No Sew Chair Back Cover Using a Pillow Case

If you need a quick and easy way to cover your dining room chairs in a decorative way for an upcoming dinner party or you just want to make your chairs look better, then you may want to try making a no sew chair back cover using a pillow case. 

I have shared a few other easy to make chair back covers that require sewing and also a no sew chair back cover to cover dining room chairs, but these are the easiest.


These easy to make chair back covers can be made in literally 5 minutes or less. The other nice thing about making the covers using pillowcases is that you can reuse the pillowcases for their intended purpose when you don’t need them anymore for the chairs since you do not have to alter them at all.

If you don’t have pillowcases to use, check out stores like HomeGoods, TJ Maxx,  Marshall’s, Walmart and Target for a wide selection of decorative pillowcases.

How to Make a No Sew Chair Back Cover Using a Pillow Case

supplies needed:

  • pillowcase
  • Optional: ribbon, decorative pin, scissors
Pillowcases folded
  1. Press wrinkles from pillowcase with steamer or iron.

2. Place over back of chair.

How to place a pillow case on a chair to make a cover

3. Depending on the height of your chair and length of your pillowcase you may need to tuck the open end of the pillowcase inside the pillowcase so that the bottom edge is even with the top of the chair seat.


You can leave the chair back cover just like this or add a few decorative flourishes to add your own style to the chair covers.

Ribbon tied around a dining room chair back

Decorative Chair Back Cover Option #1:

Simple tie a ribbon around the bottom of the chair back and knot.


Decorative Chair Back Cover Option #2:

Attach a decorative brooch or pin.

dining-room chair covered with a pillowcse

Decorative Chair Back Cover Option #3:

Tie a pretty ribbon around the chair back and then into a decorative bow.


I bet you can think of a few ways to add your own personal style to this simple no sew cover for your dining room chairs or any chair with a straight back.

To find more easy and no sew decorating ideas on how to cover chairs with fabric. Check out these chair back cover ideas:

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  1. margaret little says:

    just found you terrific

  2. Katharine says:

    Are you sure you didn’t forget to turn the surge protector back on? Just kidding! My cats have a habit of turning that off. I think they actually know what they are doing. Um Mom..did you forget us? lol Glad you had a wonderful vacation.

  3. I really love this idea and never would have thought of it. Anything that is sewing free makes me happy so thank you for this tip!! Love the print you chose and would like to copy it!!

  4. Diane, I love the idea of no-sew and I’ve been thinking of doing something like this myself but time seems to disappear. I love the print on these. Great job!

  5. I did the same thing for our kitchen chairs awhile ago…except that I’d actually made the “pillowcases” myself. This is a great easy way to add interest to chairs for a quick pick-up :-)

  6. These chair covers are great!
    Hope you get your laptop fixed soon.
    Mine was down last month and it took almost two weeks to
    be fixed. I was shocked how much I really missed it!

    But…. the good news is… you do get a lot of house and yard work done
    when it is down! (Not sure…. is that a good or bad thing!)


  7. Diane,
    I had been thinking of some covers for my chairs and you came up with these simple and beautiful looking covers. They are so beautiful and the great part is that it is no sew and quick to change out for the seasons. Thanks for your great idea!!

  8. Diane – I love these! I may have to try this. I saw something along these lines in House Beautiful a few months ago for Windsor chairs and I was curious about them. Great to see you today and hope your back up and running soon.