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Home Staging or Decorating Tips And Tricks – Part 2

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Here is the photo I left you with in Part 1 of my Home Staging and Decorating Tips & Tricks post. As promised here is Part 2.  I have three more tips and tricks to share with you and will show you the before and after photos of the rooms on the first floor of the home I staged last week.

Try to remember when looking at the photos that when staging a home it becomes a house, it is not a home anymore, but a property to be sold – LESS is more as you want to highlight the structure of the house itself, the built-in features, and the amount of square footage. The furnishings are just mere suggestions of what each room could be used for to get buyers thinking – that their furniture will fit, they could move right in as their furnishings will go with the basically neutral decor, and that they make a lifestyle connection to the house.



Tip # 1

How to Make Drapery Panels Puddle Perfectly

The window treatment in the photo above is just fabric off the roll – no sewing at all.  I simply draped about 8 yards of fabric over WalMart rods and let it puddle on the floor. To make perfect puddles you need between 1- 18 inches of extra fabric.

Wrap a rubber band around the bottom of the drapery panel/fabric.    Pick  the banded section up and then drop it behind the drape so you don’t see it.  Arrange front of drape if needed. The more fabric you have to work with the more puddled it will look.   Doing this helps when you vacuum as you can just pick up the banded section, vacuum, and then drop it back down and it falls into shape with just a little tweaking.  Without the banding the puddles will always look messy.


Since I could not get a photo behind the panel, I made one with this pink fabric so you can see what it should look like from behind.  If you have a lot of excess fabric you can move the rubber band up and down the bottom length of fabric until you get the puddle size you desire.


Here is what is looks like from the front. I only had about 10” of extra length so my puddle is not too big. For larger puddles have at least 18 –inches of extra fabric.


The easiest way to update a space is to add a pop of color in the way of a pillow or a pretty throw.  Here is a pale yellow silk pillow that I bought at Walmart.  The color looks a bit washed out in the photo, but it is a pretty golden yellow.


Tip #2

Make a No-Sew Rosette Pillow

If you don’t have a budget to buy anything new you can still easily update by making a no-sew rosette cover from a piece of fabric to go over an existing pillow.


Center a soft pillow form on top of a square of fabric.   I only had a square pillow form to work with, but it was not dense and easily formed into a circle when the fabric was wrapped around it.  The fabric needs to be large enough to wrap around the form and be tied with a rubber band on the top with about 5-inches of excess fabric sticking out of the rubber band.  Once you have the fabric banded on – use your fingers to arrange the gathers by pulling up the excess through the rubber band. Once you like how the gathers are arranged around the pillow, trim the excess fabric as shown below to create the rosette.  This works better with fabric that is the same on each side.



Tip # 3

When staging or decorating all glass, mirrors, and shiny surfaces look so much better when they sparkle.  Every room needs  Color + Texture, + something Shiny.  Adding  a bit of all three of these elements  creates visual interest.  Sparkling windows qualify for the shine component in the equation.

All windows should be free of sheer curtains or heavy treatments so the light comes into the home.

I have found the brand name Windex is the only cleaner that makes glass shiny and streak free. Use newspaper instead of paper towels to clean glass as it will not leave any fiber residue.  I have made the mistake thinking generic Windex would do the same job, but it doesn’t.


The following photos are from the first floor of the home I staged last week.  You can see the Living Room before in Part 1 of this series.

Before Dining Room

Room was painted to brighten and neutralize. I took the red accents out of the room and most of the accessories.




As you can see the room is lightened up literally in color and spare use of accessories so that the buyer’s eye goes to the size of the room, detailed ceiling, decorative trim, plus the great view out the windows.




Before Kitchen

The wall colors were fine, but this area needed de-cluttering, along with new lighting and a table update.



I also removed half of the furnishings as I wanted to highlight the beautiful hardwood floor – which is a huge selling feature.  I wanted to stain the table and chairs black, but didn’t have time so I bought a solid black tablecloth and colorful placements to make the table appear grander.



I found the new fixture at Lowes.  It has a light beige shade. When the light is on it changes to a warmer yellow color.

Pendant Light with Barrel Shade

Lowes Pendant Chandy

Item #: 320637  |  Model #: GFA7993A-2   $79.00

Before Sunroom



I removed the window valance and cleared out the clutter. Leaving only enough furniture to suggest what this space could be used for.  I removed the carpet to show how perfect the hardwood floor is.


Before Family Room

Large, bright, and spacious room that just needed de-personalization and some furniture rearranging.  Family photos, kids art, sports trophies, mis-matched furniture were all removed.Family-room-before-staging


One of the biggest problems when staging is what to so with the TV?  I removed it and put it in the office for the open house, but the family will put it back into the corner as they still have to live in the house until it sells.  The best way to hide it is to place it in a cabinet. If it is a large screen TV on a focal wall – it can usually be left up if it doesn’t have wires hanging from it or in an odd location.  I found the green coffee table in the garage – full of cobwebs.  It was the perfect piece to add to the room.  I moved a few accessories from different parts of the house into the room.


Before Office



De-clutter and De-personalize are the two keys words in staging.  Diplomas, family photos, anything religious or political  should be taken down.  A bit of Feng Shui helps in this room as you should never have your back facing where you enter a room.   I rounded up the wall unit sections that were spread throughout the house  – they add more impact when grouped in here.   A light and computer are on the desk (can’t see in this photo)

Home Staging ideas

And of course fresh flowers to greet prospective buyers.


I have a few more tricks and tips to share with you, find them here –

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 Priceless Staging tips for selling your home. You only have one first impression to sell a house, get it right the first time.

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  1. Such great changes!! The dining room looks completely transformed when it is lightened up (and freshened up.) Showcasing the floors is so clever. Great improvement with the pendant change in the kitchen too….I could go on and on.
    Great tutorials!!
    Have a great day,

  2. Diane, thanks for all your tips. The difference in the dining room was amazing!

  3. What a fantastic tutorial!! I am sending this to my sister who is knee deep in a simliar projects and undertakings and I know she will greatly appreciate all the tips, espeically the puddling..we were just having that conversation! Perfect!!