How To Make Canopy Bed Curtains

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It was time for a little updating in my guest room.  It all started after creating the gallery wall.  You know how it goes – one change leads to another.    I am tweaking a few things and am doing it all very inexpensively – like under $50.00.   Everything I am doing in this room is budget friendly and easy to replicate in your own home.   I am going to show you my progress in my next few posts.

This is my guest room. I took down a bed hanging to paint the wall.  I also painted the bed white, but what I want to show you is how easy it is to make a bed hanging to accent your bed and give your room impact.


This is how I made the canopy bed curtains or as some call it a bed hanging. I found two white curtain panels at my local thrift store for $4.30.  They are heavy cotton duck – what a deal. The center black and white check fabric is from JoMar – my fave dollar a yard place.  I simply made a rod pocket and header across the top of the width of fabric.  You could also do this with iron on tape making it a no- sew project. ( I have that tutorial here).


For the rod, I duct taped two shorter rods that I had on hand together. That alone was not enough to keep it rigid so I had an old plastic shower rod tube in my basement and encased my duct taped rods in that. Presto- Change-o  a rod. It may not be pretty – but




1.  I hung the rod on two wood curtain rod brackets that I painted white.


2.  I then hung the center fabric on the rod.


3.  Then my thrift store panels on each side – Voilà ! an easy bed hanging.  Super simple and thrifty.


I like to be resourceful. If you don’t have a rod – go hunting in your basement and see what alternatives you can find.  Perhaps you can come up with something to add to these options.  Broom stick?….



Next up – the window treatment, chest of drawers, and then the accessories I added.

DIY Canopy Bed Curtains: Great for a limited budget, these bed curtains will make a bold statement in any room.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know how you did this….Looks wonderful! I like how it frames the bed..a nice accent!!

  2. This turned out really nice, Diane! I love the painted bed, too. I’ve used PVC pipe for non-viewable panels that were concealed under a wood cornice over my den’s french doors. They are stationery panels and so the PVC worked great.