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Simple Fall Mantel Decor

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Over the past week I have been sharing a few fall decorating ideas with you. Today, I am going to continue and show you how I decorated the mantel in my living room.

Before I show you though, I wanted you to know that I used to go CRAAA…azy when it was time to decorate for fall.  I remember I would drag out bins and boxes filled with fall decor to decorate my house.  I used to work in retail display and would treat the house as I would a shop or store. I would start at the front door, move into the foyer, then to the living room and kitchen. I even did up each of my daughter’s rooms.

Fast forward to today,  that past method is over. I still adore fall. It is my favorite season, but I realize I no longer need bins of stuff to make my home comfy-cozy for fall. Adding a little bit of texture and a few touches of warm colors around the house can have a big impact.

Easy autumn floral arrangement to create fall mantel decor DIY

If you are new to my blog, you may not realize that this fireplace wall in my living room was one of the first makeovers I did to the house when we first moved in.  It was a brick wall previously. We built a frame around the fireplace and faced it with the stone you see in the photo and paneling off to each side of the fireplace. The white mantel was the top removable crown section of a dining room hutch that we no longer had use for.

You can read about it here. Fireplace Mantel Makeover.

Fireplace Fall Mantel Decor

My fall mantel this year consists of lots of chunky white candles. I love white candles, they are so versatile and I use them all over the house year round.

My stash was getting low so I did have to go out in search of some new ones.  I wanted to find very large, unscented ones. Both in width and height. I found them at the Pottery Barn Outlet in Gaffney, SC that many of you told me I should go to when I was looking for a slipcovered sofa.

Fall mantel decorating idea

I also love the challenge of coming up with new ways to use stuff I already have.  The basket in the center of the mantel, I grabbed from my party closet. It is a sectioned utensil and napkin basket that I use when we entertain outside in the summer. The handle is hidden by the flowers. The flowers are the same ones that I used in a hanging wall basket in my kitchen last year.

One reason I don’t mind fake florals… you get to use them again and again in different ways. To fill this basket, I simply stuffed the mums in the front sections and the straw in the back.

Autumn mantel decorating ideas on a budget

The wood log slices that a few of the candles are sitting on are from my Christmas decor. Last year when I saw logs at my local nursery, I asked the owner if he would cut up a few slices and sell them to me.  He said, sure, I paid $10 for all of them.

I still have the outdoor chairs in the living room as I wait for 2 leather recliner swivel rockers to be delivered.  I made the coffee table. You can read all about it in this post:

Repurposed Mirror Coffee Table

Fall mantel decorating idea using candles

I will show you more of what I did to the room and the deck that overlooks the lake later in the week as I am still waiting for the nurseries around me to get their shipments of fall flowers and pumpkins that I plan to use outside.

Till then… :-)

Sources: White Candles

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  1. you sure know what you’re doing! I love all the color in here, and it should be perfect even after Halloween comes and goes! Will you be actually using this beautiful fireplace? Does it get that cold in S.C.?

    1. Hi Linda – It does get cold here, not like up north, but in the teens sometimes. I need to wear a coat in the winter, but it isn’t a big bulky one like I had to wear in PA in the winter. We use the fireplace almost every weekend in the colder months. It is really nice to relax and watch football or movies with a fire warming up the room.

  2. Love how you show us that simpler can be better. It’s a little like having that perfect little black dress and adding just the perfect, simple earrings…and nothing more. :-)

    Though I usually don’t decorate for fall, seeing your small hints of fall colors has me thinking wellll….maybe I’ll do that this year ;-)

    Gorgeous as always, Diane!

  3. The Columbia State farmers market has a Fall flower fest September 22-24. They have vendors with great selections of pumpkins and mums! You should check it out.