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Choosing a Wood Floor Stain Color for My Kitchen & Living Room

If you are looking to refresh or refinish the hardwood floors in your home, I am in the process of having the floor in my kitchen and living room refinished. I am sharing ideas and tips that will help make choosing the stain color and finish easier.

This is Part 1 in in a 3 Part Series

Over the past 3 weeks, my house has been undergoing two “big home improvement projects”.  My usual modus operandi is to go back and forth between larger projects and smaller ones, but these two projects just hit at the same time and have been taking all my time and attention.

Both projects have involved the process of having to choose a color and not just for a piece of furniture, but for the exterior of my house and a new color for the hardwood floor in my kitchen and living room.  I am very excited about both projects and how they are turning out, but the process of choosing the right color can be a little stressful.

Kitchen with herringbone hardwood floor that has turned orange with age.

I recently shared with you my process on how I chose the color for the exterior of my house. It is all done. I love it and promise I will show you the AFTER soon.

This week, the herringbone patterned hardwood floor in my kitchen and living room is getting refinished and I needed to figure out what color I wanted it to be.

Usually Ed and I DIY our home improvement projects, but for both of these big projects we felt it was better to call in the pros.

Living room showing hardwood floor that has turned amber orange over time

Since the first day we moved into the house 3-1/2 years ago, I have wanted to get the floor in the kitchen and living room refinished. I love the unique herringbone pattern on the floor, but not the orange color.

Different shades of wood flooring in a home.

Once upon a time the floor probably had a more natural wood color, but the oil-based poly that sealed it yellowed with age and for my floor – took on an amber orange tone. That is not a color I like to use in my decorating, except maybe for a few weeks in the fall. :-)

In my previous house, we had the wood floor in the kitchen and mudroom refinished. It came out fine, but the process of sanding made a mess and the poly smell as it was applied and dried was pretty intense, which made it hard to stay in the house for a few days.

I knew I didn’t want to go through that process again and started doing research about hardwood floor refinishing. When at a home decorating conference last summer, I found out something I didn’t know.  You know Bona, the company that makes wood floor mops and floor cleaning products? Well the company does a whole lot more.

hardwood floor in a kitchen that has turned orange with age.

Bona also has wood floor refinishing services where they hand-pick and fully train floor refinishing contractors to learn The Bona System.

These contractors become Bona Certified Craftsmen and know how to protect your hardwood floors and bring out their natural beauty. They use a Dustless Sanding System and water-based, low VOC products that have little to no smell and dry fast.

The Bona System offers three services that will bring out the beauty in a hardwood floor, REVIVE, RESTORE or REFINISH.

The REVIVE treatment is called a spa day for your wood floors. The RESTORE treatment brings out the beauty in a lackluster floor.  My floor needed the REFINISH-ING treatment which is a total makeover.

To get the wood floor refinishing project underway, I found a local Bona Certified Craftsman in my area on the Bona website.

Greg Martin of Martin’s Floor Refinishing is who is refinishing my floor. About two weeks ago, he came to check out the floor in my living room and kitchen. While visiting, he helped me to choose the best color and finish for the floor and my decorating color scheme.

How to Choose Wood Floor Stain Color and Finish

There are many different stain color options for hardwood floors, so it’s important to think about the overall look and feel you want to have in your home. For example, dark stained floors can add drama and sophistication, while lighter stains can help make a room feel larger and more airy.

When it came down to choosing the color stain and finish for my wood floor, I knew I didn’t want a stain with red or amber orange tones. I also didn’t want too dark of a color.

Floor variations in a home from hardwood to brick to laminate.

I wanted something lighter, but that would still make a nice color transition between the various rooms on the first floor of my home that each have a different type of flooring.

Bona DriFast Wood Floor Stain Color Chart

Here is the Bona DriFast Stain Color Chart that I looked at to choose a few colors to sample on my floor.

Sampling Different Colors of Stain on My Actual Floor

Most popular wood stain colors being tested on a just sanded hardwood floor to be refinishedBona DriFast Stain colors from left to right: Grey, White, Provincial, 1/2 Grey + 1/2 Provincial, Sand Dune, 1/2 Grey + 1/2 Antique Brown, Natural, Antique Brown

Greg, the Bona Certified Craftsman who is refinishing my floors did a sampling of colors I told him I was interested in to help me make my wood stain color decision.

  • Every piece of wood will accept color differently – humidity levels, species of wood, type of stain, and what grade of sanding you did during preparations will all affect the finish. So always do lots of testing to make sure you like how the color looks on your wood floor.

He sanded an area of the floor and taped off boxes with painter’s tape. In each box he applied different colors of Bona stains I asked to see.

Sampling hardwood floor stain colors on actual floor

Wood Floor Color Stain TIP: When choosing a wood floor stain color, you can mix stains to come up with a custom color to fit your decor perfectly. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Greg did this for me and mixed Grey with Antique Brown and also Grey with Provincial.

Orange toned wood floor with oil-based polyurethane before getting refinished with the Bona Hardwood Floor Refinishing System

Seeing all the colors on the actual wood made it easier for me to choose which color I liked best.

What Color Wood Stain Did I Choose for My Floor?

I went with the Grey stain, but I still had another decision to make. I needed to pick a finish.

How To Choose a Wood Floor Finish

Did I want a shiny, satin, or a matte finish on my grey stained floor?

The type of polyurethane used (oil vs water-based polyurethane) can have a big impact on the color, especially for a very light floor.

  • Oil-based poly will be a bit darker and more amber.  Since I am trying to move away from this yellow/orange tone and opting for a lighter and more natural look, I am going with Bona’s water-based finish called Bona Traffic HD in a matte finish.

kitchen island on hardwood floorKitchen floor BEFORE getting the Bona REFINISH Treatment

I chose a matte finish for the reason that I didn’t want the sheen to hide the grain of the wood. A matte finish will also bring out the beauty of the herringbone pattern.

Paintable Textured Wallpaper in Kitchen

So goodbye amber orange toned floor.

Brick floor where it meets wood floor

I can’t wait to see how nicely the new grey stain with the water-based matte finish will look with the brick floor in my foyer and the luxury vinyl plank in the” hallway of darkness” and my Studioffice. 

Bona Certified Craftsman sanding a hardwood floor

Greg started the floor this week. It looks AMAZING so far. I will keep you posted on the progress.

If other Bona Certified Craftsmen are as knowledgeable and professional as Greg – you will get the best of the best when it is time to REVIVE, RESTORE or REFINISH the hardwood flooring in your home.

Inspired to do amazing things with your hardwood floors? Check out Bona’s flooring inspiration site and for even more hardwood floor ideas head on over to their Pinterest boards. 

Locate a Bona Certified Craftsman near you and rest easy knowing that your family and your floors will be in good hands.

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  1. Hi,

    Choosing a wood floor stain color can be one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to refinishing your hardwood floors.

  2. Good morning Diane:

    Such great tips and information today. I am so glad to learn about the Bona floor people. I live in Orangeburg, SC (about 55-60 miles away) so when I saw Lake Murray I was intrigued.

    I have a problem with all my kitchen and bathroom fixtures becoming corroded. I update most of my faucets through out my with dark bronze/brown fixtures. It looked great for a while but now my hard water is taking the finish off.
    Any idea other than replacing? I have well water, super terrific for watering grass and drinking, residue NOT

    1. Hi Tina – I know that you can paint fixtures with spray paint. It does work if you sand the metal, clean well, let dry and use a fe light coats of dark bronze Rustoleum spray paint. It may not last forever, but will make your fixtures look better. If you want to read a few posts about the process. Google “How to paint a faucet” or “bathroom fixtures”. Also read my spray painting tips. Knowing these will help ensure you get a smooth and lasting finish. https://inmyownstyle.com/spray-paint-faqs

  3. I remember when I picked my tile color for floor and was very unhappy when we came home. Much more when it’s already been installed. It has printed light colors w/c got messy immediately and to think I really hate moping floors. You had a great choice of floor. Nice job!

  4. Can’t wait to see the finished project. I’m doing the same thing in my house in 2 weeks and they will put different colors down like you did. :)

  5. Looks good Diane…I can’t wait to see it after it is completed. I am wanting to replace “huge Florida tiles” for a wood floor in my kitchen/living room/hall/dining room. A big project for sure. We have lots of humidity in Florida so I have to take that into consideration too.

  6. Diane—How excited you must be!
    The transformation is going to be amazing! I think redoing the floors in my home was the SINGLE biggest positive change we have made!
    I can’t wait to see!!!

  7. Oh my goodness I can’t wait to see it!! I would like to do our floors as well one day, they are orangey too. Thanks for explaining the process of picking out the color & sheen. I thought you may choose dark, and I’m excited you chose the grey! Also I love that they offer a dust free system, that’s pretty amazing.
    My daughter once redid her bedroom with dark, shiny laminate and we could never keep the floors looking clean!

  8. Can’t wait to see them finished. After seeing all that oak -y orange-y color in your kitchen/living room for so long, I can’t imagine what it will look like Gray and matte finish. What a reveal this will be!!!. And then – you’ll have another major reveal when the outside of your house is painted. You’re keeping all of us in suspense.

  9. I can’t wait to see the final result! I like that Bona trains the contractors directly so you can really feel like what they are advertising is what you will get. How exciting, Diane! Thanks for all the details- totally pinworthy!