How to Make Tassels to Accent Home Decor

Have you noticed lately that tassels in all shapes and sizes seem to be showing up everywhere?  In fashion, home decor, crafts? They are colorful and have a little “on-trend” going on.

Why not add a colorful tassel to a room or two in your home. Learn how to make tassels the easy way with the help of the instructions in this tassel making guide.

Key tassel for furniture drawers

Tassels are one of the easiest ways to add decorative detail and color to a room,

Traditional silk tassels can be quite expensive and formal. By using different types of materials, however, such as yarn, raffia, embroidery floss, baker’s twine and even ribbon, tassels will look at home in any style of decor

Raffia tassel

Add beads to the top of a tassel or wrap a few identical tassels together to create a unique large tassel.

Whether you would like to make tassels to adorn curtains, throw blankets or add to a key in a drawer, this collection of tassels, each unique in style can be made in no time with no special tools needed.

Once you make one tassel, you may start looking around your house to find places to add more.

In this post there is more than one set of step-by-step instructions showing different ways to make a tassel to decorate your home. Plus, there is a video on how to make a twisted cord so you can attach a tassel to a key or place over a drawer knob.

Let’s start with a basic tassel.

How to Make a Tassel Out of Yarn or Embroidery Thread Tutorial

Red yarn tassels attached to Christmas stockings hanging from a fireplace mantel
DIY Yarn Tassels – See how I decorated this holiday mantel.

Making a tassel out of yarn or any thread, ribbon or twine is made the same way. Yarn is chunky – if using twine or floss you may need more to create a full and plump tassel.

supplies needed to make a yarn tassel with a twisted cord to hang it on a key.

supplies needed:

  • Yarn, thread or twine – the more you use, the fuller the tassel will be
  • Sharp scissors
  • A piece of cardboard, cut to the length of the tassel you desire
5 1/2 " high cardboard with yarn wrapped around it
  1. Cut a piece of cardboard to the height you want. Then begin to wrap the yarn around the cardboard as shown. Hold the strand with your finger or use a piece of tape to secure it while you wrap.
Attaching loop

2. When using yarn, wind about 75 times. Less for a smaller tassel and more for a bigger tassel,

3. Cut the wrapping strand off.

4. Tie another strand of yarn that is at least twice the height of the tassel. Place this under the tassel, bring ends up to top.

How to wind yarn around Cardboard to make a tassel

5. Tie a tight knot on top of the tassel with the strand. Push the knot to the underside of the tassel. Let the long strands become part of the tassel.

Attaching twisted cord

6. Attach twisted cord (see video further down in this post on how to make this) or a few strands of yarn under the tassel. Tie into a loop, hide knot under the tassel.

Attaching yarn ties to top of a red tassel

7. The twisted loop looks better when it is cinched at the top of the tassel. You can use a bead that has large holes to go over the loop and sit on the top of the tassel or you can tie the bottom of the loop tightly with a long piece of yarn. Once the knot is made, let the long strands become part of the tassel.

8. Tie a stand of yarn about an inch down from the top of the tassel to cinch the upper section in. Let the long ends become part of the tassel.

top of DIY tassel with twisted cord

Close up of the top of the tassel with a twisted cord hanger.

Cutting bottom with scissors to trim

9. Trim ends at bottom with a sharp pair of scissors.

Change Up the Style of Your DIY Tassels

  • Have fun and tie-off two sections at the top of a tassel instead of only one like I did on the red tassels on the Christmas stockings.
  • Add a bead to the top to take it up a notch on the decorating detail style scale.
  • Make ombre tassels by mixing different colors of yarn instead of only using one.

How to Make a Tassel Using a Bundle of Raffia

To make a raffia tassel, I used a raffia bundle that you can find at the craft store. They come in many different colors and in packages of 3 or 4.

Using these bundles removes a few steps in the tassel making process since the raffia is already wound together.

How to make raffia tassels for fall decorating. step by step tutorial.

supplies needed: 

  • Raffia or Raffia bundles, yarn or embroidery thread, ribbon, or twine in a color you like
  • Florist wire for raffia tassels
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Wood beads or a bead with large holes

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Make DIY Tassels Out of Raffia

  1. Remove Wrapping Strands of Raffia

  2. Snip the strand of raffia that is wrapped around the bundle that holds it together and discard it.
  3. Yellow raffia being made into a fall decorating tassel
  4. Unwind Long Strand

    Unwind a 5-6 long strands (about 12-inches each) from the bundle and cut off. Set aside.

    How to make raffia tassels for fall decorating

  5. Open Up the Center of the Bundle

    Use your fingers to open up center of bundle and separate strands to each side. You will see how the raffia looped.


  6. Thread One Strand Through Bundle

    Using one of the strands you unwound in Step 2, thread it through the opening in the looped raffia and bring ends to the top of bundle. Tie in a knot. Do not cut ends, these will be used to tie the tassel onto items.

    tie raffia

  7. Wrap Wire Around

    Hold bundle in one hand and use the other to tightly wrap wire around, about an inch below the top of the tassel. Twist wire to secure, clip excess wire.

    tassel making tutorial

  8. Wrap Another Strand Around

    Using another strand of raffia, wrap it tightly around the wire until wire is hidden.

    Use tip of scissors to push strand’s ends under what you just wrapped. It will hold if you wrapped the raffia around the tassel tightly.

    cut-ends of raffia

  9. Trim Bottom

    Use scissors to cut bottom loops off to create tassel. Trim to any size tassel you desire.

    cutting bottom end of raffia tassel with scissors

How to Attach Tassels to Keys, Knobs and Other Items

Once your tassel is made, there are two ways you can hang or attach it to an item.

Attach a Tassel Using Twisted Yarn

YouTube video

To make a matching twisted cord to hang a tassel, use abut 48 inches of yarn or thread. If you want a longer twisted loop, use a longer piece of thread.

  1. Cut yarn and fold in half. Knot together at open end. Smooth the strand to keep them all an even length and then knot the other end together.
  2. Hold the knotted end in one hand and the the other hand in the looped end, pull taut, and twist the yarn until the yarn/thread begins to kink.
  3. Have another person hold the center of the floss and bring the two ends together.
  4. Let go of the center and the yarn/thread will twist on its own.
  5. Thread through open tassel, knot end and tuck knot under yarn thread at the top of the tassel.
  6. Finish the tassel, by wrapping yarn around the center and trim bottom of tassel.

To hang tassel, simply place twisted loop over a knob or thread through a key.

Attach a Tassel Using a Plain Loop

If you want to hang a tassel with a simple loop of thread instead of using twisted cord, you can add a loop to the top of the tassel. There are a few ways you can do this, but here is what I did. 

  1. Using a new strand of raffia or the type of thread you are using, tuck one end under top knot and thread through. Bring ends up to make a loop and tie ends in knot.
  2. Slide knot down so it is on the top of the tassel. Tuck in ends of loop knot under top knot.
  3. Slip a bead over loop.
  4. Hang.
  5. Once loop is in place, cut ends from original raffia tie that is no longer needed. Do not cut knot, just the excess section of the raffia strands.

Where to Hang a Tassel in a Room?

Tassels can be hung dangling from a book on a bookshelf, furniture knobs, keys in a drawer or door keyhole, lamps, ceiling fan pulls and as drapery accents and tiebacks.

How to make raffia tassels for fall decorating. Fall staircase decorating idea.

A raffia tassel for fall on a staircase banister…

Fall tassel making tutorial. Fall decorating ideas using raffia.

or over a doorknob with a wooden bead or two as an accent.

How to decorate a pumpkin without carving it

When you don’t want to carve your pumpkin for Halloween… add a tassel or two instead.

Driftwood stained wood bead garland for Fall with colorful raffia tassels.

Attach tassels to the end of garlands.

How to style a table tray for fall decorating raffia tassels

Look around the rooms in your home. Can you think of any where else you could hang a tassel?

How to Make a Tassel Using Ribbon

Pink and green ribbon tassel
How to make Barbie Doll Clothes Tassels

How about a fashionable ribbon tassel for a little girl’s room? 

Did you know making a pom-pom is very similar to making a tassel?

How to make a pom pom using yarn

Learn how to make and decorate with pom-poms – they are a cute version of a tassel.

How to make a yarn pom pom

4 images of unique handmade tassels to decorate a home.

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