So Long Summer at Lake George

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What to do on a day trip to Lake George in upstate New York.

I was in a New York state of mind over the Labor Day weekend.  Ed and I got back last night after 4 fun-filled days spent visiting our oldest daughter who lives in the Albany area.  The weather was gorgeous… perfect for enjoying the last weekend of the summer vacation season.

Lake George NY

On Saturday we headed to Lake George. If you have never been…it is a jewel of a lake located at the southeastern base of the Adirondacks. It’s all about scenic water views, quaint old-fashioned inns, cottages, motels, shops and restaurants that surround it on the western side.

It was a hopping place around the town of Lake George, so we headed a bit further north up Lake Shore Drive to Bolton Landing where it was somewhat less crowded.

Renting kayaks at Lake George

We wanted to go kayaking and there is a great place out on Green Island to rent them called the Lake George Kayak Company. I took this photo of my daughter and her boyfriend after we kayaked and were headed to dinner.

Lake George-2

We spent 4 hours out exploring the lake.  I enjoyed paddling around Green Island to see the Sagamore Hotel Resort from the lake

Resort on Lake George

and later on foot. We learned that it burnt down not once, but a few times, but was rebuilt each time and is thriving.

Lake George-3

We paddled by ferries…
Lake George-4

…and a waterfront Bed and Breakfast, complete with boathouse underneath.

kayaking on Lake George NY

Now if only I can find a lake like this where it doesn’t freeze over in the winter. :-)

Lake George-5

The day ended way too fast. It was one of those perfect days I will remember for a long time.

Lake George-7

After we turned the kayaks in we headed to the Tavern on the Lake for lakeside dining.  The restaurant is located in a very old stone building that is right on the water’s edge.

Lake George-6

I can just imagine how spectacular this view from the restaurant’s terrace will be in a few weeks when all the trees start to show off their autumn splendor.

Lake George-10

On Sunday we relaxed and took a leisurely walk along a peaceful trail.

Lake George-11

On Monday, we packed a picnic lunch and went hiking at Thacher State Park, which is 15 miles southwest of Albany.  We hiked along the Indian Cliff Trail.

Lake George-12

In the spring, there is usually a waterfall here, but it has been pretty dry over the summer, so only rocks…

Indian Cliff Trail in New York state

…that someone had fun pretending he was holding up.

Lake George-13

Again the day went by too fast and we had to head home, but not before stopping for…

Marthas Dandee Creme

…the biggest ice cream cones ever at Martha’s Dandee Creme.  This is a small.  The next time we plan to take on a large :-)

It was a fun trip, getting to spend time with family, kayak on Lake George and explore the surrounding areas.  If you are interested in finding out more about a stay in Lake George.

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  1. My husband’s family is from Schenectady, New York. He spent many summers on Lake George. Sadly, I have never been, but your pictures make me think I should!

  2. We have several friends that vacation at Lake George annually and absolutely rave about how beautiful it is. My parents live in the Finger Lakes region of NY and that area is gorgeous too. So glad you had a fun weekend and am looking forward to the fall home tour.

  3. The pics are just beautiful. What a fantastic way to send summer on out to fall. Family and a beautiful lake.
    Welcome home!