How to Create Gift-Wrap Using Printer Paper

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How to Create Gift Wrap Using a Computer and Printer Paper.

I like to give and receive gifts, but LOVE to wrap them even more. I like to come up with creative and clever ways to present the gift that are a little out of the ordinary. No store bought wrap for me, but I still love quick gift wrap.

Gift wrap idea. White craft paper with computer printed name using a different color for each letter in the name.

The tall triangular box this gift came in presented me with a bit of a gift wrapping challenge.

If I sat it on its end it resembled a bottle of liquor. It’s for my daughter’s best friend, Julie, who is a college student and a bottle of spirits would probably be readily enjoyed, but I didn’t want to mislead her – so I laid the box on its side.

My original idea was to hand draw the letters, but I only had 10 minutes to get it wrapped so I opted for some

Computer-Aided-Design (CAD).

How to Create Gift Wrap Using a Computer and Printer Paper

supplies needed:

  • white wrapping paper
  • tape
  • a computer
  • a printer
  • blank printer paper
  • tulle
  • glue
  • scissors

How to Make Gift Wrap Using a Computer

1. I first wrapped the box with white craft paper.

2. Next, I opened Microsoft Word on my computer. I set up the page for landscape orientation and used the font, Baskerville Old Face in a point size of 325. I changed the color for each letter and pressed the print button.

3. I glued the paper right onto the box.

4. Finally, I added the tulle ribbon bow for extra flair.

Tada! Quick, simple, unique – that’s my style.

To see other ways I have wrapped and presented gifts over the years, check out my Gift Wrap Gallery.


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  1. Loving this. Happy and festive looking but oh so simple. You clever girl. I just love knowing there are others out here that love this quirky form of creativity as much as I do.
    Happy wrapping,

  2. That is awesome!!! When they work, aren’t computers the best!?!? Thanks so much for linking up to my party!!!

  3. Found this featured on Somewhat Simple, and I love it! I’m totally going to try it. Thanks for sharing!