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How To Make a Petite Gift Box for Your Valentine

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How to Make Petite Gift Boxes to Use When Giving Small Gifts

You have heard of the old adage that good things come in small packages, right?

Friends and family share movies, lunches and life’s big events. They are there when you need a pet-sitter or a ride to the airport, and they’re always ready with fashion advice.

Your friends and family make life richer. Surprise them with a “little” unexpected gift from time to time that will have them smiling “big” time.

How to make tiny gift boxes using recycled greeting cards

They do! These small packages are so cute and easy to make. I call them Petite Boxes.

When you give someone a gift in one of these petite boxes they won’t care what the good thing is inside, they will just want the cute little package.

a collection of colorful and tiny Gift Boxes made using old greeting cards

These little boxes resemble Petite Fours and are so appealing when grouped together that you may be tempted to take a bite from one.  They can be embellished with handles or knobs made from beads, buttons, and curling ribbon.

Make a Gift Box

They are perfect to give a small gift in. Did you ever give your mom, sister, or best girlfriend earrings on a card that they were displayed at the store?

How to Make a Gift Box for Valentines Day

Not very stylish?  Make the gift of carded earrings/merchandise have more impact by removing them from the card-and placing them in a petite box.

How to make a little box using greeting cards

Don’t they look divine inside?  I used curling ribbon to tie them together.

How about giving all of your friends a special Valentine Kiss this year… x x x  The perfect Valentine surprise! 

Note: (The kiss has to be on its side to fit in the box)

How-To Make a Petite Gift Box Using Scrapbook Paper or Recycled Greeting Cards

supplies needed:

  • Card-stock, old greeting cards, or heavy paper
  • Bead and or button
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue Stick
  • Jewelry Glue
  • Cotton to line box bottom
How to Make a Gift Box

1.  Cut a 3″ x 3″ square from a colorful piece of card-stock or the front of an old greeting card. (You can make these any size square if you need to fit something larger in)

2. Using a ruler, make an x on the back with a pencil.

How to Make a Gift Box

3.  Fold each side to meet at the center of the X, making sure to create a crisp crease.

4.  Lay flat and make 4 cuts with 2 cuts on each side as shown.

How to Make a Gift Box

5.  Fold sides up and glue flaps as shown.

Repeat the above steps for bottom of box. You can use a coordinating color card-stock to add interest.

To embellish the top of the gift box:

Glue a decorative button on top of the box and stack other beads and buttons to create a finial, putting a dab of jewelry glue in between each.  I used 2 buttons and 2 beads in the order shown below to embellish the Valentine box.

To see how I store all my embellishments and supplies, read here.

How to embellish a gift box

 Other Variations to Embellish the Box Tops:

How to make and embellish a petite gift box

Variation #1:  Glue buttons and beads to the center top.  Directions —>to make the tissue paper ruffle.

How to embellish and make a gift box

Variation #2: Use the tip of a small pair of scissors to make a small hole in the center top of box.  Cut a small section from a doily to resemble a flower shape or use a large sequin, then make a small hole in the center.  Thread curling ribbon through large bead.  Bring ends of curling ribbon through hole in top of box and doily. Place knot underneath the top.  Clip excess ribbon.

How to make a gift box

Variation #3:  To make looped handles: Find the center of a 6″ long piece of curling ribbon and thread the two ends together through beads, ruffle, doily, or buttons. Make a hole in the center top of box to thread the ens of the ribbon through.

Secure on underside of lid with a knot. Clip excess ribbon.

How to embellish and make a gift box

DIY Valentine Gift Box

 For more out of the box ideas for gift wrap check out my Gift Wrap Gallery.

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  1. Sweet! Thanks for sharing! I like your drawings, too. When I read your comment about them, I wanted to hit a “like” button. :-)

    1. Hi Marilyn-

      Maybe the people at facebook should come up with a Like button for comment streams. I am sure it is not too far off! Thanks

    1. Hi Laura-

      I would love to have a Silhouette, but for now I do all the cutting the old fashioned way :) I have fun coming up with different embellishments for each box. I love the mix of color and shine. It makes my brain happy.

  2. This is way to cute! I just love the boxes, and you decorated them so cute! Party favors, gift exchanges and then you got the pictures of the little boxes at the bottom of you post! Great job!


    1. Hi Carol-
      Thanks. I keep a bunch of the boxes on hand so I can grab one when I want to surprise someone. I think they would be perfect for Mother’s Day, too. I love to draw and drew the illustrations of the boxes many years ago. I am glad I kept them. They make me smile.