How to Make Fall Inspired Tassels

Have you noticed lately that tassels in all shapes and sizes seem to be showing up everywhere?  In fashion, home decor, crafts? They are colorful and have a little “on-trend” Boho going on. Why not add a fall inspired tassel to your home decor this year.

I am not a slave to trends, but do like to come up with fall decorating ideas to incorporate trends in small ways to my decor and what I wear. This way when the trend fades, it is easy to remove and add a new detail without having to spend a lot of time or money.

How to make raffia tassels for fall decorating. step by step tutorial.

Last week when I wanted to add a decorative accent to a pumpkin I bought for my deck, I remembered that I had a few bundles of raffia in fall colors from last year that I never used.

I am glad I saved the bundles as I got an idea on how to use the raffia …. to make fall-inspired harvest tassels.  What is a harvest tassel?  A tassel made using raffia to embellish anything you want for the fall season. Your home, gifts, and more.

How about using a raffia tassel…

How to make raffia tassels for fall decorating. Fall staircase decorating idea.

…on your staircase banister…

Fall tassel making tutorial. Fall decorating ideas using raffia.

…or over a doorknob with a wooden bead or two as an accent.


How about one on a cabinet knob…

Fall decorating ideas for kitchens

…or even a towel rack.

How to decorate a pumpkin without carving it

and if you don’t want to carve your pumpkin this Halloween…add a tassel or two instead.

Look around the rooms in your home. Can you think of any where else you could hang a harvest tassel?

How to Make Tassels Using Raffia to Decorate Your Home For Fall

How to make raffia tassels for fall decorating. step by step tutorial.

I made my raffia tassels using bundles of colored raffia from craft store. They usually come in packages of 3 or 4. Using these removes a few steps in the tassel making process since the raffia is already wound together.

supplies needed: 

  • Raffia or Raffia bundles
  • Florist wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Wood beads

How to make a raffia tassel for fall decorating

  1. Snip strand of raffia that is wrapped around the bundle that holds it together and discard it.

Uses for using raffia

2. Unwind a 5-6  long strands (about 12-inches each) from the bundle and cut off. Set aside.


3. Use your fingers to open up center of bundle and separate strands to each side. You will see how the raffia looped.


4. Using one of the strands you unwound in Step 2, thread it through opening and bring ends to the top of bundle. Tie in a knot. Do not cut ends, these will be used to tie tassel onto items.

Fall tassel making tutorial using raffia

5. Hold bundle in one hand and use the other to tightly wrap wire around, about an inch below the top of the tassel. Twist wire to secure, clip excess wire.


6. Using another strand of raffia, wrap it tightly around the wire until wire is hidden. Use tip of scissors to push strand’s ends under what you just wrapped. It will hold if you wrapped the raffia around the tassel tightly.

How to make a tassel the easy way

7. Use scissors to cut bottom loops off to create tassel. Trim to any size tassel you desire.

How to decorate a pumpkin without carving

How to Add a Loop and Bead So You Can Place Tassel Over Knobs:

If you want to loop the tassel to hang instead of tying it on to something, you can add a loop to the top of the tassel. There are a few ways you can do this, but here is what I did.  My photos didn’t come out, so here is a diagram of what you need to add.


  1. Using a new strand of raffia, tuck one end under top knot and thread through. Bring ends up to make a loop and tie ends in knot.
  2. Slide knot down so it is on the top of the tassel. Tuck in ends of loop knot under top knot.
  3. Slip a bead over loop.
  4. Hang.
  5. Once loop is in place, cut ends from original raffia tie that is no longer needed. Do not cut knot, just the excess section of the raffia strands.


Want to make a tassel using ribbon? Check out this post: How to Make a Ribbon Key Tassel

How about a tassel for a little girl’s room?  How To Make a Barbie Doll Clothes Tassel

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Fall decorating ideas using raffia. Make harvest tassels to decorate all around the house. Step by step photo tutorial shows you how.

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  1. This is a cute Idea! I’ve seen colorful raffia ine craft stores and never knew what I might do with it besides wrap gifts. I also like that you’ve left your stair rail as it was. The contrast between the old patina of those and the newly white painted stairs is beautiful.

  2. Oh my you have outdone yourself this time!!!! I love these tassels out of raffia and the info…I have got to try!!! The ones out of ribbon are awesome as well and I will have to try those also God bless

  3. Love these! I can’t wait to try making some.
    I just recently found your blog and was reading some past posts of yours. I have a question about your planked walls. I am getting ready to do a bathroom and wondered if the 1/4″ plywood underlayment that you used in your house is ok for a bathroom with a shower? I noticed you used them in a powder room but wasn’t sure if that’s what you used in the bathroom as well. I’m also excited to try your wallpaper stenciling! Is the Fusion paint better to use than the paint sold on the site that sells the stencils? Thanks so much for your help. I’m excited that I found your blog :)

    1. Hi Julie – I used the same underlayment plywood in both my powder room and guest bath. The shower in the guest bath has a tile surround, the horizontal boards are not in the shower and will be fine. I would not place the boards in the shower surround itself though, but any of the other walled areas will be fine.

      Fusion paint is just one of many types of paints you can stencil with. I am not sure what brand of paint the stencil company sells, but I am sure it is very good as they want their stenciled designs to come out well. I also know that inexpensive craft store paint works extremely well and is very affordable. Thanks for reading my blog.

  4. Another great idea and instructions. I love both tassels and pom poms so this has my name in bright neon letters.