Insta-Style: Spice Tins

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I have another installment of Insta-Style for you today featuring spice tins.

What’s Insta-Style?   A weekend series of simple projects for which no tutorial is needed.

You may not own the same items I show in the series of posts, but I am hoping that the ideas will inspire you to look at everything around you with new eyes and ask yourself…”what if?” to come up with your own Insta-Style decorating ideas.

REpurposing ideas using spice tins in clever and useful ways | In My Own Style

What do you get when you put a spice tin and magnets together?

Repurpose spice tins and containers with flat backs and make them into useful fridge magnets | In My Own Style

A refrigerator door spice tin catch-all.

Clever and useful way to repurpose colorful spice tins | In My Own Style

Place a few powerful magnets on the back of an empty tin with glue. Let dry and hang.

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  1. Cute, colorful and convenient. Looks so much better than the boring black holder I bought and now have hanging on the refrigerator. I hope to have a clever spice tin like yours on my refrigerator by next week. Thanks you for the idea!

  2. you have a great way with stuff! If I only had that too, my basement would be empty for all the wonderful ideas you’ve given me! Keep ’em coming! (-:

  3. Wonderful idea … did you use the rare earth magnets? … I would love to know where to find them if you did. Thanks from Judy C

    1. Hi Judy – I used old magnets that I had in my junk drawer. I didn’t even know they sold rare earth magnets. I thought they were only used for electronics. I will have to look for them.

  4. I just want to tell you that your weekend Insta- Style series is fun and gives me ideas to use. Thanks for all your post. Have a good weekend…….Happy Spring 2015!