The Coziest Item to Add to Your Kitchen

Want to make your kitchen feel cozy in minutes? Try this idea of adding a small lamp on your kitchen counter to create soft and cozy light for the evening hours.

I love all things house and home related, especially when they are pretty, comfortable and cozy.

With the arrival of cold weather season, I have been seeking out how to make my house feel cozier.

I successfully “cozied up” the living room lighting, but the overhead lighting in the kitchen, even with candlelight wasn’t feeling cozy enough for me.

wine on table with candles and glasses

I tried to think of ways to up the “cozy factor” of the kitchen since I spend so much time in it. A glass of wine and candlelight always help, but still not enough.

How Can You Make Your Kitchen Feel Cozy?

I have always wanted to add a small lamp to the kitchen counter as it is such a simple element to add. I never did it before as I thought there wouldn’t be enough room since I don’t have a lot of counter space to begin with.

Instead of letting space be an issue to adding a lamp to the kitchen counter, I figured why not try it.

So I took one of the small lamps that use to be in my foyer and placed it on the kitchen counter. It is a little too big, but I just wanted to get the idea.

I waited until it got dark and turned it on…. and…. I loved it! The warm, soft glow from the lamp made the usually cold feeling kitchen feel warm and homey.

I did a little happy dance!

Small table lamp on kitchen counter to add warm and cozy feel.

I had it on the counter with a 60-watt bulb for a few days and really like how something that required only seconds to do could make me so happy.

The electrical cord is clear which is a plus. I have it running behind a few items on the counter and then into an outlet on the backsplash.

The lamp is a little too big in proportion the counter and cabinets, so I went in search of a smaller one and found one online.

After Christmas decorating ideas for the kitchen. White kitchen with greenery and white plates and dishes on a counter.

Here is the lamp I found that is more in scale and better styling for my kitchen counter. I have a 25 watt light bulb in it

Candle on table with Christmas tree in the background

With the lamp in the kitchen, now both the living room and kitchen feel warm and cozy when it gets dark by 5:30 every night.

Try It Tonight – Add a Lamp to Your Kitchen Counter

If you like a warm and cozy feel for your kitchen, try adding a small lamp from another room to your counter. When you turn it on, you may love the soft ambient glow it will add to your kitchen as much as I do.

Small kitchen with a small lamp on counter to provide a cozy feel.

Try different lamps, shades and bulb wattages to get just the right cozy lighting fo your kitchen.

You may be surprised at how inviting a small lamp will make your kitchen look in the evening hours especially when you go into the room for a nighttime snack raid on the fridge.

Small Lamps I Considered For My Kitchen Counter

Create a cozy kitchen in minutes using this lighting idea.

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  1. Where did you find the small, white, distressed lamp? Looking for something just like that! Thanks!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Cynthia – I get so many emails about where to buy the little white lamp I keep in my kitchen counter. I bought it a few years ago at a local boutique. It is called the (Josephine 12 in. Silver/White Table Lamp by the brand Home Roots). I did find an online link at Home Depot to it, but sadly it is out of stock. You can see it here:

  2. I have lamps in my kitchen out of necessity. I clamped a couple of anglepoise lamps to my open shelves; they provide task lighting, but they’re also pretty cosy.

  3. Bonnie Swygert says:

    Love it and yes, I have a small lamp that I leave on 24/7.

  4. Crystal Brown says:

    I love the look of small table lamps in kitchens, I found one at Lowes that is a clear Ball jar reproduction and I just put a night light bulb in it. 60 watts would be too much light for me! I found for me, personally, about 25 watts is the most I can take. But the idea is the same and I love the added warmth it brings to the dark kitchen, but doesn’t reflect in the TV, or burn my eyeballs out! :) Love your creativity and the ideas you try. We never know what will work in our homes til we try, right? and at least you are brave enough to try things! Keep inspiring us!

  5. I love this idea and I do have room on my counter. Hmmmmm?. Might have to try!!
    Your looks great ?

  6. I have very tall ceilings and not so much counter space, so I have a lamp (on a timer) on top of my fridge, so I can get the cozy glow without losing any precious counter space. I replace it with a small lighted Christmas tree at this time of the year. PS: How are my loons, Diane? ;o)

  7. Lauri Bennett says:

    Hi Diane, I absolutely love your style it’s just a simple clean style. I have actually taken notes. Keep the post comming. Hope you Have a very Merry Christmas Be Safe. Lauri.

  8. Diane, I have always had a small accent lamp on my counter mostly for looks rather than light. It looks nice and feels cozy like i have closed the kitchen for the night.

  9. I love the lamp addition to your kitchen. This has actually been my go-to way to cozy up my kitchen for many years. In one home there was very little counter space and so I attached a wall lamp to the end of a cabinet by the kitchen sink—instant warmth! I now have a lamp on the counter, but I go for the 100 watt bulb and it looks incredibly cozy—not too bright at all and sometimes I don’t even need to turn on the overhead light! Diane, I love your blog and always look forward to your posts! If only you had time to write every day! ?

  10. I wish I had counterspace for a little lamp! I love love those tealight holders! Where did you get them?

    1. I don’t mean to jump in ahead of Diane, but just wanted to mention that there are some Kosta Boda Snowball Votive holders that look very similar. They’re beautiful!

    2. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Edith – Tiffanie is correct. The tea light or votive holders are made by Kosta Boda. They are called Snowballs. I was given one as a gift back in the 1970’s and have been collecting them ever since. There are many knock-offs since they are classic. Look for the label to say Orrefors Kosta Bodsa. The knock-off ones, the glass is not as clear. They also have been made in a few sizes. The size I have is the original 3″ tall size. You can find them sometimes at HomeGoods and even at thrift stores for a lot less. I recently saw them being sold here:

      I keep them out all winter. :-)

      1. I want some! Now please! Thanks.

  11. I too have had a small lamp in the kitchen for many years. It’s the first thing I turn on in the mornings before pouring the coffee. I then light my seasonal candle. In these times it brings a lot of comfort to have the warmth and light. Thanks for helping us add beauty to our homes. We too retired to a lake home so I have enjoyed your transformations. I always say it is not a lake home but our home at the lake. Also ordered the battery operated candles you recommended. Merry Christmas.

    1. I, too, ordered those battery operated candles Diane recommended. As my daughter would say “A+”! I love them. So realistic looking. I have them in lanterns from Ikea and set them next to my fireplace. Just lovely!

  12. Having a small lamp on the counter is the best. I always had a lamp of some sort on the counter, it really warms up the cold countertops. Even a small battery powered candle works. Love the lamp you have chosen.

  13. Deb Wostmann says:

    Happy Holidays, Diane. I so agree with a lamp on the kitchen counter. I’ve done that for years and currently have a small lamp on my kitchen coffee bar. The counter itself is copper so the reflection is warm and cozy. Thank you as always for a thoughtful post.

  14. Beautiful!! It looks so cozy! Love the little ice candles….would you be able to share where these are from?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Megan –

      The tea light or votive holders are made by Kosta Boda. They are called Snowballs. I was given one as a gift back in the 1970’s and have been collecting them ever since. There are many knock-offs since they are classic. Look for the label to say Orrefors Kosta Bodsa. The knock-off ones, the glass is not as clear. They also have been made in a few sizes. The size I have is the original 3″ tall size. You can find them sometimes at HomeGoods and even at thrift stores for a lot less. I recently saw them being sold here:

      I keep them out all winter. :-)

  15. I love the idea of lamps in the kitchen! I added two to the bar that separates the kitchen and den space and they add a great cozy factor! On another counter under some cabinets, I added one of those plug in crystal nightlights and it did much the same. And those battery operated candles with the timers are my favorite thing to add cozy this time of year. I love coming home to candleglow.

  16. Stacey Sherman says:

    I absolutely love a lamp in the much so that I have two! One sits in a corner on the countertop and the second on the fireplace mantle (we have a dual-sided fireplace between our kitchen and family room). The one on the countertop has a small chandelier-type bulb and I just leave it on. The second one, which has a 60 watt bulb, is on a timer so it automatically comes on each evening. I agree 1000% with you that it totally changes the feel of the room ??

  17. Heidi L. McCuddin says:

    The Nested Fig,, has some cute mini lamps, 12″-14″ high. I happened on this online store from Greenville, South Carolina on IG.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Heidi – Thank you so much for giving me the link to The Nested Fig. I found a lamp on the site that I love and is just the right size. I bought two other items too. I do miss shopping in person at home boutiques like this, so happy that they have an online presence. Thanks again :-)

  18. I added a lamp to our kitchen when we remodeled a couple years ago. It’s a “fillable” one with a linen shade, so I can change the filling with each season to easily update the decor! I got it from Pier1 and would have loved to get another, but they quit carrying them :-(
    I absolutely LOVE your tealight candle holders!

  19. I have a lamp in my kitchen and put a smaller watt bulb and put it on a timer so each evening it comes on when it starts to get dark and stays till we go to bed. I like having timers on Christmas tree and lamps. I have a 1980 house and its a way to have have functions of a smart home with little cost.

  20. I too, have had a lamp on my kitchen counter for years. Love it! I keep a 15 watt in it and it is the perfect amount of glow. I found mine at Wal-mart. It is the perfect color, size and shape…square base and shade so it fits perfectly tucked into the corner of my counter. I tried for years to find a second one for the other side of my kitchen. Checked Wal-mart online, all the WM’s around me, even had friends checking their WM’s. Never found another one :(

  21. I have used the lamp in my kitchen for many years. Try to find a 3-way socket and keep a 35-50-75 in it. The 35 is even cozier than the 60 but still useful. It can be hard to find a 3-way in a small size and if you can’t just rewire the socket—it’s easy and worth it.

  22. Mary Ann Howat says:

    I felt that way in my kitchen as I had a large cloud undimmable fluorescent overhead light. I replaced it with a large wattage dimmable overhead light which I just love. Problem solved. Just like yours.

  23. I love this idea and I think I’ll be trying it. You always come up with the best ideas Diane — enjoy your cozied up kitchen. I look forward to yours posts for inspiration.

  24. I have similar lamp on counter. I have 25 Watt bulb in it. works perfect.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Nancy – Thanks for sharing what wattage bulb you use. I will have to try different wattages to see what looks best when I find a smaller lamp.