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The Night Chip Gaines Showed Up at my House

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This past Monday night I heard a smashing and crashing coming from the downstairs hallway that leads to the garage. It was pretty late at night and I could not figure out what was causing all the noise. When I went to investigate, this is what I found…

My very own Chip Gaines

…my very own Chip Gaines. :-)

Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper

If you don’t know who Chip Gaines is, he is demolition half of the decorating duo from the hit HGTV show, Fixer Upper.

When I told Ed that he was reminding me of Chip Gaines, he said… “Who?”

When I told him that Chip is the guy from Fixer Upper, he kinda nodded and said… “Oh”.

He doesn’t watch the show, but knows it is the only show on HGTV that I watch. He has passed the screen a few times when I have been watching the show and Chip is doing his thing… demolishing and gutting to make way for his wife, Joanna’s decorating visions.

Powder room before

When I asked him what made him want to start demolishing the vanity in the powder room so late at night, he told me he couldn’t sleep and he knew that I wanted to remove the vanity to make way for a new one and that I needed his help. It was a project that I figured we would take on at the end of the summer. He figured since I had started painting the hallway of darkness, he would start the demo.

Home improvement just like Chip Gaines

What a sweetie. XO Helping me make my decorating visions come true, just like Chip does for Joanna. :-)

He usually helps me with my many projects on the weekends as he is busy with his own work.

If you have been following my blog for a long time, then you know he lost his job 7 years ago when the economy tanked and his company downsized.

He has done consulting ever since, but for the last 3 years he has been mentoring a very smart group of robotocists out of the University of Pennsylvania. It is quite exciting what they are doing and Ed has become a big part of it.

It is a startup company, spun off out of UPenn that is using robotics to not only help the blind, but big box retailers and more. You can read all about it here: COSY.

Ed worked on demolishing the vanity until he had it gone which only took a little over an hour, then he took a shower and was tired enough to go to sleep.  If only the remodeling could go as fast.


So now I have a powder room to add to my painting list this weekend and will be repurposing the bottom half of this into a vanity. I used it as a kitchen desk in my previous house. It didn’t fit in our new house and has been sitting in the garage unused since we moved.

I will keep you posted on my progress. What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Oh I love your Ed. I only have a boyfriend and it is a real miracle if he does any simple thing to help me! I had surgery last Thursday (the 16th) and on Friday I had to install a window AC, because it was just so flipping hot. So when he came to check on me he did straighten it for me (just too heavy for me to get it right). Then I had to listen to him fuss at me for doing that. Hello!!!!!

    Me, I am looking forward to my high school class year’s, yearly get together today and tomorrow. No remodeling for me till at least Sunday.

    Please give Ed a few extra kisses for all us gal’s that don’t have one like him?

    1. Hi Sheryll – I will surely give Ed some kisses for you. Sorry to hear that you recently had surgery. I hope you are feeling better soon. A trip down memory lane with your high school friends sounds like a lot of fun and just what the doctor ordered. Fun times! Enjoy!

  2. Diane!! You are one LUCKY LADY!!
    I am in Fl helping my daughter recover from a CS and taking care of our adorable newborn grandson! Also his 3 1/2 year old smart, sweet, and funny brother!!
    I am blessed!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Ps I am looking forward to returning to cool, crisp Maine!

  3. So nice to have a partner in your design projects – just like Chip and JoJo! Went over to the Cosy page – very innovative company with vision for the future not only assisting corporations but also the visually impaired! Ed must be very happy, and I hope you enjoy your first summer in your lake home!

  4. Does your husband give handyman lessons to other husbands?
    I’ll sign mine up. :)