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I Am Thinking PINK!

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Since moving to South Carolina, my focus has been on updating my new house at least to a point where we would feel good in each room. I am happy to report that we just completed one of the bigger updates – the powder room makeover that Ed started last week as a surprise to me. It is mostly done except for a few touch-ups.

Oh my goodness, it turned out better than I imagined and the best part…we used mostly items we already had to keep the cost down.  I will post all about it next week along with two other projects that have been keeping me busy behind the scenes here on my blog.

Today I want to share a smaller project with you.

Paint colors to use in home offices

Before I moved, I was thinking a lot about the color pink for my studioffice. 


In my previous studioffice I had made a pink and white skirt for the sewing machine table and added new pink magazine files from IKEA to the bookcases. I had planned to also paint the armoire that I call my “crafts cabinet” a shade of pink.

Those plans got put on the back burner when we decided to move while I had to focus my time and energy on all that was needed to do to get through selling a house and moving.

Now that it has been one year since we made the decision to move and we are pretty much settled and have done some needed updates and renovations to our new house. I am happy that I am able to get back into getting some smaller and creative projects completed to share with you besides big renovations and makeovers.

sewing machine table

One of these projects is to paint this desk that was left by the previous owner of the house. It was in an upstairs closet. We moved it and cut the top to fit in my studioffice. I no longer need my previous sewing machine table since I can place my sewing machine on the desk. It gives me much more space to work when I take on a sewing project now.

As you can see, I have a pile of drapes to still get sewn together for the sliding glass doors in the living room and kitchen. I plan to use the pink cow print tablecloth fabric to make a new cover for the chair and a cover for the sewing machine when not in use.


I want to paint the armoire pink. I did strip one of the drawers over a year ago to see if I liked the color of the wood, I didn’t, so at least I found that out and knew I would go forward with painting it.  I primed the stripped drawer so all is ready to be painted.


I have looked at dozens of pink paint chips from many different paint companies, but the lighting in the room, muddies most of the colors.

In My Own Style studioffice

I want the color to look as fresh and clean as the peonies on my desk.

Craft room decorating idea

I found the color I liked best in a craft paint bottle. I am going to make chalk paint out of it using a new recipe and paint the armoire pink.

When many of us will be seeing red, white, and blue this upcoming 4th of July weekend. I will be seeing Pink….stay tuned.

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  1. I LOVE pink as well. I even have a Pinterest page titled Pinkalicious! I have never envisioned pink as the color of a large armoire. It will become a statement piece for sure :) Can’t wait to see it. I can imagine your sewing desk in a shinny white lacquer! Have fun, get outside and enjoy the lake this weekend.

    1. Hi Melissa – I just followed your Pinterest board Pinkalilicious. Love it! :-) I plan on doing exactly what you thought, painting the sewing desk in high gloss white and maybe some pretty new drawer pulls. Maybe then when it is just my style I will have the inspiration to get all the drapes piled on it finally sewn!

  2. I love that armoire! What a cool piece. What I don’t like are the draw pulls – not a fan of anything Early American — but I am sure once you put your magic touch to this project it will look fab! BTW – I like the big renovations and make overs as much as the smaller projects. All of it is fun to watch and read about.

    1. Hi Elaine – I have never been a fan of the pulls either, they are too ornate for my style. They are the original to the piece. I did change out the knobs on the doors to glass many years ago, but have not found drawer pulls that I liked enough to change them. Maybe when it is pink, I will find just the right ones. Happy to hear that you like to see both big and small projects. I never know if readers like all types of projects or prefer just one type.

  3. Oh Diane, I love your space! And the pinks you chose are warm pinks which I adore. :) I also adore your sewing machine, it is fabulous!
    Have tons of fun in your new place and space!!!

    1. Hi Christina – Thanks – The sewing machine was Ed’s maternal grandmother’s. It became mine when we got married. It is a slant needle Singer 301 from the early 1950’s. I have had it for 33 years and it has never failed me yet. It works perfectly and is easy to use. No bells or whistles to break down. The only thing I have had to replace is the rubber wheel that is needed when winding bobbin thread.

      1. Hi Diane, I wasn’t sure of the Singer model. I knew it wasn’t a 401A (I used to have 2). They are magnificent machines and you clearly enjoy it. :)))
        Create on! :))

  4. Pink! I love it. Lately I cant get enough hot pink/raspberry pink in my clothes and surroundings. Looking forward to the reveal.

    1. Hi Liz – I just bought a raspberry pink colored bathing suit cover up on QVC. The color is delicious! :-) I bought one for my twin sister too. I know she will love it.