HGTV Thrift Store Table Makeover

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It is Friday and I have a weeks worth of things to share with you that have been happening around me. All fun, pretty, and one extra special.

No. 1HGTV magazine furniture makeover

Have you seen the latest issue of HGTV Magazine?  When I turned to this page, I did a double take.

HGTV asks the question, Would you let this in your house?  My answer… a big YES!

HGTV thrift store furniture makeover

Back in May of 2012, I found a table exactly like the one in this month’s HGTV, ugly wheels and all. :-) You may remember it when I posted about it.

Furniture makeover using mirrors

HGTV made their table into a bar cart. I made mine into a side table with interchangeable color tops and mirrors. I still have it in my living room. You can read how I transformed mine in this post: Thrift Store Table 4 Ways! 

No. 2

Popular whit paint colors

You know how much I like decorating with white. White interior walls are on trend for 2016 so I gathered up a few of my faves that cost under $30 a gallon. You can find out all about them over on my latest post I wrote for My Colortopia.

No. 3

The Girl In the Pink Ribbon recipe for Strawberry Rubarb Pie

This recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp is yum…yum…yummo!  It also is… VERY extra special for me. If you click over you will see why and smile.  If you don’t make the connection, let me know and I will tell you. :-)

No. 4


Grace and Frankie – Season 2 on Netflix is on!  I binged watched up to Episode 9 so far. I plan to watch the rest over the weekend. Do you watch the show?

No. 5

Before and after Fireplace mantel makeover

A few weeks ago I posted how I transformed the fireplace and the brick wall in my living room. It is part of a Mantel Makeover Contest over on Angie’s List.  Thank you for voting. The contest is still running. It ends on May 20th.  You can vote once a day. If you have the time I would truly appreciate your vote. XO

Here is the link to vote: Before & After Fireplace Mantel Contest

Here is the link to see the post: Old Hutch Becomes French Country Fireplace Mantel

What are you up to this weekend?  I hope whatever you do, you have a good one!

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  1. I voted again!! Every time I see that fireplace with the white and wicker………ooOOOoo…. I just love it. It’s so peaceful, it’s on my dreamboard. :)

    1. Hi Cussot – Frankie has her own style and she rocks it. I saw Lily Tomlin on one of the late night shows a few weeks ago and her hair was short and curly. Made me wonder if her hair in the show is a wig?

  2. I voted for you. It worked alright for me.
    You impress me so much with the creativity you show in what you do.
    I’ve been a fan since the dresser makeover into the storage unit.
    Ps. I just about finished mine. Basket hunting for it at the moment.
    I’ve been hitting the thrift shops for them. I love eclectic , so different is good for me.
    I’m not really much into tv, other then bbc or pbs. Stuck on British drama lol.
    Love the views from your yard.Omg it’s gorgeous. Sorry rambling today. :)

    1. Hi Mary – Thank you so much for taking the time to vote. I really appreciate it. XO As for you basket hunt… I am sure you will find a few that will work well. It sounds like the dresser is going to look wonderful and best of all done in your own style. Thanks for reading.

  3. I would vote for you but when I get to Angies List I cannot find anything about the contest! Sorry! You are always a winner with me.

  4. The day Grace & Frankie was available, I binge watched every episode of the new season 2. Now I’ll have to wait a long time for season 3 but I just couldn’t stop watching. I hope this show runs for a long time.

  5. I also found a flea market bar cart that I painted a very cheery yellow with the intentions of selling it in a sale I had. It was the first thing to go!! I think I paid very close to the same amount as it was the last day of the sale. I was so proud of that little gem.

  6. I’ve seen your original post, and the one on Angie’s List a couple times now, but today is the first time I realized you also changed the walls to the sides of your fireplace! I love the white! And the straight up-and-down lines of the paneling are so much more calm and peaceful than the previous brick. Lovely, lovely transformation!

    1. Hi Jolene – Thank you so much. I will be doing a post soon about how I added the vertical panels to the side of the fireplace. I didn’t include it on the Angie’s List tutorial. Happy weekend.

  7. Love the mantle. You have a gift for re-purposing! The ugly TV cart transformation knocked me over! I liked the mirror top the best. I tried my hand at chalk painting once but wasn’t too happy with it. Then I saw a post from 2015 from one of your readers concerning the TV cart where she said to use POLYCRILIC wax. It never yellows or turns color. I’m feeling inspired again…Thanks Diane and thanks to your poster.

  8. Love, Love Love your blog/website! Let me guess, the girl in the pink ribbon–she’s one of your daughters? She has her Mama’s eyes and love of color, too!
    Hugs, Sophie

    1. Hi Sophie – You got it :-) The girl in the pink ribbon is my youngest daughter, Mandy. She loves to cook and bake and started a blog as a hobby. XO

  9. I loved watching Grace and Frankie! I’ll be catching up soon :) I had read that this show was cancelled!

    Good luck with the mantel contest. Have a great weekend.

  10. a wonderful project. You would have a good plan for it – you have more of the designer in you than I do, you keep me inspired to keep trying with my house!