How to Make an Easy No Sew Window Valance in an Hour

How to make an easy no sew window valance for any window or glass door in your home in under an hour. It is an affordable option to expensive window treatments as you can use any fabric or even repurpose fabric from old clothing.

Let me tell you a story from a few years ago, well, more than a few… about 9 years ago to be exact.

When I first started blogging I came across a window valance while browsing at Pottery Barn that I really liked. It was white and I thought it would look perfect for the carefree and breezy decorating style I like.

I would have bought it, but it was a little too pricey for my budget.

No Sew window valance - whiteEasy No Sew Window Valance Hung Over Drapes

On closer inspection of the window valance, I thought it would be so easy to make a no sew version of the window valance myself at a fraction on the cost.

At the time I was still working in retail display where I had to be very resourceful and come up with budget friendly ideas to decorating the store I where I worked.

Back then, I ended up making quite a lot of these window valances for the store, myself and a few friends. I made them using all types and colors of fabric for many different styles of decor.

This is a window in my previous home where I already had white drapery panels on the window and just needed to add some visual interest to the top.  I took photos of the valance with and without the drapery panels underneath.

I chose to use white cotton duck to match my white drapes to make my version of the Pottery Barn curtains that inspired me…

easy no sew window valance in lime green and white

…but you could use any type of fabric, burlap, felt, ribbons or even an old pair of jeans to create this unique, easy to make window valance. Yes, denim makes great window treatments for casual decor and kids rooms.

On the window in the above photo, I used two fabrics – solid white and the second fabric, the lime and white print to make a fuller more colorful window valance.  The more strips of fabric you add to the rod, the fuller the valance will become.

How to Make an Easy No Sew Window Valance in an Hour or Less

I used cotton decorator fabric to make my window valance, but you can use any solid or printed fabric or even repurpose fabric from old clothing or table cloths that may have a stain and no longer look nice. Cut out the stained area and use the rest of the fabric to make the valance. Jeans work very well and look nice in a teen’s room. Burlap works great  for a rustic look.

supplies needed:

For a window up to 38″ wide:

  • 1 yard fabric
  • 1 yard printed/color fabric
  • curtain rod and hardware – you can use any style of rod
  • measuring tape or yard stick
  • Scissors or rotary cutting tool

If you want a more polished look, choose a fabric that has a tight weave that won’t fray as much when cut. If you are decorating for fall, try burlap, even with its loose fringe. It looks great when used for this style of DIY window valance. The options of fabric that can be used are endless.

cutting fabric to make no sew window treatment
  1. Cut 25″ x 1-1/2″ strips from fabric using scissors or a rotary cutter on a cutting mat.
strips of fabric needed to make easy no sew window treatment

You can make the strips as long or short as you like depending on the height of your window.

Note: If you are not sure where you want the bottom of the valance to hang, make the strips longer and once hung, you can always go back and trim the strips shorter by simply cutting the length of each strip with a pair of scissors, like you were cutting a person’s bangs.

How to Attach Fabric to Curtain Rod

How to tie strips of fabric on curtain rod

1. Lay curtain rod on work surface and extend it to the width of your window. Begin tying fabric strips onto the rod as shown above.

Tie-on Step 1 – Fold a strip in half and place loop end on bottom of rod, lift rod so strip is under the rod and ends are at top as shown.

Tie-on Step 2 – Lift loop end of fabric strip with one hand and thread the two ends of the strip through the loop with your other hand.

Tied on strips of fabric on rod

2. Straighten fabric so right side of fabric is facing out; if needed use your fingers to adjust.

Fabric strips tied on curtain rod

3. Pull ends of strip to tighten knot on rod. Push to one end of the rod and fill rod to desired fullness.

easy no sew window valance that is made using Lime and green fabric

For the color version of the window valance: I started with a white strip of fabric and then added the lime and white printed strip and continued to fill the rod in this manner.

4. Install curtain rod mounting brackets on or around window trim. Place fabric strip covered rod into the brackets over pre-hung drapery panels or by itself as a simple topper on a window or glass door.

5. Fluff and arrange the strips across the rod as needed with your fingers.

Below You Will Find More Affordable and Easy No Sew Window Valance Ideas

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  1. I recently purchased two panels of drapes at Target. They were the perfect color and perfect texture. Proceeded to iron and hang panel one perfect. The length was just right 84 in. Then the nightmare began. I hung the second panel after ironing it and it was way too long 2 in longer than the first panel. Next day back to Target again purchase two more panels. Hung them both on the rod only to find out one was a half inch too long and one was 2 in too short.! Feeling very frustrated I came up with the idea putting the slightly too long one in the dryer to see if I could shrink it. It was a cotton rayon blend. Much to my surprise when I hung it it was just right problem solved!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Diana – Sorry to hear that quality control of the Target drapes was not up to par, but I love hearing that you found a way to fix the length problem. Sometimes it takes some creative effort to get just what you envision. Thanks for taking the time to tell me you how you fixed the problem as it may help other readers who buy the same drapes.

  2. Futura Interiors says:

    Great content.
    The ultimate aim of Futura Interiors is to design commercial spaces that meet at the intersection of imagination and vision.We also provide modular office furniture in Chennai at the best prices which can adorn your office.

  3. Dianne, you always have the best ideas! These valances are sew cute, sew easy, and no sew! ? I look forward each day to reading your blog and finding the treasures you have waiting for me!

    Thanks for the great time I enjoy with you and your blog!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Delanie –

      Thank you for leaving me such a nice comment. :-) I really appreciate you taking the time to write and tell me. It means a lot to me. I hope I can keep inspiring for years to come.

  4. Karen Angela says:

    Great Idea for the makeover house. Thanks

  5. Eureka Forbes Ro Service says:

    This was very easy to made and looks great.

  6. Aquaguard RO Customer Care says:

    Nice ideas. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

  7. Marjorie Stumpf says:

    Hi Diane,
    What a great idea! I have been wanting to change my curtains in my craft room. This is another budget friendly project.Thank you so much for all the research you share with us.

  8. TerriC/HoustonLady says:

    Hi Diane,
    I love this tutorial for a no sew valance since I don’t own a sewing machine (LOL). I have been wanting to change my curtains in my craft room. Thanks for another budget friendly project : )

  9. Diane, the link on the drapes was so thorough…..Thank you so much for all the research you share with us.

  10. Diane, you once mentioned where you purchased your 90″ white drapes. Would you share, again? Love your site. Thanks.

  11. Auntie Kaye says:

    Thanks Diane, what a helpful reply. It will be awhile before I can return to this project, but will save your suggestions and let you know how it works out. Thanks again!

  12. What a great idea! Too bad you didn’t get credit years ago, but I’ll give you credit now for a great idea!

  13. Auntie Kaye says:

    Interesting idea – somehow your projects always seem doable but my results often do vary!
    I am remembering another no-sew valance:

    When I tried it the valance sagged in the middle when I removed to long pin. Any thoughts as to what I did wrong?

    Always enjoy your blog! And people who appropriate the posts of others are truly a pain!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kaye –

      From your description, I think you may need to gather more fabric and use a smaller or larger pin depending on the thickness of your fabric. If you still have it, try removing the pin and gathering more on each end. While doing that pull the bottom edge of the valance to each side as you pin to bring more of that edge into the gather and less of the top. I hope this makes sense, but I think if you play with a little, you will get it to hang the way you want.