ll achieve the same results painting upholstery if using another brand of chalk paint and only using water to dampen the material.

    Love your blog!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Suzy – Good question. I have never used any chalk paint to paint upholstery, only craft paint mixed with fabric medium. I do think though that you can use any brand since they all have a chalk additive to them that qualifies them as chalk paint. Maybe you can test it out on a scrap piece of fabric, before trying it on a large piece.

  30. My next project is a chair that I use at my sewing table. It is an old wooden folding chair and I am going to paint it to match my table that I did several months ago.

  31. Carolyn Kennedy says:

    I learned a lot from you. I just did a chair in a teal color chalk paint but now I know I need to use some wax to give it a finish look. I am glad I waited. I want to do another chair and small round table. I will get the towels and brush. I have other items i want to do also. I am hooked!

  32. Patty Wilkey says:

    I have a beautiful headboard I would like to mix colors on. Mixing colors has always been exciting to me. Maybe use one of Annie’s new techniques.

  33. I’ve never painted fabric but would like to jump off the plank and try it!!

  34. Carol Berry says:

    I have a couple of antique frames i want to paint black and silver.

  35. Louise Ballenger-Abel says:

    I have an old Grandmother clock that I found at the curb for giveaway in my neighborhood! It is just precious but the wood is not expensive, so I would love to paint it. Needing ideas of whether to go funky, or French cottage, or traditional.

  36. Margaret Mitchell says:

    Need to neutralize my pink chair! Love lemlem colour

  37. Margaret Mitchell says:

    A blushing pink chair that needs to be more neutral!

  38. Sally Berbert says:

    I have a mirror that I would love to give a special finish to. I’ve used Annie Sloan paint before and love the colors.

  39. Pamela Fife says:

    I would love to try this paint on a lovely wing back chair I bought in a “junk” store. I took it to my houseboat to use but it was not working out there so it came back to my home and it needs to be recovered or painted. I want to paint it because the fabric is pristine and its the color that is all wrong for my taste. I bet it would turn out fabulous if it were painted. I want to head in that direction.

  40. My coffee table! It’s long overdue. It’s a cute round with claw feet but paint will bring it into this century!
    Thanks for the contest!

  41. Kimberly McKiernan says:

    I want to paint an old fabric love seat that needs updating. Your articles about the French Country Flea Market are so inspiring.

  42. Sylvia Fohlin says:

    My daughter just received a “new” used bed frame. We’re planning on painting it for/with her. This is a great technique that I would love to use on her bed and I think she would enjoy being a part of it.

  43. Laurie Haston says:

    As our three adult children have moved out, I have painted lots of dressers, table and chairs, and nightstands, etc to help furniture their new “homes”. But personally I love to paint old frame. Thanks!

  44. I would love to paint and distress a corner table in my dining room!

  45. Belinda Lewis says:

    Would love to paint my dining room table and chairs.

  46. Madeleine Ward says:

    How about the kitchen sink?

  47. I have painted a headboard and a picture frame. Im going to paint a couple of lamps next.

  48. JANE RUBINO says:

    OMGosh! What a wonderful experience, Diane! I would love to paint an old club chair and ottoman a pretty pale pink. Still loving your posts <3

  49. My dining room table – again. It is purple and since I painted 2 years ago, it has had a hot iron on it that bubbled up the finishes.

  50. would love to give my cabin bedroom furniture an update, this paint would be perfect!

  51. After reading your post, I’m feeling brave enough to paint a cloth chair with chalk paint! I’ve already done numerous furniture pieces and my kitchen cabinets with it, but next time I will try the brush and cloths you recommend for the wax. Thanks.

  52. Wow! I’ve got so much old furniture in storage I don’t know where I’d start!

  53. I have a drop-leaf table that my mother’s parents set up housekeeping with back in 1929 that needs some love. It is a precious family heirloom that I would like to make beautiful once again…


    I have a buffet in my dining area that is an ugly yellowish color. It’s been asking me to paint it for months so I finally put it on my to-do list. I love all things Annie Sloan so it’s so exciting for me that you got to see her in person. Talk about a bucket list item! Can’t wait to read her new book!

  55. Would love to paint an old marble topped coffe tabl…not the marble top LOL but the frame…give It a fresh look. Also, try painting fabric of a chair I bought and intended to have reupholstered and never did. A nice sunny yellow is just the ticket!!!

  56. Tam Burnette says:

    Painting cloth on furniture; that’s exciting because to upholster a piece can be very expensive. I’d love to paint an old dark stained hutch in my kitchen to brighten up the space. Your kitchen looks so bright and cheerful after the transformation. I know you are enjoying it.

  57. I have a beautiful square coffee table with great beveled legs. It’s currently a blonde pine. I can’t wait to do something to it.

  58. Carol horton says:

    I would love to paint my bedroom and dining room furniture.

  59. Pamela Tricquet says:

    Annie inspires me to paint everything!!!!

  60. Diane Mitchell says:

    There are so many things I would love to paint but I think I will do an antique buffet that needs some love first!

  61. Karen Howard says:

    I have a 3-drawer dresser that my mother bought for me when I was about 10 years old. That was many years ago, and I’d like to give it a new life.

  62. I have 2 end tables and a couch table I would lie to paint. They are a pine color.

  63. Kathleen Selaiden says:

    Kathy says

    I’m an idiot when it comes to diy. Whole house needs paint

  64. I would like to update some of our living room furniture with a coat of white paint to lighten things up! Thank you for the giveaway!

  65. I want to paint the upholstery and wood on a cane accented chair I picked up quite awhile ago. I have been afraid to tackle it until now. Your post is inspiring Diane.

  66. Beth Garland says:

    I have a small handmade table that I bought from a friend’s moving sale. It’s in my kitchen and holds my husband’s blood pressure machine and diabetic testing supplies so he can reach them at the dining table first thing in the morning. It has a thick coat of black paint…..I would love to update with a brighter color.

  67. I would like to try to chalk paint an entry table that is currently made of oak and is the regular oak color. I’ve always wanted to try chalk paint!

  68. Janet Caldwell says:

    I’d like to paint an old upholstered chair that was my grandma’s and is now in my daughter’s room. Very well made, but ugly 1980’s gold! LOL

  69. Laurie Perry says:

    I would like to paint some frames that are oak. I have been slowly getting rid of all my oak pieces. I have never tried to paint furniture but would love to learn.

  70. I would like to tackle a sofa. I know that is a huge project but the sofa has got to go, one way or another.

  71. Diane Bennett says:

    I would like to paint a very dark, very old cedar chest and use Annie’s black wax on it. Color is optional, but I like lem-lem.

  72. Beth Fagundes says:

    I was given an old small buffet cupboard that serves as my coffee bar/tablecloth holder right now that is in desperate need of a face lift!
    I love to paint furniture but I have not been very brave. I am learning to spread my wings and try new things.

  73. I have a pine dry sink with an unfortunate 90’s “antiqued” and decoupaged finish that desperately needs a re-do!

  74. Hi Diane,
    I have two 8×8 ft canvas roman shades covering very large windows. There are southwestern colored brushed strokes sporadically through the fabric. I purchased these shades in the 80’s and presently do not reflect my current decor and would be very expensive to replace. I have been wanting to paint out the colored brush strokes after I read your post on painting your flowered chair. I even bought the fabric medium but did not follow thru on the project out of fear of failure. Now I am wondering if the Ann Sloan Chalk paint would be a good alternative as I only want to paint out the pastel colored brush strokes with a canvas color that will match the current background and not the whole surface of the roman shade. What do you think?

  75. I have a similar chair I would love to paint! Winning the book would be wonderful!

  76. Karen McCarty says:

    I have two dark bookcases in my family room that I have had over 20 years. I want them to not be dark. I have tried to chalk paint but it was not good. Bad paint (not AS) and bad technique (me)..I have reference books for all kinds of things. I would love this book. Also can I just tell you how much I love your blog. I would have loved to have been a fly on your wall when you painted your lichen cabinets. I love love love your kitchen.

  77. I have what is going to be a beautiful buffet that I am waiting to paint!

  78. I have many things that need new life that fresh paint brings.
    First on the list would be our night stands…..they are shiny dark brown and they need updating!

  79. Thanks for sharing Annie’s tips! So many projects–not enough time! I’m thinking next will be to tackle painting my kitchen island, and if successful, the rest of my kitchen will follow.

  80. Karen Parrish says:

    I have a dresser that I would like to transform with Annie Sloan paint. I love your blog and your practical and realistic approach to every project.

  81. I would paint my inherited grandmothers desk, to give it new life in my home.

  82. mary heicher says:

    My bedroom dressers, they really need an update.
    I’d like to go white with a blue top, to lighten up my bedroom.
    They’re from the post dinosaur period lol, really dark wood.

  83. Hey Diane, I’m so jealous and wishing I had been with you at the French Country Flee Market event. I’ve got a ton of stuff in my home I would like to put chalk paint on. The tough part comes when it’s time to do the distressing. I would need the book to help with that. Your frame looks great. Vikki in VA.

  84. I have two small Drexel 2-drawer chests that were my grandmother’s. I have always loved them, but the finish and style are different from everything else in our home. I’m thinking that if I just lighten them up with paint, they could work in my guest bedroom as bedside tables/chests.

  85. I have an end table in the living room, kitchen chairs, a dresser in my art studio. pretty much everything that isn’t moving. ;)

  86. Kathleen K says:

    Dining room chairs, breakfast table, occasional chairs in the living room, need I go on?

  87. I’d love to try painting an upholstered chair with these new tips! Much easier than reupholstering!

  88. Sandra Riley says:

    I have a lovely old table hand made by a distant relation, that I would love to freshen up!

  89. I have been waiting to paint two bar stools. I went to a local store for a paint class on a Sunday afternoon, and saw that they had a sample chair displayed. I can’t convince my husband that it would be a good idea to paint the chairs. Thanks for offering a book giveaway. I do hope I win. I love painted furniture, my kitchen set and coffee bar are painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

  90. I have a telephone table that I picked up on the side of the road that I want to paint. You are my favorite blog, Diane! You always have such wonderful ideas and complete directions on how to do them.

  91. Oh, where to start! I have a jewelry cabinet and another cabinet in our bedroom that I would like to paint and I’m toying with the idea of painting my sewing cabinet. As I was reading about painting fabric, I’m wondering about painting a couple of pillow covers I have that are still in good shape, but have faded. I think Lem Lem might look great on them!

  92. Anne Williams says:

    I have a small chest of drawers that I’d like to make into a bathroom sink vanity, since I have no storage there. I have a beautiful turquoise, silver and dark gray rug to coordinate with.
    I’d love to read and be inspired by that book!

  93. Gloria Gawa says:

    I have an old oak dresser that I found free on the side of the road that I have been saving for a special project, but then again I have a lot of treasures I need to paint. I figured I would use the bottom of dresser for a nightstand since my bed is very high and use the mirror part on the wall after I paint with chalkboard paint. You inspire me and I love your ideas.

  94. patty reed-pederson says:

    I want to paint the seat and back of a desk chair that does not match anything currently

  95. DonnaMarie says:

    I have a foot stool, old vanity bench, small bookcase and an upholstered chair similar to the one in this post that I want to paint. I’d love that book! Thanks for sharing so many painting tips, Diane.

  96. I would love to read that book! I have used her paint in the past and love it. Had no idea you could paint fabric though!

  97. Cathy Cavagnaro says:

    There is a cabinet on my patio that my husband calls “the toad”, so you can imagine what it looks like. It is so us.eful for storing the unbreakable outside dishes. I would like to paint it so that others see the beauty that I do.

  98. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I would like to paint a little bench/step stool my daddy made plus a bunch more. A tall bookcase he made and some old end tables and a telephone table they bought second hand, when I was a very young girl, after one of our last moves from the Navy.

    Did you see any damage in Tallahassee from Irma?

  99. Margaret L Treadwell says:

    I would love to paint an upholstered ottoman. I recently reupholstered a chair and NEVER want to do that again! Painting will be the way to go!

  100. Have a corner cabinet …a kijiji find here in Canada that has been waiting for a makeover!

  101. Amy westerman says:

    I am going to paint two dressers!

  102. Irene Marquis says:

    I would like to paint everything!

  103. I have an old antique China hutch I inherited from my grandmother that is dark and oppressive, I’ve been thinking of painting it to give it new love and life!

  104. I would paint the fabric on my vanity bench, instead of recovering it. Brand new to Chalk Paint and can’t wait to get started.

  105. I would like to paint the nightstands in my bedroom.

  106. I will be keeping an eye out for an upholstered piece to paint. That looks great. Thanks for sharing. Tallahassee is so close to my home town, and I didn’t even know about this event.

  107. I’d love to attempt a velvet chair and some pillows. So many ideas and the book would open up so many more. Thank you for the opportunity!

  108. I have a chair that I would love to paint!

  109. I’m inspired to paint a chair !!! I can hardly wait. Thank you for all the fun ideas.

  110. Bonnie Witmyer says:

    Hi! I will be painting two small bedside dressers for my daughter and son-in-law. Then I will be painting a tall dresser for my son. Their styles are completely different. I need to shorten my learn-as-you-go techniques.

    I also have a lovely old glass paned door that was on the front of something. The lady at the neighborhood yard sale just wanted to get rid of it! So, I’m going to paint it, then put a mirror behind the glass. I’m worried about the intricate woodwork at the top and how to paint it and keep the glass clean since there’s not room for paint tape. Lots of projects to do for birthdays and Christmas gifts! Looking forward to these projects of love!

  111. Carol Ryan says:

    The furniture in our farm house, comfortable and the right shapes and sizes as they are, need refreshing if not changing and the more I look around for replacements the more I see what good quality the old faithfuls are. They don’t need replacing! They need refurbishing! Now I know that I can handle painting them with the enthusiasm I have for Anne Sloan Chalk Paint and the window that has given me into possibilities. Awesome inspiration and with book. The sky is the limit.

  112. Mary Kaiser says:

    I have a whole stash of old things that I have purchased at the thrift store. My husband thinks I am totally crazy. I asked him who is the crazy one? You married me! I need this book to prove to him that I am not the only crazy person in the world buy old things and giving them new life with paint.

  113. Nha dep so says:

    I bought a wood table 3 months ago, and intend to paint it again. Then i see your post, I have so enjoyed with all the tips. Thanks a lot!

  114. Diana Kremenliff says:

    I have a rocker received from my husband after I had our first child. Two more came along after that and they were all rocked in that rocker. That rocker has such sentimental value to me but I’d love to update it with a new paint color. I now have 5 grandchildren and love to rock them in the chair their parents were rocked in. Annie Sloan has beautiful paint colors and I would love learn how to mix them for a unique color for the rocker.

  115. Norma Rolader says:

    I have 2 queen ann chairs I would love to try and paint … I have so enjoyed this post very much with all your information and tips Thank you so much and God bless

  116. This was so fun and inspiring, Dianne! I’m excited to try and paint something already- I have an old wooden magazine/book rack that has been sitting and staring at me for a year now, with a drab, brown, lifeless expression… I’d love to try some of these techniques on it to see if I can give it some spunk! :)

  117. I have a cute little two drawer dresser with curvy drawer fronts and wooden wheels I want to paint to use as a bedside table in my guest room!

  118. I have a bachelor’s dresser that I would like to paint for my bedroom. I’ve been undecided if I wanted to paint or stain, however after viewing your post I definitely want to paint. Thanks for the inspiration!

  119. I have a dining set that I want to paint. Or my front and back doors. Or…hmm, so many things… :)

  120. Sandy Fisher says:

    I bought a chair at the Brimfield Fair years ago to paint a wonderful blue. I haven’t seen any paint that could paint the entire chair,wood and padded seat. This sounds exactly like what would work beautifully. Saturday will be my 70th birthday so maybe there’s a bit of luck for me there?
    Thank you Dianne for the opportunity to win this book. I know I would love it!

  121. Ila Holligan says:

    Just read all of your informative tips on fabric painting. Would love to know more because my sister just purchased 2 chairs to paint and she always ask for my help !

  122. Stephanie says:

    I recently inherited 2 boxes of my late mother’s Christmas houses. I plan to paint an old small step ladder & 3 boards to display the houses.

  123. kathi shelley says:

    I want to paint the futon in my family room and make it look like denim fabric. It’s patterned and ug-leeee!

  124. Regina Harrison says:

    I plan to paint our bedroom dresser and an old (not antique) armoire. I’d like to apply a “chippy” finish to the armoire to give the appearance of layers and layers of chipped paint applied over decades. I have NO clue how to make that type of finish happen. Can’t wait to get going on it!

  125. I’d love to paint my kitchen cabinets with chalk paint.

  126. Laura Bervig says:

    My son’s old sleigh bed! Love Annie Sloan, got to see her several years ago when she was in Denver!

  127. I love your home decorating and your site. I’ve been wanting to try this chalk paint but wasn’t exactly sure how it would work on furniture. Thanks for all the info. Will definitely try it.

  128. Dee gibbon says:

    My brown sofa would look better in gray.

  129. I have an old bookcase in my garage that’s been waiting for a makeover! I have plans to pretty it up so I can use it for storage in my sewing room. I would love to use Annie Sloan’s paint to give it the perfect finish!

  130. Hi Diane, my project will be two diy firsts for me.
    I will be making a frame around the builder boring
    mirror in the master bath and paint in with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint. Winning her book would be the cherry on the sundae! I really enjoy your blog. Your ideas are so real and clever. Thanks for a great job!

  131. I have two built in cabinets in my den. I have been intrigued by chalk paint for some time but haven’t tried anything large yet.

  132. Thanks for the great tips. I am ready to paint two night stands, but can’t decide if I want to use a vibrant pop of color, or something serene. I will take the plunge soon!

  133. My next project will be my dining table. LOVE her paints.

  134. Diane, your blog is my favorite Thank you for sharing the tips you learned at the workshop. I have a Chippendale style chair I would like to paint.

  135. I have a entryway table that need to be updated and painted.

  136. debra phillips says:

    thank you for all these tips, who knew?!
    on my waiting list is outdoor patio furniture, the fabric & the frames

  137. Anne Marie says:

    I have an old hutch that I would love to paint with chalk paint and use it in my sewing room to store fabric.

  138. Hi Diane.

    I have five or six pieces in my garage waiting for a makeover. I love all the ASCP painting tips.

  139. I have a few pieces that have been hanging out in my basement for years waiting for a new lease on life. But I would like to help my friend paint her hutch the most. I’m a firm believer in what you do for others will get returned to you ten fold. It’s a dark pine so we will need all the help we can get!

  140. I have a built in dresser area in a spare bedroom that is stained wood. It’s sort of a maple color. I think it would be so pretty painted with chalk paint. Just bought a new quilt and dust ruffle for the bed. Next is paint! Changing the maple wood to a painted surface would be a great update for the room. I have never used Annie Sloan but know it’s awesome paint. Would love to give it a try! The book would be a great resource, I’m sure.

  141. Pam clark says:

    My next painting project is a pair of leather/vinyl chairs. They are dark red. I’m going to use Annie Sloan Florence.

  142. Carla from Kansas says:

    I have a new to me chair from someone who was down sizing. Love the chair but doesn’t match anything. So I want to try painting upholstery.

  143. Thank you for sharing your inspiring projects! I would love to see what an old piano would look like painted!

  144. Diane, I’m so glad you enjoyed your time in Tallahassee! We’re so blessed to live in such a beautiful area. (The weather, however, is a different matter, lol.)
    I have a small table that needs a lot of love- I found it last year in the garden shed when we moved into our new house. And if I can find the courage to do it, I’ll paint an armchair that we love, but just does not go with the rest of our furniture.

  145. I would love to paint 2 dressers, one for each of my daughter’s rooms. With a third on the way I would love to do a purple and white dresser for my current youngest’s big girl room and a sweet pink for the oldest. Thanks!

  146. Oh! What fun! It looks like you had a great time. I would really love to paint some old bookshelves that have seen better days.

  147. I want to try my hand at painting upholstery. I have a chair that would look great painted with chalk paint.

  148. Pat Ombrello says:

    I have been a chicken about painting my grandmother’s wingback chair. Even with your own fail safe method. Maybe a go round with Annie Sloan’s direction will empower me to tackle a really special project!
    So glad you were able to experience Sweet South Cottage and Farms and share with us.

  149. Sonja Spiers says:

    I would like to re-paint my bedside tables. I had already painted them with an old white DIY chalk paint and waxed them, but the tops mark easily (coffee, tea stains – my husband has PD so sometimes spills things ?). I’m in Australia, so not sure if I can enter, but here’s hoping. I really enjoy your blog and get lots of helpful information from it.

  150. I look forward to your posts! I always feel so inspired after reading (and it’s not just from the coffee). I was headed to paint a shelf for our bathroom when I got this post. Honestly, I have many pieces that I want to paint, three dressers, two nightstands and a metal file cabinet. I need a book about painting everything, because I want to paint everything in my home. Thank you for the chance to win it! Thanks also for sharing the story and pictures of your trip. I wanna go next year!

  151. I have an end table that I would love to repaint. I did once before after taking a chalk painting class but never really liked how distressed it came out. I would love to repaint it!

    How wonderful to be able to take a class with Anne Sloan, sounds like it was a wonderful trip.

  152. I want to add some “oomph” to our kitchen table set so I’d like to paint the chairs and leave the table natural. Annie Sloan paint would be just the paint to tackle this job. Thanks for the opportunity.

  153. Kathy Thompson says:

    My antique Secretary desk needs a new color!

  154. Wendy Sticovich says:

    I have a very dark Balinese type coffee table and dark dvd stands amongst beautiful red and green furniture (sounds odd but they are beautiful pieces)
    I need to lighten my room and l am wanting to paint the darker coffee table and dvd stands then continue to the kitchen to paint the chairs.
    I have no idea how to do this and l keep looking up how to do paint with chalk paint .
    Friends have told me l am mad to paint over dark wood but looking at your post l am positive that l can do it! and if l don’t like it l am sure that l can repaint again?
    Would love to win this book to help me.

  155. I have 3 end tables that need paint—pick me! Thank you for the giveaway.

  156. Susan Verbaan says:

    Hi Diane,
    Love your creativity. Wish I had your
    strong work ethic. I get around to a few things but would not tackle the big projects you do so well.
    I would like the repaint a three drawer dresser that’s in my living room for
    Sundries- candles, napkins placemats
    etc. it is black now and I would like
    To brighten it up. Thanks. Sue Verbaan

  157. Hi Diane
    What a great opportunity to meet Annie Sloan! Would love to attend something like that someday. I’m debating on whether to paint our old dated oak kitchen cabinets, or a cabinet that would make a great side table.

  158. Hi Diane
    I want to do two projects. Both Massive. My kitchen cabs and a 1995 pine 3 piece honkin big entertainment unit. Cover an entire wall. Never have used chalk paint , I sat looking at all those sample pieces at the beginning and I am hooked. I want to do the entertainment unit in either the new green , or orange. Is anyone scared yet?
    Kitchen , white.

  159. Well I was thinking I wanted to paint an ugly pine armoire but now I want to paint the upholstery on a dated wingback settee!

  160. The project I would like to do is paint all my mismatched picture frames in coordinating colors instead of buying new!

  161. I would like to paint my nightstand.

  162. Have a beautiful chair I would like to try painting the upholstery on..looks less intimidating than reupholstering!!!

  163. Vicki Meredith says:

    I have tried your paint on small items, but would like to paint an old mahogany chest of drawers! My sister-in law has done several pieces of furniture including a whole bedroom suite. She said that it was so much easier with Annie Sloan chalk paint. Now I just have to decide what delicious color to use from your many selections of color.

  164. Ann Werries says:

    Wow did this post come at a good time! I just got interested in using “some type of paint” to re-do a 20 year old buffet/hutch that is currently a golden oak ish color and I’m really kind of tired of…..Want to paint it a dark green but had just started exploring how to do it…..This post has given me some ideas that this might be more possible that I thought! I haven’t painted furniture since I was a teenager, and now I’m 61….can this old, uh, dog learn some new tricks? I hope so!

  165. carol mays says:

    I have a dresser I really need to paint!! Would love the book to get some awesome ideas!

  166. Annette Clipman says:

    Hi Diane,

    I appreciate your creativity and willingness to share your creations with us. I would like to paint the granite fireplace surround. It is currently a deep hunter green and looks so out of date. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated as would winning the Annie Sloan book! Thank you for sharing your tips and budget solutions for decorating!


  167. Jackie P. says:

    Hey Diane, Yours is my favorite blog!! Your work is just amazing!!

  168. Carol Rushby says:

    I have wanted to paint my buffet, but have not felt confident enough to try. Annie Sloan’s book would help me through the process.

  169. I have repainted so many things my home! I just finished a “new” king bed for our master bedroom. My entry could use a pop of color, so I’d love to try that new green color on our shoe bench!

  170. Kari Lynch-King says:

    Hi Diane,
    I would love to paint my old dresser from my childhood bedroom that I currently use in my guest room. It is over 50 years old and looking a little worn!! I think LemLem would be the perfect color!!!


  171. Sharon Eberlin says:

    I love Annie Sloan paint. Your trip looked amazing.

  172. Your trip sounds awesome! I have 3 chairs to paint and a round table for our front porch. Always enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for all the ideas!

  173. Sharon Hoham says:

    I would like to try painting my large garden plant holders. I have a variety of shapes and colors and would like to set a theme.

  174. Kathy Beemer says:

    I would love to win and start painting some old pallets I have for a wall project.

  175. I’d love to get a piece of upholstered furniture to paint (our thrift stores have great finds at times).

  176. Nancy Helgeson says:

    HI Diane,

    I have a large entertainment/book case that I have been wanting to paint for long time. It was made in Mexico, and fit in perfectly when I first moved into my house…. but it desperately needs updating now! It is the main focal point of my small living room.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with Annie Sloan, and for including me in your draw for the give-away of her book! I would love it, and put it to great use!

  177. Mary Jane Sapko says:

    I love Annie Sloan paint!! I would like to paint an old oak rocking chair.

    Love your Blog!!

    Mary Jane

  178. Hi Diane, love your blog! I just put together some honeycomb shelves from pallet wood that would look amazing with some color! Thanks for the giveaway!

  179. I have been debating about painting or slip covering an old floral chair. Chalk paint seems like the perfect solution. Thanks for all of the great information!

  180. I’ve used Annie Sloan paint on quite a few projects. Even took a class at our local stockist. I highly recommend taking a class for the inspiration alone. My next AS project is my dining room table. Veneer so bad it cannot be repaired, so I’m going to give the crackle effect a try for the top. Eek, that’s a real nail biter just thinking about it. I always struggle with the wax, so thanks for your tips. I do use a wax brush, but I think I still put on too much. The shop rags on a roll are a great idea! This latest AS book would be a welcome addition to my small collection of her books. Thanks for the opportunity!

  181. That sounds like a fun trip. I would like to paint my kitchen chairs. They are currently sprayed black but I think mixing up the colors could be fun.

  182. The use of toilet bowl cleaner on painted furniture, mentioned at the beginning of your post, is intriguing. Tell me more about that, please! I have 2 small tables and a couple of old kitchen chairs I want to paint.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Pam – When I was at the workshop, Annie showed us slides of a dresser that she used the toilet bowl cleaner on. It eats away the paint as a paint stripper would, but in a less invasive way. When you use the end of the paint stirrer to remove some of the paint, it reveals the undercoat and wood. It looks like natural aging. I believe the project is in the new book, the one that I am giving away.

  183. Connie Carter says:

    I have a chair that I would like to paint. Never tried Annie Sloans paint but would love to. Thank you

  184. I rescued a piece of furniture that was most likely going to the junk yard. It is about the size of an end table with two small doors and unbelievable trim detail.

  185. Hi there.. love that you were able to go to Annie Sloan’s workshop. I am definitely going to paint my grandmother’s upholstered chair! Can’t wait. Thanks for sharing all those tips!

  186. maureen hughes says:

    Oh, you are so lucky to have been able to go to this workshop. I am turning green. LOL I have a beautiful elaborately carved antique table and 4 chairs, 2 upholstered chairs that I have plans to paint with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I have already purchased a qt of Old Ochre but don’t want to start until I get another can, so I don’t have to stop mid way through. Thanks so much for making this giveaway available!

  187. I’d like to paint my nightstands.

  188. Hi Diane! I’m a long time subscriber and SO enjoy reading and learning from your posts. I need this book in the worse way. I feel like it will “hold my hand” so to speak. I have an old bed frame that has been painted black that I would like to refinish. I need to do it soon so I can set up the bed in my guest room. Thank you!

  189. Lorie Shuck says:

    I’m about to attempt my first chalk paint project, the book would be a help!

  190. What an exciting trip you had. Then to add Annie Sloan’s paint class with all her valuable insight on using her paint and her technique of painting. I loved that you were able to paint something and then ask questions with her there. Also, to be able to use her paint for fabric. Looking forward to buying and using some of her products on small wood pieces I have. Please keep us posted when you are using Annie Sloan’s chalk paint.

  191. I want to paint my pottery barn Napolean chairs. They are Teal and I want a new soft white look. Great that you had the opportunity to go to this workshop!

  192. I would love to paint the TV armoire that was the first piece of furniture my husband and I bought when we married in 1989. Its a nice piece but very outdated. My husband removed all of the shelving from the inside and made it a small “office/craft space ” for me! I love it but would really love to give the outside a face lift!!

  193. Ruth Mulhall says:

    I want to paint an old sewing machine cabinet and use it as an accent table. I am also dying to try fabric painting on an old chair of my grandmother’s. I sure could use this book. Thanks so much for the tips!

  194. I have some very old art frames that need painting. They look as though the could be beautiful if done properly but right now they look old and worn. I would definitely like to try giving them some new life.

  195. I have a couple of nightstand that I would like to try painting. I have been intrigued with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for a few years now. Thanks for the tips and giveaway!

  196. Robin Haney says:

    Hi Diane!
    I have never left a comment on your post but I must tell you I so look forward to your blog showing up in my Inbox each week! So, I want to paint everything, just like Annie! I am a newbie with chalk paint but have been an avid DIYer before we had all the cool products, tools and social media to share it all with!

    What I would paint:
    -bathroom cabinets (3 bathrooms, actually…!)
    -a curvy, elegant dresser that is currently veneer, but she has great bones! ?
    -a wooden chair AND the upholstered cushions
    -a wooden desk that the above mentioned chair sits in front of
    -perhaps even my drop cloth curtains in my dining room!

    So, thats a start anyway! Thanks for sharing your experience and tips!

  197. Dina Rainer says:

    For years, I have wanted to paint my buffet…
    But I could never make up my mind, how to start.

  198. Marcia Hollon says:

    I have been wanting to try painting an d wing chair. I love the chait because it is just the right size but it is an awful color.


    Fun videos & encouraging “tips & how-to’s”. I wish to paint 8 alder & maple wood dining chairs and the trestle-style table in the dining room. I have thought a soft & warm green tone to complement linens; silk floral arrangement; and a painting that hangs on a wall in the same room. It would be my first project painting furniture; a bit scared of the outcome.


      Fun videos & encouraging “tips & how-to’s”. I wish to paint 8 alder & maple wood dining chairs and the trestle-style table in the dining room. I have thought a soft & warm green tone to complement linens; silk floral arrangement; and a painting that hangs on a wall in the same room. That “Lem Lem green” looks like a good match for my dreams. It would be my first project painting furniture; a bit scared of the outcome.

  200. Janice Green says:

    I am reluctant, but wanting, to paint my cedar chest. It looks like a pirate chest with a dark walnut stain on it. I have it at the foot of my new bed, which is a light honey stain. Of course, it doesn’t match. But I want to chalk paint it a medium blue (similar to Rain by Sherwin Williams). Keep putting it off, but soon I may get the nerve.

  201. I really want to paint my mantel, just need a push to do it. This book might be what I need! Thanks!

  202. Kathryn H. says:

    I actually have 2 projects. An old cabinet that I need to help organize my beads and a armless chair that really needs reupholstered by want to try painting the fabric instead. Thank you for sharing your experience and giving me an opportunity to try something new!

  203. Feriba Grimes says:

    I would like to paint my old treadmill sewing machine cabinet

  204. Claudia Hughes says:

    Love your blog! I am going to paint my mother’s chairs. She is ready to toss them but i am going to show her how they can be improved with Annie Sloan paint. I am so excited!!

  205. I have my grandmothers old upholstered chair and would love to transform it!!

  206. stacie robertson says:

    I want to use it on my kitchen cabinets.

  207. Jodie Rocha says:

    I wish to paint my great grandmothers telephone table to add as a side table in our guest bedroom
    I’ve purchased the paint just haven’t mustered up the courage to apply it yet!

  208. d j fryer says:

    I have an old chair I need to cover but I could afford to paint it .

  209. Let’s see…. I have 4 end tables, a buffet, and a nightstand that I have “plans” to paint…oh, and a 1970s era console stereo, too! Uh, so I could use the inspiration/impetus to get my booty into gear and get started painting! Love this post! Well, I love all your posts because I love your style!

  210. Sue Bennett says:

    I inherited an old Mission style rocker. It has an old upholstered seat with the metal springs. Would love to give it an old chippy paint look and reupholster the seat.

  211. What would I like to paint? How about just about EVERYTHING!!! I have an old dresser that I use as a buffet. For years I’ve planned on staining the top and painting/distressing the bottom. Two sets of dining room chairs are also on the list along with numerous small projects. Also researching chalk paint for bathroom cabinets. Hmmmm, now that I’ve read your article about painting upholstery, I’m considering my ugly sofa and loveseat (which are currently a lovely shade of dirt brown). The only thing holding me back is fear!! Well, maybe time, too. But mostly fear!


  213. Felicia Sharples says:

    I have so many things that I want to paint…I feel like my whole house needs to be refreshed. But I’d probably start with two end tables in a fun color – give my family room a little makeover:-)

  214. Mary Milnarich says:

    I need to paint an old dresser and mirror .

  215. What an inspiring post! I have a beautiful vintage chair I’d love to transform for my new granddaughter! The upholstery bids I’ve received are far more than the chair is worth, so this would be a great solution!!!

  216. I have an old campaign chest that I want to redo , and I love the idea of mixing my own color. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  217. Diane, I have a faux oak entertainment center that I have brushed on several colors of paint, auditioning them for my great room. I decided I would randomly add several coordinating colors here and there, and then choose a final color for the top coat and distress it to show the other colors underneath…..well, I’m at a stand still because I don’t know how to proceed with it! One entire side panel is done in one of Annie’s chalk paints, and waxed already…I like it that way but I want/NEED to finish the rest of it. I could sure use that book! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  218. Judy Spivey says:

    I would love to paint an old “Hope Chest” that I purchased at a flea market in Birmingham. I am using it as a coffee table right now. I know it can be prettier with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

  219. Lou E Clifton says:

    I have a bow front china cabinet with glass in the middle and the side where the glass was broke I would like to something, not sure what

  220. I have a few pieces of furniture and some chairs that need a great paint job!

  221. Charisse Andrews says:

    I am in the process of purchasing an armoire on Craigslist and will want to paint it. Perfect timing!

  222. Laura Tveras says:

    Fantastic article! Love your site, too! Thanks for sharing your experience with Annie Sloan. Funny thing, I once had a shy and lovely little rescue chihuahua named Lemon. I always called her LemLem. Sweet girl, sweet color. I have an old credenza I’d love to paint and I believe I’ll try LemLem in my Lemon’s honor. Thank you again. I’ll be back!

  223. Cathy S Carroll says:

    What fun to be able to attend one of her sessions. Love all the great tips you shared. I have a set of ladder shelves I am needing to paint . Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  224. I would love to paint a desk that my father refinished for me years and years ago, but now needs a “facelift” after many years of love :-)

  225. Shay Moore says:

    I would love to paint an old dresser I have !

  226. Kimberly Bruhn says:

    I have painted a few pieces of upholstered furniture but I have a rather-dated but in good shape easy chair that I would love to try painting with ASCP. Her new book looks amazing!

  227. I have a beautiful oak chair that really needs a new lease on life – so I would definitely paint that!