Simple Paver Stone Walkway

Turn a worn path in your yard where the grass won’t grow into a DIY-In-a-Day simple paver stone walkway. No special DIY skills needed, just ready-made stepping stones to make a decorative pathway that you can buy at a home improvement store. 

how to make a stone paver walkway
Simple Paver Stone Walkway

When we knew we wanted to create some kind of path in the side yard of our lake house, I wanted to find a way to do it that was not going to be labor intensive or expensive.

A simple, yet functional outdoor yard improvement project was all that was needed.

How to make a walking path with pavers

I came up with a plan to make a simple paver walkway that would curve from our deck to our hot tub using square stone pavers that can be bought inexpensively at the home improvement store.

I got the idea for this simple paver stone walkway from a wider walkway I DIY’ed at my previous house. You can read more on this wider walkway I created later on in this post.

fiskars-hand-tools for outdoor yard care

Back in the spring, I received a line up of Fiskars garden tools. There was a Machete, Hatchet, Billhook Saw, Billhook, Power Gear Pruners, and a Lopper.

I was a bit overwhelmed, thinking when and how would we use all of them? Over the next few months I found a use for every single one.

I am in AWE of how easy these tools made doing some pretty tough jobs and projects around the yard literally… 1…2…3… EASY!

These knife-like tools came with cases so when we were done they were easy to store safely.

How to Create a Simple Paver Stone Walkway in a Lawn or Yard

supplies needed:

  • Brick paving stones or flat natural stones like slate
  • Fiskars machete
  • Work gloves
  1. You will feel like a samurai using a Fiskars machete to cut out squares of grass the same size and depth as the pavers.

  1. Once the square of grass is cut and removed. Place a paver into the cut-out area.
  2. Move to the next spot where you want a paver to go and repeat the process.
how to make a stone paver walkway

3. This made the top of the paver level with the grass and easy for the lawnmower to go over.

We had the paver stone walkway done in one afternoon. I am not sure how we would have done it without the awesome Fiskars machete.

TIP: Use the squares of cut-out grass as sod in worn areas around other sections in your yard.

Simple Walkway With River Rocks and Stepping Stones

How to create a stone garden path the easy way

You can cut out a section of yard, lay down landscaping cloth down. Place pavers where you would like and fill with stones.

How to Build a Wider Brick and State Walkway

How to make a brick walkway

Before we moved from our previous house, I redid the small brick and slate walkway when we were getting the house ready to sell.  I had DIY’ed it 18 years prior.

I created it to spruce up the outdoor living space and as a place for the gas grill. It required no mortar or masonry skills, just sand, bricks, slate, time and effort.

supplies needed:

  • Bags of play sand
  • Bricks or brick pavers
  • Slate pavers or concrete pavers
  • Landscape fabric and pins
  • Shovel, rake, and broom
  • Hose connected to water
  1. Figure out the length and width of the walkway or patio you want and mark off the perimeter.
  2. Remove enough dirt so the depth of your stones will be level with the area around the patio.
  3. Tap dirt down to create a level surface. If you have a plate compactor, this is pretty easy to do. Depending on the grade of the area, one side may need more digging out to make sure the area you will be placing the stones is level.
  4. Add a layer of weed barrier landscaping fabric.
  5. Add a layer of sand to create a sand bed – tap to level.
  6. Draw layout pattern of bricks and slate pavers on paper.
  7. Start from foundation of house and start laying bricks and slate pavers, leaving about 1/2″ between each.
  8. Once all bricks and slate pavers are in place, pour sand over spaces between the bricks and pavers. Push sand into the spaces using a broom.
  9. Using a garden hose on the sprinkle or mist setting, wet the entire area to allow sand to settle.
  10. For a finishing touch, repeat this step again in a few days and fill in any spaces with more sand as needed and lightly spray with water.

What Are the Best Yard and Garden Tools to Have for Basic Yard Work


For the tools with blades, one chop and the roots, stumps, weeds were cut and easy to remove.


I had never heard of a billhook before, have you?

When it came time to remove roots from trees that grow out along the lake shore, the billhooks made it feel like we were chopping though pieces of cardboard, not thick tree roots.

I removed stumps around the yard with a few karate-chops!  Who knew?  The billhook is my new tool of choice for yard and garden clean up.

Every time I need to cut something in the yard, I now reach for one of the Fiskars garden tools.  If you watch these short videos you will be amazed at all that they can do.

Yard work… it sometimes feels like it is never ending, but as they saying goes… having the right tool, makes the job easier. :-)

How to lay a paver stone walkway that is easy to make in an afternoon. Plus since it is level with the grass, a lawnmower can go over it making it easy to maintain.

Do you do have a lawn, yard, trees and bushes to maintain?  What is your favorite tool to get them looking their best – trimmed, pruned and the job done?

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  1. Michelle B says:

    Hi there!! Is it tough to mow with these simple pavers through the grass? Wondering if you just go right over it with the lawnmower.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Michelle –

      The grass and dirt under each paver is dug out to the size of the paver so the pavers are not raised. We used Fiskar garden tools to easily cut the grass out. The process and tools are mentioned in the post. The lawnmower goes right over them. We did this a few years ago and the walkway still looks and functions great.

  2. perth paveyard says:

    Read the post, it’s really amazing to have a blog like this on Stone walkway.
    while helpful for Stone walkway companies like Perth Paveyard, Thanks for sharing the blog.

  3. Angela W. says:

    OMG!!! I just watched the Fiskars video. Where has the Billhook been all my yardwork life? I am DEFINITELY going out to get one of these bad boys ASAP! Thanks for sharing Diane!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Angela – Life changing when it comes to having to tackle maintaining a yard, right? :-)

  4. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Great job on you’re paver path. I have a 21 inch Fiskar Lopper, but it does not appear to be as nice as yours. But I love mine and use it a whole bunch, every other week.

    Isn’t it amazing how everyone’s grass was dying (here anyway from lack of rain) and the weeds were so bright green?

  5. Gloria Gawa says:

    I have found that using the right garden tools does make a difference and to not cheap out. If you take care of it it will last a lifetime. Your writing about the pavers reminded me of when I lived in PA . I went to the quarries and got scraps of pavers that were any where from 3 – 6 inches thick and laid a patio and walkway by myself w/o help from hubby. Grant you I was 20 yrs younger.

  6. Laurie Tuttle says:

    Very informative post Diane! In fact, I’ll purchase this gardening set very soon! ~ Laurie in California

  7. Barbara H. says:

    I pretty much only use Fiskars pruners and loppers. I love the long handled loppers that have the cog – it really improves the cutting power. I have other Fiskars tools too but I’ll have to go look at the Fiskars page to see what else I might be missing.

  8. Mary Howat says:

    I think I will look for this fiskars set due to your informative post. We need to raise some sunken pavers on our walk and one of those tools will surely do the job.

  9. Mary Heicher says:

    Loke your pavers, but I’m sorry, all i could hear when I read Ed’s part was
    him, being a typical guy, making ninja noises (haaaa Yaaaa) with his machete.
    Mine was doing that in Home Depot with a two headed axe.
    I made him put it back. We have one really small tree on our lot.
    No need for a two handed Viking axe.

  10. Melissa Leach says:

    I know this may sound crazy but, I miss doing yard work! I considered it therapy. We are in an apartment right now and have no yard. We do have a Holly privacy hedge in front of our patio and it’s the best manicured hedge in the complex, lol. You are so right Diane, having the right tool for the job makes such a difference. I like the pavers you choose for your walkway, they have character :)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Melissa – I think if I lived in a house with no yard, I would miss enjoying a space outdoors that you could call your own, too. I will be happy to get all of our shrubs under control and then set up a maintenance plan. Doing this will make it feel less overwhelming. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  11. My hubby who is a retired mechanic always said….it’s all about the tools! And I know that from experience….the right tool for the job always makes it go easier! Love the walkway! ;)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Donnamae – I have always had the right painting tools on hand, but now that I have used these garden tools, I will never be without them. Best part, they are affordable and anyone can use them since they are not heavy. Enjoy your weekend. :-)

  12. Diane your walkway is amazing!!!
    I love to use the loppers!! We have MANY skinny, old trees around our Lakehouse that I love to cut down. I love the way our yard looks having thinned out the brush.
    It also helps our beautiful Birches to flourish!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Nancy – I grew up in a house that had a birch tree. I loved it and always called it mine. :-) They are very pretty trees with their white trunks and branches. I remember the photo you sent me of your lakehouse. The setting and trees do look beautiful. We have a lot of shrubs that look wild along the side of the yard that need to be thinned. We plan to start on it as soon as the weather gets out of the 90’s. :-)

  13. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed from my yard work right now. My husband and I have been doing a kitchen refresh and I just haven’t had the energy to keep on top of the weeds. My raised garden beds and the area around them is under control – it’s the flower beds and the patio that need some extra attention. It’s been a hot summer for Michigan and the weeds have thrived. Earlier this summer I bought Fiskars 36 Inch Long-handle Swivel Grass Shears to make edging easier. They work well and I like it that I’m not on my knees trimming around the border rocks, but they’re still tedious to use. Hand pruners remain my favorite tool. I haven’t heard of a billhook before, but it sounds great…and the machete looks really handy, too. Love your new paver pathway!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Jen – The long-handled swivel grass shears sound nice. Not having to get down on your hands and knees makes them my kind of tool. I didn’t show it in the post, but I love the micro tipped pruners. They are great for cutting and trimming flowers. I keep them on my kitchen counter so that whenever I go out to the deck I can grab them to keep the flowers in the planters on my deck nicely shaped. The billhook and the billhook saw do so many things. I think I will add a link to the Fiskars page so readers can see all that the tool can do. I hope you have a great weekend and can enjoy relaxing and not have to deal with any yard work.

      1. LOL…I did get out early this morning and do about a half hour or so of weeding. Not much time but enough to tidy up some. My daughter and her husband are coming for the weekend so hard at work all day to finish up stage one of kitchen refresh. Stage two will be molding and then the priming and painting of it. The end is in sight!! I plan to relax as much as possible with family.