Vacationing With My Sibs in OCNJ

What it is like taking a vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Ocean city NJ Beach House

This is where I have been hanging out with my siblings and their families.

Growing up, my family always went to Ocean City, NJ for the month of August. Since our mom and dad have passed away, it was nice to hang out with my brother and sisters in a place that holds a gazillion fond childhood memories for each of us.

Like this one…

4 siblings

My mom took this photo of my siblings and I when we were vacationing “down the shore” in the summer of 1969.  Left to right – I am third in line. It was the summer when Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon. I was 10 years old.

I thought it would be fun to take the same photo this week – 45 years later!


So much has changed, yet so much about vacationing at the shore with my brother and sisters has stayed the same.  :-)

The house we are staying in is a new house that still had a “Wet Paint” sign on the entry door for the 3rd floor that was unoccupied.


You know how much I love a water view.  This house did not disappoint. It is a duplex. The first floor is split in half long ways.  The street side has an entrance that goes to the 3rd floor. The opposite side of the house has an entry that goes to the 2nd floor.

Each unit sleeps 10.  We stayed on the second floor. There are 12 of us, so two of us are sleeping on inflatable beds.  My brother found out it was for sale. I could move right in if I had a few million hanging around. :-)    We joked that if one of us wins the lottery they will buy the house and can have the 3rd floor and let the other 3 share the 2nd floor.  Fun to dream, right?

It was pretty close to perfect…the only thing it was missing was a screened-in porch, a porch swing, and an outdoor shower. If it were my house, I would most definitely add them.

Great-room in Ocean City, NJ rental home

My favorite part was the wall of doors.

Atlantic Ocean view off porch of OCNJ beach home.

I need to “Pin” this photo to my Pinterest Board, Life is All About the View. I am spending a lot of my time sitting on this porch.

Pretty dining room chairs in beach house.

I haven’t been sitting inside much, but I want to take these chairs home with me.  They are solid and so pretty. A few of them still had the protective plastic on the seats… that is how new they are. I like the rug too – a soft sisal.

Beach-vacation-supplies needed

This photo sums the week up the best – carefree fun in the sun with family.


I didn’t take a lot of photos since I was trying to just relax and enjoy the time off.  Next week I will get back to projects and DIY.


It is going to be hard leaving, but I will have many new memories to add to the ones I already have of the happiest place on earth.

I hope you are or did get to enjoy some downtime this summer with your family.

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  1. How wonderful to be able to recreate your family photo! I loved the idea and the photos.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Marylin – It was fun to recreate the photo. I do wish my mom and dad were still alive to see it.

  2. The scenery is so beautiful. Guess you enjoyed your days there! It always is the best time to bond with siblings. Thanks for sharing your experience

  3. So fun! I, too, grew up going to Ocean City! My cousins had a place on 12th Street. What great memories! It is wonderful that you and your siblings could go back to share the memories and enjoy your time together.

  4. Oh my, instant relaxation mode upon viewing pictures. So glad you were able to take the time off and be with family in a such beautiful home on the gorgeous Jersey Shore. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Krista @ the happy housie says:

    What a beautiful place to vacation every year!! I would love to see the East Coast beaches one day…enjoy!

  6. Chris Wilson says:

    I love the past and present photos…fun idea! Shore trips were and are always special, and you have such a gift of putting your story to print so well:)

  7. Serena @ Thrift Diving says:

    That’s so awesome you and your siblings are so close! I’ve got two sisters and we are hardly close! So this is a beautiful thing you guys do. Glad to see! Enjoy!

    Serena @ Thrift Diving

  8. Dana Moore says:

    So good to hear about Ocean City, New Jersey. I live in NC and my parents have a home there, on 18th street, on the bay. I have enjoyed the summers with them for many years, in fact I’m on my way now to spend the remainder of the summer. I read your blog and enjoy it so much. Thank you for sharing…..

  9. what a dream place for you and your families to stay. I love American homes. They have such beautiful architectural features and always seem to be so well designed.

  10. It’s so great to have a family tradition such as this – the change in 45 years is amazing! Thanks for the post.

  11. Pam Fulford says:

    Love the house but really love the porch and chairs..I love swinging or rocking on a porch..You are a very special talented person…so glad you had the opportunity to spend time and relax with your family…

    1. Diane

      Thanks for sharing your Ocean City remembrances. Mine was at Lavalette, NJ and staying with cousins at their ocean front home. Such good times and great memories. My Dad then bought a large boat and summers were spent at the Atlantic Highlands with my children. All such fond memories.

      1. Diane Henkler says:

        Hi Jane – It sounds like you love the shore as much as I do. XO Ed likes it, but doesn’t have the family memories that I do about going to the jersey shore for summer vacations. What Bruce Springsteen sang is so very true!!! ”Cause down the shore, everything will be alright”.

  12. Oh my it looks like a little piece of heaven. Thanks for sharing and I am sure your parents were looking down on you and enjoying all of you together.

    God Bless

  13. Enjoy and be well.

  14. Connie Nikiforoff Designs says:

    Beautiful! Glad you’re having a great time. The restfulness is wonderful to see in your photos.

  15. I grew up going to Ocean City too. Our family was there in August as well, starting in 1968…bet we crossed paths some where along the way…so fun and such wonderful memories!

  16. Lori Ingersoll says:

    I just love the recreation of the siblings. So darn adorable.

  17. Lynn@thevintagenest says:

    I think it should be a requirement that all beach front homes have rocking chairs on the deck!! Gorgeous home. And love that recreated photo of your brother and sisters.

  18. I love OC!! That house is gorgeous!!!!

  19. Mary from Virginia says:

    Boy y’all sure do look alike! Love the recreation of the 1969 photo! Such a fun idea.

  20. Holy beach cottage ~~ girl. That is quite a place. So glad you are enjoy some time with the family. You know the blog will be waiting for you when you get home :). Vikki in VA

  21. I grew up going to OC, NJ too! Many happy memories “down the shore” :-) So wonderful you could continue making them with your siblings!! We’re still making them with our children. Thx for sharing!!

  22. What a beautiful house. I just love the Jersey Shore!

  23. I’m glad for you,you have now sweet memories and good time together.
    Happy weekend!

  24. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    How wonderful for you to get this gorgeous vacation with your family. Enjoy it while you have it and don’t be worrying about the blog for now. You stay so busy all or most all of the time that I think you sure deserve it. I am having trouble typing with Shaymus The Orange Kitty Kat nudging me….. my little sweetie pie.

  25. WOW, this looks wonderful, your so lucky to be staying in such brilliant surroundings, with so many happy memories for you all, enjoy.x