Schnitzel the Swiffer

Schnitzel's First Christmas

A long, long time ago…17 years to be exact, my youngest daughter, Mandy, brought home this book from her school library.


I thought the story and illustrations were adorable, but didn’t know at the time how much the book was going to impact my life.

Before she brought the book home, Mandy and my older daughter, Kelly, begged to have a dog. Ed had a dog growing up and was onboard with the idea. I never had a dog, only cats and wasn’t sure I was a dog person, so they kept pleading with me.

In the story there was a grey cat and a goldfish, the pets we had at the time, all we needed to bring the book to life for us was to get a cute little fluffy brown and white dog.


I told my daughters if they could find a dog like Schnitzel, we could get a dog. Well…as you can imagine that gave them the green light to search.  “Mom said….so….wheeeee!”

6 months later – On Mother’s Day weekend (very appropriate) when Mandy and I were on a Girl Scout camping trip, Ed and Kelly were out shopping and found a puppy that looked just like Schnitzel. When we came home from the trip late Sunday (Mother’s Day) afternoon, Mandy and I were ushered immediately to the pet store and a little Shih Tzu became ours. Of course his name had to be Schnitzel. We joked he was now a Chinese-German dog.

the best cleaning tool for cleaning up pet hair

Schnitzel lived a long and happy life. He lived for laps, soft pillows, treats and goodies which he would endlessly search for on the kitchen floor.

Shih tzu the Swiffer

In so many ways he was exactly like the story book Schnitzel. He got lots of love and attention.


He became a major part of our family.  I enjoyed looking through my family photos to find a few of him. It is fun to see how my kitchen looked in the mid 90’s in this photo. I made the Madeline costume for Mandy one Halloween. Schnitzel became a little French dog that night.

Last December, Ed and I had to make the sad decision that it was time for our little Schnitzel to go to heaven. I can’t even write about it without getting teary-eyed, but he lived a good life and it was the best thing to do since he was 16 and failing. He was blind, deaf, and was dealing with many other age-related problems. We knew it was time when he had stopped eating and was having a hard time moving and sitting up.

Schnitzel's last Christmas

I took this photo a few days before we made the decision to say goodbye to him.

A few weeks went by last January without having Schnitzel around and I noticed that the kitchen floor was covered with crumbs. I mentioned it to Ed but didn’t put 2 + 2 together until I realized, we had lost the kitchen Swiffer…aka, Schnitzel.

I never realized until after he was gone, just how much he kept the floor crumb and dirt free. :-)  Without Schnitzel around, I needed to up my “sweeping game”.  I had gotten out of the habit of sweeping the kitchen floor on a regular basis.

I had a broom and dust pan and used that until I was invited by Swiffer this past summer to go to the P&G headquarters in Cincinnati to learn all about the Swiffer brand. The invite made me smile as I found it very timely :-)


I learned many things about a Swiffer mop and how to use it correctly. I also became aware of what the Swiffer Effect is and how it would apply to me. I was sent a big green box just like you see in the TV commercials. One of the items in it was a Swiffer® Sweeper® Floor Mop Starter Kit

How to use a Swiffer floor mop

I learned that Swiffer is more than a 2-in-1 hard surface sweeping and mopping tool. It makes the task of mopping fast and fun… a way for me to clean the kitchen floor daily with ease.

The dry cloth has deep ridges and grooves that conform to the surface of your floor to trap and lock dirt, dust and hair.

Decorating and Cleaning

It goes under furniture with a flick of the wrist.

How to use a Swiffer

The wet cloth dissolves dirt and grime and traps it away. I especially like the green scrubbing strip that is exposed when you flip the head of the Swiffer, allowing you to easily clean stubborn dirt and grime without having to get down on your hands and knees. The wet cloths smell good too!


I learned that you don’t throw the cleaning pads out after every use. They are good until you see that they no longer pick dust and dirt up, then you replace it.

Swiffer Fanatics

I found that the Swiffer Effect for me was having more time for the things that matter most. That’s the Swiffer Effect; it transforms the way you feel about cleaning.


While in Cincinnati, the folks at Swiffer sent us out into the community in teams to surprise some of the locals with Swiffer green boxes filled with Swiffer products. The number “99” represents the year 1999 when the first Swiffer was introduced.

Giving the gift of Swiffer

When I returned home, I also got to surprise my friend Toni with the gift of Swiffer.

I miss soft and cuddly Swiffer, my little Schnitzel dearly, but I am happy to have a new cleaning tool…it may not be as soft, cute, and cuddly, but it gets the job done beautifully and with ease.

I get to spread the “Swiffer Effect” even more with one of you.  I have a big green box filled with Swiffer products to give away.

Giveaway is over.

Winner of the Big Green Box of Swiffer products:  Congrats to Julie Benson-Grant

I will be emailing you.

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  1. Nancy Torres says:

    The story is very sweet! I am happy that they have convinced you to take a dog! I grew up with a dog and that was really amazing! I wish it to everybody! I bet that having the Swiffer really helps with cleaning the hairs from the floor everyday! I thing that this is the worst part of having a dog- cleaning after it! But I believe that it is totally worth it!

  2. Cathi Hackbarth says:

    I’m in a new townhome with dark luxury vinyl flooring that looks like wood. Being a stickler about clean floors and having two Shitzu’s that pick up some of the crumbs, there’s always some dust and crumbs left to deal with. I would love to add SWIFTER into my daily floor care.

  3. So sorry to hear about your little Schnitzel. Losing a pet is like losing a family member–you never really get over it. As for which floor needs a Swiffer, can I say every floor my sweet husband traverses? I think he should have been named Hansel–he always leaves a trail of crumbs. But at least he’s easy to find!

  4. carol chew says:

    My living room needs cleaning most as it has the highest human traffic and we do almost practically everything here.

  5. Sandra Lopez says:

    I always saw these commercials…never did I think it was a real thing! Thank you for bringing this to life. It’s a toss up between the kitchen with crumbs and the bathroom with hair – but I am sure that the Swiffer products could be used in both rooms without any difficulty. Thank you for sharing your sweet story. I have always had outdoor dogs, but can relate to this when we are BBQ’ing.

  6. patty reed-pederson says:

    seriously, my husbands bathwoom. He sheds like a dog.

  7. The family room is my challenge. I do love our hardwood floors but, cleaning and reaching under furniture properly can be problem for me.

  8. Dining room. I used to say my kids spilled water so often at meals that with cleaning it up all the time my dining room floor eventually was mopped. They’ve mostly grown out of the spilling all the time and my floors are starting to notice. :)

  9. I know the pain of having to put a sweet doggie to sleep- My Semi-Sweet was 14 when I put her to sleep. She was the last remnant of my college days. She helped keep the floor clean and kept my lap warm on cool nights.
    I would say that my kitchen needs to be swept often and thoroughly! (Although we do have a new puppy, Jake….from State Farm, becausehe always wears his khakis!! LOL) The new dog will clean crumbs somewhat, but unless those crumbs are meat-flavored, he ignores them.
    Thanks for running this contest! I hope that Swiffer will give me some extra times with my little girls.

  10. My kitchen floor needs the most cleaning. Crumbs and dust seem to be never ending!

  11. Our family just lost our little Romeo, a beagle that lived to be over 18 years…SO miss him! We heard about Beagle Rescue & started fostering beagles to save their lives. We’ve now rescued 6 Beagles on their way to find forever homes (& adopted 2 of them= happy foster-fail ?). I’ll name our next foster beagle SWIFFER.
    Could use one in my kit/family room because of all the fun activity!

  12. My Kitchen-Its an endless chore….

  13. My kitchen! Dark dog hair from our 14 year old chihuahua! Your Schnitzel was precious. Thank you for sharing the story.

  14. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    I love being able to put a little furry face to my mental picture I had of Schnitzel. So so cute. I’m glad he had a great life with you.
    And I can’t live without my swiffer with our 4 cats. It’s a total must

  15. Dee White says:

    Without a doubt, my kitchen. Between the four legged and two legged housemates, my kitchen floor is always a mess.

  16. Debbie G. says:

    My kitchen! We have 3 cats who eat in the kitchen and leave pieces of their food on the floor. And now one of them now sticks his paw in the water bowl while he drinks water out of it and then walks off and makes kitty paw prints all across the kitchén floor. We have their fur, too that falls on the floor. We also walk into our kitchen from the garage and track stuff like dirt and leaves onto the floor. I love a clean kitchen floor, but it’s hard to keep it that way.

  17. The back hallway between the garage and kitchen! It is the only entrance to the house that gets used by the family. My husband does his refurbishing and refinishing of old furniture in the garage so all that stuff is always being tracked in the house.

  18. My kitchen floor! Those are such wonderful photos. I am so glad you have such happy memories.

  19. Becky Sutton says:

    I would love to use Swiffer products in my kitchen and foyer.

  20. Wow – teared up with this post. So sweet. I have 3 cats, a teenager, and a toddler, along with a husband and grown child, all in the house. The kitchen is always covered in footprints, dropped food, and cat hair and I never have time to scrub it, because I take care of all of them and work full time and go to college. Time is very valuable and cleaning is always at the bottom of the list. I would LOVE to win this. The toddler loves to clean and she could help by using these :)

  21. I have 2 cats and my hallways look like a scene from a wild west movie! Tumbleweeds is what I call the hair balls!

  22. My kitchen definitely.
    Thanks for sharing. I lost my chihuahua of 16 and a half years just a month ago.
    Still crying. :_(

  23. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Have LOVED Swiffer products since day 1. Use them on ALL my solid surface floors: tile, wood, etc… Great for picking up my kitty’s fur balls. Yes, our fur babies provide us with years of affection and uninterrupted listening to us if we choose to share our problems with them. Great company for us ’empty nesters.’

  24. I would love to have a swiffer kit to use on my hardwood floors, especially my kitchen. I loved reading about your little Schnitzel. A pet is part of our family and contributes to all of our experiences and memories during his/her lifetime with us. My little swiffer, Howie, was part of every event for 14 years while our children grew. We are now empty nesters and last fall, Howie died of congestive heart failure. I understand how much it hurts.

  25. My kitchen! Our dog Gesso is a very sloppy drinker….we have dried water droplets EVERYWHERE! Not to mention her fur and the fur of her cat siblings…..It is no easy task staying ahead of “the kids”, but the are worth every bit of joy they bring!

  26. LaurieRae says:

    My livingroom. I had the ducts cleaned and I think that made matters even worse!

  27. I have white/beige tile running from my front door through the dining, kitchen, and laundry rooms. The kitchen floor especially needs cleaning frequently!

    Enjoyed reading your memories of your dog. It’s been a year since our beloved border collie died at almost 15 — she was such an important part of our family so I know how you feel.

  28. My bathroom. Three of us have long hair. It’s a white tiled floor and hubby doesn’t take his boots off when he comes in, ugh! Rarely looks as clean as I would like.

  29. Chris Ann Kirkwood says:

    Our kitchen/dining room is the first room we enter from the attached garage and it is very noticeable when dirt and dust collect in the corners around the cabinets and appliances.

    Enjoyed reading about your family pet Schnitzel and the good times you had with him.

  30. Elisabeth says:

    The Swiffer would be helpful to use my kitchen floor. I just sent my son off to college for the first time with the Swiffer hand duster. It was on the “suggested” things to bring list. He thinks its great! At 18 years old he appreciates that dusting can be done so quickly. We thought he would be more of an “Oscar” at school. Much to our surprise he seems to have turned into a “Felix” with the help of this great little tool.

  31. My white ceramic tile kitchen floor shows marks, cat hair, crumbs, spills, etc., within hours of being washed. I don’t find time to wash it more than once a week. My kitchen really needs a daily cleaning, and the swiffer sounds perfect!

  32. My entryway definitely needs to be stiffered! Your little Schnitzel was adorable, just like his name!

    1. *swiffered…NOT stiffered. ?

  33. I need the swiffer for the brick floor in my kitchen. With 2 hairy dogs I can use all the help I can get!

  34. This American Wife says:

    I would most certainly use the Swiffer most in the kitchen. My kids always mimic me, saying “This floor is so dirty I feel like I’m walking on the beach!!” because I say it nearly every single night!!

  35. Definitely my kitchen, but with a dog it’s really every floor. ?

  36. My laundry room and kitchen. My husband doesn’t put his shoes on to get the mail! so he tracks everything back into the house on his socks. I’m glad he puts his boots on in the winter!

  37. It’s always the kitchen that needs help first!

  38. Hi Diane
    These are great products.
    I have waxed hardwood floors. I could use the dry swifter for regular cleaning.
    Also, do ceiling fans count? I have 5 of them!

  39. Carol L. Griffin says:

    Definitely need this for my kitchen! Would love it!

  40. My kitchen opens into my family room, and the back door also opens into the family room. We have a lab mix so needless to say these 2 areas need to be cleaned constantly. Would love a Swifter.

  41. I just finished installing hardwood in my townhome, and I really mean “I”installed every piece. With 4 of my own Schnitzel’s that shed more than they pick up, my living room is a twice a day hair removal zone. Yikes, who knew!!!

  42. Judy Hall says:

    My kitchen floor seems to grow its own crumbs! It needs to be Schnitzeled… I mean Swiffered daily.

  43. Aw man, I got all teary eyed with the story about your Schnitzel, I have a Shih-Tzu named Tink. Love, love this breed. Hate to think of losing her. Needless to say that with 2 dogs, one being a Jack Russell, I have dog hair laying around on my laminate floor. Mopping and sweeping are a necessity around here. I could use some help to get it under control. Please consider my plea! LOL.

  44. My mudroom and kitchen gets a ton of traffic with all men in my house. They all play soccer, have their soccer friends over who love to snack. It’s a mess most of the time :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. Definitely the kitchen! What is it about that floor?

  46. Our kitchen! Even though we have a Lhasa Apso much like your little Schnitzel our kitchen has a door leading to the garage and another to the deck, so it’s high traffic area, mostly hubby with dog in tow cutting through when working out in the yard. Still plenty of crumbs under the cabinets, an area that can’t be reached with a slurpy tongue. Thank you for the great Swiffer giveaway opportunity!

  47. Debbie Klausing says:

    We have a 4 year old grandson living here and there are always crumbs in the kitchen. I love my Swiffer Duster for furniture so much that I don’t know why I don’t have the Swiffer Dustmop!
    I need all the help I can get, for sure!

  48. My kitchen and family room are the two rooms that get the most use between my husband, two sons and two dogs! I’ll leave it up to your imagination how dusty and dirty the floors can get. I sometimes say that I have enough dog hair within 4 days to make another dog! Thanks for considering me for the giveaway, and love your blog!

  49. My kitchen is the most used room of my house. And also the dirtiest. Our original Swiffer was a miniature Schnauzer and I do miss her terribly. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  50. Erin Ellis says:

    My entryway! OH my goodness we have great dane, and two toddlers! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  51. Marylyn Melillo says:

    Oh Diane, I just loved your story about your Shnitzle, he had such an adorable face & personality! Wish I had your wisdom to have put our little guy down before he got so sick with autoimmune disease. Well as to the Swiffer products, I definitely need one since my entryway leads into a foyer & hallway, which lead into my kitchen on one side & into a hallway entry to a bathroom and there is a closet in that hall where my stacked washer & dryer are and it always leaves a ton of lint all over the floor. Whenever people come in, the dirt, dust & lint are constantly getting spread all around these floors making me crazy and unable to keep them clean. I use a small hand held vacuum, but it doesn’t do a decent job, and it kills my back! Thanks for all your great posts, you’re so talented!

  52. I need help with a granite floor!

  53. Barbara Jaeger says:

    Loved your story and photos, Diane. I don’t really need a Swiffer (we have the canine variety), but thanks for the heartwarming post.

  54. The kitchen, Living room and master bedroom. I have ceramic tiles all throughout the house, front door to back door. We got rid of the carpet some years back when we did a whole house remodel. I have horrendous allergies, and we have 3 dogs and 2 cats now. I also have a husband that tromps through the house tracking all kinds of stuff in on his shoes. 2 of the dogs are puppies and I am so glad for the ceramic tiles and I also have the other 2 bedrooms closed off, since they seem to be eating or chewing on everything.
    I love Swiffer. I have a Roomba whose name is Rover and he does a great job picking up the grit and as soon as he is done I mop. I’d love to have a Swiffer box surprise.
    Awesome giveaway again, thanks :)

  55. Marilyn Goodrich says:

    Oh what fun! I have seen that commercial on TV many times & thought “wouldn’t that be just great to win all of that in a big green box delivered to your door”. We too have a dog, Lucy was a rescue puppy (after many years of not having a dog after we had to experience the final act of kindness that you had to with Schnitzel) and I find that I am constantly dry mopping our newly refinished hardwoods in our adjoining living/dining areas to rid them of her shedding. Yes! All those Swiffer supplies would be most welcome!

  56. What at timely give away! I have lived with carpet in my kitchen for almost 13 years……….next Wednesday the new floor gets installed and I would love a green Swiffer box to appear on my doorstep!
    Your little dog was adorable, so sorry for your loss!

  57. Hardwoods in the foyer

  58. With 2 teenage boys, it must be my kitchen :)

  59. Anne Marie says:

    I really need this swiffer for my kitchen floors – they need some loving care!

  60. KitsyKeelSmith says:

    I have a cat, neighborhood kiddies and grandchildren that visit often. My foyer, livingroom, kitchen and dining room get a lot of use when they are here, and I find myself needing to vacuum and clean them every other day, sometimes daily. Sure could use that Swiffer. Thanks for offering. Love your blog.

  61. So sorry to hear about your Swiffer doggy going to heaven. I have had to do that twice in the last 2 years. Well anyhoo, I have 3 German Shepherds that share our home. It’s not so much the crumbs as they are Johnny on the spot for that but…..I don’t know how much you know about Shepherds but they shed year round. I could really put this product to good use. I usually have to sweep daily and this would help my cleanup go faster. Thanks!

  62. My KITCHEN! I love to cook and even sweeping every day isn’t enough to keep the crumbs at bay!

  63. The three bathrooms in my house, especially the one that our cat occupies. Her name is Cali because she lives in California. I loved the story of your Shih Tzu. We had one and her name was Bridgit. We all loved her so much and she was the smartest dog we ever owned. I plan on getting another one after I retire.

  64. My new bamboo floors in family room and dining room!

  65. Bathrooms can never be too clean. Thanks for the giveaway.

  66. Honor, Diego, Langley and Red all “pawsitively” agree…the entire first floor! They say it’s “dog-gone” hard for their mom/grandmom to keep up with their fur deposits on the hardwood floors. They think the Swifter package would be awesome, and really give them something to “howl” about!

  67. Sally Allen says:

    My floor nemesis is my all in one kitchen-dining room-living room and my dog Gracie Allen’s habit of shedding. Help!

  68. Toni Masaitis says:

    The bathroom floor in my house is desperate!
    Between my husband( what we’re supposed to clean the bathroom floor??) and the three cats fur and litter it is a constant mess!

  69. I really wanted a black and white checked floor in the kitchen. I am really regreting the white checks with 3 dogs and 2 children and 4 adults living in the house. Did I mention the pool!

  70. Hi Diane,

    My entire fist floor is hard surface except for 2 small area rugs for a softening effect. I have a large dog. part rottie and part long hair lab. needless to say he looses hair year round. This time of year I’ m going crazy chasing his hair.
    It seems to be a never ending chase. So I am dire need of the new improved swiffer products. I would love to try them out and see how much they have unimproved.

    1. sorry I did not read this until I i hit the post .The last word should be improved. I am not crazy over the spell check feature on this new computer that I have not figured out how to turn off.

  71. My kitchen, as well as pretty much my whole house!

  72. My kitchen! Definitely the kitchen.

  73. Shirley caggiano says:

    We put dark wood floors in our entire first floor. We have a fluffy, white Bichon who might eat a few crumbs, BUT, she does not eat any of the grass clippings she tracks in daily, or wipe up the water dish splashes, or rub off the muddy paw prints!! I use a dust mop, vacuum cleaner and rolls of paper towels!!! Help! Can Swifter replace all that????

  74. My kitchen! No matter how often I sweep, I always get a pile of dirt, dust, and dog hair.

  75. Jo-Ann mcmurray says:

    My two pups, Archie and Scooter, go in and out all day long through the dog door cut into our back door, which opens into the family room. The wood floor really takes a beating, as I have not been able to teach them to wipe their feet before entering! So my family room could use a swiffer.
    So sorry about Schnitzel. Loosing a pet is heartbreaking.

  76. Kimberly Bruhn says:

    For our home, the kitchen needs the “swiffer treatment” the most. And, we STILL have a cute, little doggy swiffer but he won’t clean up the kitty fur!

  77. My KITCHEN/DINNING area!

  78. Elizabeth G says:

    Definitely my kitchen! We had two sweet dogs of our own as our personal Swiffers as well. Just last week we lost our little Dixie (Chihuahua) to heart failure after nearly 14 years. It was funny because she always seemed to have a crumb or scrap of paper stuck on her nose. We and our other dog, Roscoe, miss her dearly. Sorry for the loss of your sweet dog Schnitzel.

  79. Pam Adams says:

    My bathroom for sure. I can never keep it from having hair and dust from the towels and paper products, I use a broom and it gets up the most of it but then I run the vacuum on it to be sure. With a Swiffer package I would not have to do all of the extra work the Swiffer would do it for me. I have joked with my husband when I see the Swiffer commercial on TV that I wish we would get one of those packages so maybe I can win and my wish would come true!

  80. Amanda Goodwin Shenker says:

    Oh my goodness!! My 10 year old furbaby looks just like your Schnitzel! She is a shih tzu/bichon frise, a “shichon.” She is my angel girl :)

    My husband and I got married in April and he is constantly dirtying up my floors – especially in the kitchen!! He’s still learning to take his shoes off at the door ;) So we definitely need some help from Swiffer in that respect!

    Thank you,

  81. Fritzy Dean says:

    My den is the most in need of stiffener.I confess to having most of my meals in there and doing crafts in there and … get the picture!
    Thanks for sharing memories of your sweet let with your readers.

  82. love swiffer products … our kitchen, bathroom, diningroom, hallway … the kitchen and bath, for the time being, are lino, but the dining room and hall are old-time hard wood floors … we just moved to this fixer-upper and lots needs fixing up …. new swiffer products would be such a boon ….

    thanks for the giveaway ….


  83. Beth Garland says:

    Oh my Goodness! I would dearly love to have one of those Swiffer green boxes! My daughter and I would have a cleaning marathon with it! My kitchen floor is the worst. It is an off-white color, so everything shows! I do have a “Four-legged- Swiffer” named Harper! She does a good job with the crumbs, but she sheds profusely, so I still need to sweep often! I sure hope I win!

  84. I lost my pet swiffer too. My kitchen now suffers.

  85. Beth Fagundes says:

    We just put in new wood floors and are now seeing that every room needs sweeping everyday!

  86. Debra Wostmann says:

    Most definitely the kitchen where our furry girl hangs out. There are always hair piles no matter how much I sweep.

  87. Sherry B. says:

    Loved the story of your beloved dog, they are indeed an important member of someone’s family. I would love a swiffer box, love the commercials with Morty and his wife for swiffer. I need one for my bathroom and kitchen too, hair on the bathroom floor and crumbs on he kitchen floor, need to do some fall cleaning!

  88. I too love my animals like my children and when they are no longer around you still miss them terribly. Sorry for your loss. I have two very sweet schnauzers who help keep my kitchen crumbs in check but would love the Swiffer bundle.

  89. My kitchen & great room (laminate flooring). Our 4 children are grown and our chocolate lab of 14 years is gone now, but my husband and I do a lot of gardening and seem to always be tracking dirt/grass into the house. We are new grandparents and it’s recently occurred to me when the 6 month old grandson visits next time he will most likely be crawling and I will have to up my cleaning skills again! A Swiffer would be great.

  90. The kitchen – it stays clean for about 5 minutes!

  91. Beverly A. Wright says:

    This is very timely for me, as I have been trying to think which way to go with cleaning my hardwood floors. My kitchen and living room are all the same continuing floor. I have 17 Grandkid’s, and five of them on a regular basis, that leave crumb’s and craft debris behind. This sounds like a perfect way to go behind each one of them, and get the job done quickly. I also have a Granddog, that loves to come in every chance she get’s. I’m glad you had so many good year’s with your sweet, little dog. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  92. Lynne Royal says:

    Our Kitchen needs this Swiffer daily. We have a 10 month old grandson that crawls everywhere and can find teeny tiny bits on the floor that we think is clean. Would love to find a “Green Swiffer Box” on our porch. Thanks for the opportunity to get one!

  93. Kathy Whalen says:

    I could use a Swiffer for my hard wood floors. Our little “swiffer” Roxy is 14 and sheds a bit and tracks in some dirt, the swifter would come in handy to clean up.

  94. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Definitely my kitchen. My little Tzu passed a few years ago, but I still have five pups (two that will be ten months old this 25th). And yes they were born Christmas morning and I helped deliver them, plus another two hour older sister that got adopted. I also have three kitty Kats and all are inside only kids. Now you know why I never have money.

  95. Sue Bauman says:

    Very touching story about the dog that grew up with your daughters, those bonds go deep! I would give the Swiffer box to my daughter and son in law. They have a tiled kitchen floor that gets a lot of traffic from the back patio, food crumbs, cat litter, etc. They also have a 15 month old daughter that would greatly benefit from a floor Swiffered daily! Maybe the baby would even learn to use it and help her mommy…..Maybe after you move into your next home you can get another puppy to be a member of your family! Thank you for sharing the photos of your family.

  96. My foyer/entrance hall opens to the dining room and both are hardwood. It is a struggle with all the people in/out to keep it dust free, so that’s where I would most frequently use the Swiffer. I fit wedding gowns, and work out of my home, so I really try to stay on top of having that space clean b/c that’s where I fit my brides.

  97. We have hardwood floor and an inside dog that sheds so any room could use a Swiffer!

  98. I have a golden doodle and although he hardly sheds , except for what I call a tumble bear(a ball of his fur looks like a tumbleweed) a swifter would be great for the hall and kitchen to capture all the presents he brings in from outside! Love the schnitzel story!

  99. I tried very hard to pick one floor but with a house full of hardwood and tile floors, I’m afraid that it’s my whole house!!! We have 2 chihuahua mixes that shed like crazy and 3 adults that make messes, so we need lots of help. We’d love the Swiffer gift box!!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  100. BettyBaker says:

    Hi I only wish that this contest included Canada as I am in dire need of a new Swiffer. I have literally wore our the pad on the bottom and the cloths will not stay on anymore. I have had this wonderful product for over 10 years. I have a very long haired soft grey and white Persian chinchilla cat who although she is very beautiful she leaves her fur wherever she pleases. It is the only product that picks it up successfully. Sorry about your fur baby. Hope the selling of your beautiful home goes well and that you will find your dream home on the beach. I am admiring the wonderful work and the book that your husband is doing. Sincerely BettyBaker from Ontario,Canada.

  101. Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen. With two toddlers (and no dog presently) it seems impossible to keep up!

  102. Definitely the kitchen. We’re in our late 80’s and it’s getting harder to deal with it. I’d love to find a Swiffer kit on my doorstep!

  103. Surprisingly, it’s not my kitchen, as my dogs take care of that floor. It would have to be the livingroom and all the dust from the 16 dirty paws that tramp through daily!!

    P.S. You need another “schnitzel” for the new lake house! :-D

  104. My kitchen is large. It connects to the garage, dining room and foyer. It is calling for a Swiffer.

  105. Always so hard to lose a furry family member! We lost our first beagle 4 years ago, but after 6 months got another. She’s our four-legged garbage pail but she sheds, so I’m always sweeping up tumbleweeds in the kitchen and dining room. By the way, you can knit washable swiffer covers. They work great and are cheap and eco-friendly.

    1. Beagles are the very best! Have you considered fostering a beagle from a Beagle Rescue? It’s so wonderful to save a beagles life!

  106. Connie Nikiforoff Designs says:

    My kitchen/dining area! With 3 dogs (one is a HUGE shedder!) I use Swiffers daily. I could really use the kit :-D

  107. Claire Blackburn says:

    I would love to have the Swiffer Set. My kitchen floor needs a good cleaning. We have Samson, a long haired fur-baby, that lives in the house with us.

  108. Sue Pardue says:

    The kitchen, definitely!

  109. Ruth Mulhall says:

    My whole floor is hardwood so I sure could use this give-away! My little Schnitzel is named Charlie, except he is black and white. You are so right…he keeps some of the mess at bay, but the dust still gets the better of me. We live in a new construction area….you can just imagine!

  110. Teri Lybbert says:

    The kitchen and entryway, naturally! thanks for the giveaway–I love stiffer products.

  111. I desperately need a Swiffer kit to tackle my white vinyl floor in my kitchen!

  112. Sue Scanlon says:

    Always my kitchen. The dogs help, but…

  113. My kitchen. My four legged family member has not been feeling well and therefore, unable to keep the kitchen floor as clean as usual, so we could use the help of Swiffer.

  114. Judy Schweichler says:

    THE KITCHEN! Love my hardwood floor, but it does need to be Swiffered daily!

  115. The backdoor is at the kitchen and no matter how many rugs I put in the entry and the garage, the floor is always messy, and no, I don’t clean it every day!

    Loved your story about Schnitzel and feel your heartache, I lost my poodle, Angel, last year, she was almost 18. It was the hardest thing I have ever done to send her to heaven; and I, like you, still get teary. I know that she lives again in a beautiful place with all her friends that have gone before her.

    Lovely post!

  116. Like a lot of comments – my kitchen has the most traffic and the most attention including the floor. Living on a farm we track in a lot of dirt! Would love to win!!!

  117. Had to put my swifter to sleep at 16 and a half , just a few months after my husband died. It really was hard to do. But we always have our memories don’t we?

  118. It seems that my kitchen always needs sweeping or mopping! Please help!

  119. My kitchen floor needs cleaning the most!

  120. Lesbia Rebeca Maldonado says:

    Hello all, the floor in my house that needs to be clean every day is the kitchen floor, for sure.

  121. My kitchen – between my husband bringing in dirt and mud from the yard (gardening and cutting wood) and of course my dog when she is shedding. She may clean up the crumbs, but she doesn’t clean up her fur.

  122. Total sympathies for the loss of your fur baby. We ha to say goodbye to our last fur baby this spring.

    We have hard wood floors which really could use a good swiffering. It is amazing how much dust and fuzzies collect, especially around the edges.

    I would love to sehe big green box at my door.


  123. OMG! This post brought tears to my eyes! We lost our beloved Ashla to complications of diabetes nearly two years ago and I still think of her each and every time I drop something on the kitchen floor or realize that she isn’t there to “vacuum” the floor for us. I miss her for this and so much more…

  124. I would use the Swifter in my kitchen. I had one years ago when they first came out. Would love to try a new one to see how they have improved since then. I have a four legged friend who does her best to keep the kitchen floor clean also. So sorry for your lose.

  125. My living room and my kitchen are running neck and neck right now! The kitchen has crumbs and drips and needs sweeping often. My daughter moved home with her long haired, always shedding, furry friend and we have tons of hair to deal with!

  126. My kitchen. It always has crumbs or sticky stuff on it, even though there are only two of us living here now!
    Your story was bittersweet. It’s so hard to let our family pet members go:(

  127. Sharon Hoham says:

    A two bedroom condo with two dogs and one black cat, we need this! My entrance, dining room and living room are all bamboo and REALLY need better care, like your little green box offers! Thanks, Sharon

  128. Kristen D says:

    My kitchen and my living room. Teenage boys are messy and the dry California air creates so much dust!

  129. Diane,
    My foyer could definitely use some swiffer action.
    Loved the story about Schnitzel. I can so relate.

  130. Ugh. Right now, it’s my bedroom. We pulled up the carpet and the floors are in poor shape and need to be refinished but that’s not in the budget right now. I have a dog that picks up selective crumbs but leaves me far more fur to deal with. Sorry to hear about Schnitzel. It’s so very sad when we have to make those choices. My dog Bear has been gone for almost ten years and I still miss him.

  131. My kitchen and master bathroom! We have just recently moved and the floors are quite a bit lighter than in our previous home. I constantly cleaning the floors in these two rooms.

  132. Shelley @ Calypso in the Country says:

    My kitchen needs it the most…but not for crumbs. My golden retriever takes care of them…but her fur..ugh! Goldens shed like crazy but she is so worth it! Great giveaway and I enjoyed reading about your precious doggie! It’s so hard to say goodbye when they get old but the years of love and happiness they give us are priceless!

    1. Regina Castello says:

      With two long-haired kitties, I need it in the kitchen! Thanks for your touching story about your pup. My girl pup went to doggie heaven in 2006 and I still get weepy over her loss.